Two Reasons for Optimism

In June we’ve seen two reasons for optimism when looking at the SCCA road rally program and the people who are members of our community.

On June 6 the latest SportsCar was published and in the front matter, an announcement was made of a new type of event, a Targa. Conceived by the SCCA Experiential Programs Department, this continues their mission of exposing various SCCA activities to non-SCCA members. With a target entry of 100 cars, cities and tracks to be visited include Charlotte, North Carolina, Atlanta Motorsports Park, Chattanooga, Tennessee and Bowling Green, Kentucky. Information is available here. The inaugural event will include an autocross, track time and a road rally!

That is the first reason for optimism, the inclusion of a road rally by the SCCA Experimental Programs Department in an event meant to attract newcomers to the SCCA.