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In the late 1970s, the Alaska Salmon Industry was changing from canning operations to frozen, and there were no machines suitable for cleaning salmon for freezing. In 1981 we patented the #638 Salmon Gutter, a totally new concept machine for frozen salmon operations.

A few years later we developed an automatic Salmon Header, which is the standard of the industry worldwide. Soon after, we patented the #971 Wetpump, the most damage-free pump available. Today we continue to innovate and provide state of the art fish-processing equipment.

We design, manufacture and produce our machines in the Seattle area. We are fortunate to have a work crew that focuses on producing the finest equipment in the industry.



#658H Salmon Fillet Machine
Upgraded for 2016 Season
RYCO Salmon #658H Fillet Machine 

The ONLY Salmon Filleter for remote locations.
- Improved Recovery
- Fillet Fish Over 18 Pounds!
- Adjustments Are Intuitive, Easy, Calibrated.
- Easy Operation With Untrained Workers
Largest fish successfully filleted was a 25 pound King Salmon with 85% recovery, collar off to fillets!
(Call for test results)
Maximum belt speed is 90ft/minute, resulting n over 35 fish/minute with 24" long fish.
Tests comparing Ryco to Marel Filleter:
Ryco = 0 miscuts, Marel = about 5% miscuts.
After manually fixing miscuts, Ryco had higher recovery than Marel.  (Call for test results)
The Marel has round pre-cut knives. Users face a choice:
-Adjust the precut blades to have higher recovery on some fish, and miscuts on others.
-Remove the Precut Blades and have lower recovery with few miscuts.
The Ryco is simpler to use, has few miscuts, high recovery, less downtime. Competitive recovery.
More complicated machines do not always result in better results, just ask the guy driving a Jaguar.

#226 Salmon Header
RYCO Salmon Header

The RYCO #226 Automatic Salmon Header removes
Salmon heads: fresh or frozen.

Based RYCO headers used throughout the world for many years, this new machine is all mechanical, with cam operated blade.

It does not have a gulleter, which is not required with the new RYCO #645 Salmon Gutter.

No air is required, and only a small amount of water to lubricate the blade.

The head cut is the Japanese standard for top grade, H&G product with maximum recovery. Collar is not damaged, pectoral fins are not removed, only a small amount of meat is exposed.

Improved fish control is provided with the top belt close to the collar.

The machine structure is heavy stainless steel, and all the mechanisms are stainless, bronze, and high tensile plastic. There are no aluminum components. 

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