Seminal RU-Newark Lecture Focuses On Criminal Justice Reform

Since President Obama's visit to RU-Newark in November, criminal justice reform has remained in the national spotlight. It takes center stage at the Clement A. Price Institute's 2016 Marion Thompson Wright Lecture at RU-N on Saturday, February 20. Issues of policing and incarceration - both locally and nationally - will be in sharp focus, inviting a wide-ranging discussion of the historical developments that have brought us to recent national events. Learn more here.
Led By RU-Camden, Eds & Meds Progresses in City
Assemblywoman Jones and Senator Nilsa Cruz-Perez

RU-Camden hosted numerous elected and other officials in celebration of a milestone earlier this week, taking part in a beam-signing event for a new Nursing and Sciences building. Chancellor Phoebe Haddon welcomed Congressman Donald Norcross, Camden Mayor Dana Redd and others, including State Senator Nilsa Cruz-Perez and Assemblywoman Patricia Egan Jones to the ceremony. The new building will help prepare a new generation of science and nursing leaders for New Jersey and the region while growing the city's standing as a center for innovation and excellence in health care and the bio-sciences. Read more here.
Rutgers Professor Fosters Research Beyond His Own
Ending hunger, conserving the environment and advancing medicine were more important goals to Rutgers Professor Joachim Messing than earning lots of cash. So when he discovered a way to crack the genetic code of humans and plants like rice, corn and wheat, Messing did not patent his work. Instead, he gave away the tools he invented - for free - to his fellow scientists around the world because he believed it was vital for future research. His decision enabled his colleagues to further decipher the genetic blueprint of living cells, which revolutionized medicine and agriculture. Read more.