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#677 Fish Scaler in Chile is processing 2,000 salmon per shift

Bob Ryan
This month I would like to talk about an update for our Fish Scaling machine.
Our #677 Salmon Scaler, operating in a remote area of Chile, was recently described to be "the best in the market" by the processor.
At RYCO we take great pride in our machines. We have machines operating worldwide in many industries making many products. Our equipment is designed to be rugged, reliable and simple to operate.

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#677 RYCO Fish Scaling Machine 

Updated Design

This high speed fish descaling machine is equipped with six descaling spindles, three above and three below the fish, with different shapes to descale high and narrow fish.
Salmon, Haddock, Ocean perch, Tilapia and similar species scaled cleanly and efficiently.
Suitable for installation on or off shore.
Call for price: 1-425-744-0444

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