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Bob Ryan
We have been working with Herring Machines from Baader, Arenco and VMK for almost 20 years. We have repaired and redesigned them, and we have used some of their concepts on our Salmon machines.  

We have now designed and tested a RYCO system of machines to process Crunida in Mexico, Mackerel in South America and Herring in Alaska.  Highly automated, easy to adjust and service, we believe the RYCO Herring Machine system will set a new standard for processing these fish.  

I f you process Herring,  Mackerel,  Sardine,  W h i t i n g S m e l t , Cr u n i d a,  Thread Herring, Saury and similar fish,  our new Fillet System will increase  your production and profit. 


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Machines shown below are available for inspection at RYCO Seattle 

#1260 Herring System

Old World Concept...  New World Design
The RYCO Herring System will:
   ■ Improve your Yield
   ■ Optimize your Profit
With Fast, Accurate & Reliable Feeding, Cleaning and Filleting!
*  Belly cut only
*  Belly and Dorsal cut
*  Belly, Backbone and Dorsal Butterfly Fillets
*  Belly, Backbone, Dorsal Single Fillets

*Over 200 items per minute, depending upon species and size
*Highest Recoveryround to fillets
*Automatic transfebetween components
*Variable speed drives
*Components are standard stocked itemworldwide
*Heavy stainlesframe
*Stainless bearings
*Semachine product sheets (available on request)


#187C Autofeeder 

The #187 positions the fish head first and belly to the right, in four channels, side-by-side, and automatically feeds the fish pockets of Headers and Nobbers.

Feed wheels synchronized electrically with the heading machine automatically load the Header pockets with singulated, oriented and timed fish.



#240 Nobber 

True Nobbing Mechanism pulls off head with gullet and most
viscera. Accurately and efficiently removes the head, viscera and tail. 

Precision measuring method adjusts for fish size, resulting in high recovery.
■ Infeed table: Available in different sizes
■ Pi e ce c u t t e r: C u t s i nt o piec e s o f prede t er m i n ed l e ngt h s
■ Sex sorting unit: Removes female before nobbing  s ection



#656C Filleter 

The #656 System will Improve your Recovery, 
Reduce your Maintenance and Optimize your Profit .

F i lleting Machine accurately and efficiently removes the viscera and bones of
thfishButterfly or single filletmaybe produced. Additional equipment is available for removing the black belly lining.
The #656 can be used as a single module with manuafeeding, or automaticallfed from a Header or Nobber.


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