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My Visit to Chile's State-of-the-Art Processing Plants!
By Erik Murphy, RYCO President

I returned earlier this month from a week-long visit to Puerto Montt, a port in southern Chile and one of the world's largest producers of farmed Atlantic Salmon.
Traveling south, I visited the island of Chiloe, where many of the salmon processing plants are located. This is a place of serious industry, with a large local support network throughout the area for manufacturing nets, floats, and feed. Further south are thousands of islands, with many processing plants.
The processing plants in southern Chile are state of the art, with high quality building construction and hundreds of employees, and tremendous opportunity for automation.

Last fall we delivered a #677 Fish Scalers to a plant in southern Chile. The customer stated our machine is the best on the market and that they were extremely pleased! This plant is processing 2,000 salmon per shift, or 18-20 fish per minute.

We have machines in fish plants all over the world from Alaska, Western Canada and Eastern Canada, Washington, Oregon, California and Eastern Russia to Japan, New Zealand and Australia, many of them decades old and still in operation.
See below for details on our RYCO #835 Combibatcher ... and the RYCO #677 Fish Scaling Machine.


#835 Combibatcher


Minimize Give Away
Minimize labor
Maximize profit
Maximize throughput to shipping
Incorporates high accuracy weigh cells and high reliability Industrial computer to fill bags to target weights.
Specialized combination mathematics allows selection of items to match target weight. With 6 average items in a batch,can produce batches with no underweight and average overweight less than 1/10 item weight.
Designed to operate in remote plants
Completely wash down
Easily serviced by plant mechanics

#677 Fish Scaling Machine

This high speed fish descaling machine is equipped with six descaling spindles, three above and three below the fish, with different shapes to descale high and narrow fish.
Salmon, Haddock, Ocean perch, Tilapia and similar species scaled cleanly and efficiently.
The speed through the machine variable. Suitable for installation on or off shore.
Manufactured to the high standards of Ryco.
One operator is needed to feed the machine.
Adjustment easy for different fish species.
Technical Data:
  • Fish Species:Salmon, Trout, Ocean Pearch, Haddock and Tilapia
  • Working Range: 0.5 to 6kg
  • Throughput rate: 30 to 100 fishes/minute according to size
  • Fish thickness: max 70 mm
  • Fish height: max 200 mm

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