March 2015
The Gubbio Project Reaches Out to Archdiocese on Aiding Homeless
March 19, 2015

Like many homeless advocates, people of faith, and San Francisco residents, we at The Gubbio Project were shocked and disappointed to learn of the decision to use sprinklers at St. Mary's Cathedral to discourage our homeless brothers and sisters from taking refuge there. The Cathedral has been a strong ally in ministering to the City's homeless individua ls, and for many years, has opened its doors to 100 homeless men each winter in cooperation with the San Francisco Interfaith Council. We agree with Bishop Justice that the decision to use those sprinklers was ill-conceived, and we were gladdened by the decision to dismantle and cease using them at St. Mary's Cathedral.

Faith charges adherents to meet the needs of the poor and the disenfranchised. The Gubbio Project understands better than most the complications that arise when the demands of faith intersect with the place where we practice that faith. ... 

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Vincentian in Action 
- Jose Lopez, Vincentian Service Corps Volunteer

People have always asked me why I do the things I do; regarding my community service and social justice life.  When I was a student and my service commitments weren't as extreme, I feel like people were just simply curious.  And my answers were never really thought out.  I would always explain that I just kind of stumbled upon it all.  That I just trusted the path God had me on and that that is how I would end up doing community service and going on service trips.  But now, since I've dedicated an entire year of my life to community service I get asked way more than before.  


Now that community service is my life, I feel like I owe people, especially myself, a legitimate reason as to why I do what I do.  Why am I doing this year of service?  I've been reflecting on this since the beginning of my service year in August; and I finally feel like I can begin to answer this question.




I've always known that I wanted to help other people; and that if I really wanted to help them I needed to meet them, see them, and hear them.  This is what I was taught as an undergrad, but something was always missing here.  This is all motivation for helping people in the future.  Why am I doing this year of service now?  ... continue reading here.





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A place in the Tenderloin where sleep is sacred

Angela Johnston, from KALW San Francisco Radio, spent an entire day with us at our proje ct earlier this month!  

Johnston does a great job at capturing what a Friday looks and sounds like; from the moment we open up our doors to our guests to the moment we wake them up in the afternoon.  

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Calling all artists: Gubbio Swagger Needed

The time has come for The Gubbio Project to have our very own t-shirts!  

We are looking for someone to help us create a t-shirt design that represents our project well. 

If you would like to work on a design and need our logo, or just want to submit a design, please email Jose at: 
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