Fourth Quarter

In my day job, the fourth quarter of any calendar year is the peak time of work for us. The same is true on the SCCA RoadRally Board, with many date driven tasks needing to be completed by the end of the year. This month I’ll give you an update on what lies ahead for the RRB for the rest of 2016.

October – Rule Changes
During our October meeting, the RRB will make a decision whether to accept or reject each of the 14 rule change proposals that have been suggested for next year. The calendar for rules changes requires proposed changes to be brought before the RRB by June 30. The RRB then takes an initial pass at the changes, reviews the rationale for each and takes a preliminary vote as to whether or not they should be released for public comment. This initial vote is only meant to eliminate any proposals that would have no chance of passage by the RRB.  

Fourteen proposed changes passed the initial review and were released for comment by the rally community. To date, we've received comments from 17 individuals. Thank you to all of you who have responded. The deadline for submitting comments is October 8th. Our intention is to give significant weighting to the opinions from the rally community.

Following final action by the RRB at the October meeting, the rules changes that passed the RRB will be summarized and sent to the SCCA Board of Directors for consideration at their meeting in early December. The SCCA Board of Directors makes the final decision on each of the proposals.

November — RRB Membership 2017
An important order of business for the November RRB meeting is to recommend a slate of RRB members to the SCCA BOD for approval at their December meeting. I encourage anyone who would like to serve on the RRB to submit an email to before November 12th. Include a brief rally resume with your email.