June 9, 2017

Pro Hops Vino! Top Sponsor is ServisFirst Bank!

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ServisFirst Bank is our first Guardian Ad Wine'Em Pro Hops Vino! sponsor. There are plenty of spots left to sponsor! Don't miss out on Birmingham's premiere legal party! Join ServisFirst Bank and the sponsors below by supporting the BBVLP.

Res Brewdicata

Ad Hops
BBA Probate Section
BBA Solo/Small Firm Section
Birmingham Reporting Service

Steve McKinney,
Balch & Bingham

Meadows Homes BBA Workers' Compensation Section


1. Please help this mother of two, who is on disability because she suffers from several illnesses, obtain a divorce

This client needs help getting a divorce from her husband of 25 years, who abandoned her. The client says she was recently diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease because of her husband 's alleged infidelities.

2. Please help this working mother of four through her divorce

The spouse has abandoned her, leaving her to care for four boys on her own. Please help this client get a divorce so that she can rebuild her life.

3. Please help this tenant with her difficult living situation

The client, who is current on her rent, needs help getting her landlord to fix her apartment that has sewage seeping into the ceiling. The landlord recently transferred her to this apartment because her original apartment was also inhabitable. The client has the issues documented with photos.

 HELP DESK ATTORNEYS:  Thank you to the following attorneys
62 clients served
Civil Help Desk: 15 clients served
Leon Johnson
Donnie Winningham, Bressler Amery Ross and Sydney Rupe, Summer Clerk, Balch & Bingham

Domestic Relations Help Desk : 29  clients served
Patricia Doblar
Brad Green
King & Green

Melinda Guillaume and  Kaylie EicholtVolunteer, Cumberland School of Law

Pam Weed and Jessica Kariuki, AmeriCorps Service Member

Bankruptcy Help Desk: 5 Clients Served
Monica Agee
Steve Altmann
Najjar Denaburg
Leon Johnson
Louis Montgomery
Bhate Environmental Associates
Carolynn Moore

Homeless Help Desk: 13 clients served
James Bedsole and Laura Pizzitola, Bressler Amery Ross
James Gibson
Lightfoot Franklin & White
Josh Jones
Bressler Amery Ross
Preston Martin 
Bressler Amery Ross
Patrick Mulligan
Bressler Amery Ross
Sarah Yates
Bressler Amery Ross
Lindsey Catlett
Summer Clerk, Balch & Bingham
Jessica Chang
Kaylie Eicholt
Cumberland School of Law
Elizabeth Joynes
Summer Clerk, Balch & Bingham
Jessica Kariuki
AmeriCorps Service Member
Sydney Rupe
Summer Clerk, Balch & Bingham
J.R. Thomas
Cumberland School of Law
Summer Intern, BBVLP


Rosemary Alexander
Shunnarah Personal Injury Attorneys, PC
Preston Martin
Bressler Amery Ross
Kim Vice
Steve Altmann
Najjar Denaburg

Steve helped a client complete Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

De Martenson
Huie Fernambucq Stewart

De helped a client fight an unlawful eviction.

Steve Altmann
Najjar Denaburg

Steve volunteered to help two clients file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Candace Crook
YWCA Central Alabama

Candace accepted three domestic violence victims divorce cases from the Domestic Relations Help Desk.

Carolynn Moore
Carolynn H. Moore, Attorney at Law

Carolynn volunteered to help two clients file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Brian Walding
Walding LLC

Brian volunteered to help a client file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

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