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Happy New Year!
This is a year of many changes, but what has not changed is the demand for high quality food and the machinery to keep up with that demand. 

RYCO has been at the forefront of meeting the needs for automation and labor reduction for food processing since the 90's and we at RYCO are excited to be entering into another year of doing what we excel at: providing reliable labor reducing equipment.
We currently have stock from our recent production run of #226 headers and would like to offer these well respected, reliable and efficient machines for a discounted price.
#226 Discount price: $65,000


RYCO #226 Salmon Header

The RYCO  #226 Automatic Salmon Header removes Salmon heads: fresh or frozen.
RYCO headers used throughout the world for many years, this new machine is all mechanical, with cam operated blade.
It does not have a gulleter, which is not required with the new RYCO #645 Salmon Gutter.  No air is required, and only a small amount of water to lubricate the blade.
The head cut is the Japanese standard for top grade, H&G product with maximum recovery. Collar is not damaged, pectoral fins are not removed, only a small amount of meat is exposed. Improved fish control is provided with the top belt close to the collar.
The machine structure is heavy stainless steel, and all the mechanisms are stainless, bronze, and  high tensile plastic. There are no aluminum components.

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