Rainbow Fleet Offers More Than Training
April 2016
Hello Friends,

Helping Oklahoma child care professionals learn new skills is one of the most important services we provide at Rainbow Fleet. This is why our training program is designed to present relevant and timely information on topics that are important to child care providers.

While we love teaching sessions on interactive play and creative crafts, we know how vital our health and safety trainings are for providers and the kids in their care. We frequently teach classes on safe sleep because we believe this is one area we simply can't stress enough.

A proper sleeping environment is critical to infant safety. In addition to our trainings, our child care specialists are always willing to work one-on-one with providers to help them create and maintain safe sleep habits. Our staff can come to any facility to review sleep practices, equipment and techniques and answer safety-related questions. We are here to help and are just a phone call away. 

We are always looking for new training topics and opportunities. Please let us know of any areas of interest that are not currently addressed.
Thanks for reading.

Carrie Williams
Executive Director

Spring has arrived and that means it's time for outdoor festivals and events. If you're looking for a fun and family-friendly outing, join us April 3 for Open Streets OKC. This awesome event brings Oklahomans together for a wellness-inspired block party. Our booth will be located just outside our office at 3024 Paseo. We'll be making sidewalk chalk so stop by and say hello!

We've visited our friends at KOKH's Living Oklahoma program a couple of times in the last few weeks. Just in case you missed our segments, you can watch us make sidewalk chalk, learn more about our Resource Center and see tips on helping kids focus on studies by clicking these links.

April at a Glance
Don't miss out on the  upcoming events
Rainbow Fleet has to offer this month!

DHS Inquiry  
April 6  1-4pm

Making "The Call" 
How to prepare to Report Child Abuse and Neglect
April 7  7-9pm

Strangers, Dangers, Lock-outs and Lock downs 
April 12 7-9pm

First Aid and CPR 
April 16 9am-5pm

April 19 7-9pm

First Aid and CPR 
April 23 9am-12pm

Art, Language and Math Activities with Children's Literature 
April 23 9am-12pm

After the Storm
April 28 7-9pm
Helpful Contacts

Caring Van: (405) 316-7216  
Center for Early Childhood Professional Development (CECPD): 1801 North Moore Avenue, Moore, OK 73160  (405) 799-6383  www.cecpd.org
CECPD offers various programs for individuals in the childcare field, some programs offered are R.E.W.A.R.D. Oklahoma, CDA/CCP Advisement, Environmental Rating Scale, ELCCT training, The Leadership Academy, Literacy Programs, Video Lending Library and Oklahoma Registry.
Scholars for Excellence in Child Care
Program Scholars Coordinators:
Oklahoma City Community College,
(South OKC) Bonita Spinner (405) 682-1611
Oklahoma State University OKC, (North OKC) Jeff Rosson (405) 945-9168/1-800-560-4099  
Redlands Community College, (El Reno) Karen Hewitt (405) 422-1286
Rose State College, (Midwest City) Jennifer Bachhofer (405) 733-7449
The Scholars for Excellence in Child Care program will ensure that eligible child care professionals in the state of Oklahoma have an opportunity to further their education while earning a Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential, Certificate of Mastery, Director's Certificate of Completion and/or an associate degree in child development or early childhood education.
Reaching for the STARS (DHS): Central Oklahoma-Jennifer Towell (405) 522-0256  www.okdhs.org
STARS is a program held by the State of Oklahoma, that has been implemented to improve the quality of child care for children.
Warmline offers free telephone consultation to child care providers and families on numerous topics of concern. Consultants refer providers to appropriate services and resources within their communities.

Resource Center Item of the Month

Rody Horse
Watch your little ones bounce and play on these fun Rody Horses. Your kiddos will practice balance and coordination while riding the range on their favorite horse.

F lorencia les envía esta nota:
Florencia Briglie 
Resource & Referral Specialist

¡Hola estimadas proveedoras!

Espero que hayan disfrutado y aprendido mucho durante la conferencia de SECA. 
Excelente oportunidad con excelente profesionales que seguro aportaron ideas positivas y productivas para su trabajo. 

¡Grandes noticias en Rainbow Fleet! 
Vamos a tener un hermoso entrenamiento para proveedoras en español durante el cual aparte de recibir la información, ¡recibirán juguetes! Les voy a enviar la información en breve para que puedan participar.

¡También dentro de poco tendremos la conferencia Hispana! Celebraremos 10 años de trabajo, dedicación y esfuerzo de todo este grupo. 

Estoy también planeando otro entrenamiento en español luego de la conferencia hispana. El nombre de este se los anunciaré en nuestra próxima carta ya que será en el mes de junio. 

Nuevamente, muy importante que chequeen o abran una cuenta de correo electrónico. De esta manera podrán recibir la información sobre los entrenamientos y conferencias.

Recuerden que pueden participar también de las reuniones que estamos teniendo una vez al mes en OKC. Un grupo formado por proveedoras hispanas que quieren relacionarse con otras proveedoras que trabajan en hogares para el cuidado infantil. 

¡Todas están bienvenidas! Nuestra próxima reunión será el 2 de abril. Pueden comunicarse conmigo para que les informe  la dirección de la próxima reunión. Recuerden que el objetivo final y común del grupo es formar una Asociación de Proveedoras Hispanas.

Como siempre, no duden de contactarme si puedo ayudarlas con algo: fbriglie@rainbowfleet.org

¡Muchas Gracias por su atención! 

Notes from a Nurse
Kristen Millican, RN, BSN
Cleveland County Health Department
According to the CDC, adults should be moderately active at least thirty minutes each day, or for a total of two and a half hours per week. Children, however, need double that! Kids two years and older should get 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity every day. 

Physical exercise has many benefits, but studies show moving more can help make a person:

  • Feel less stressed or depressed
  • Improve one's attitude and mood
  • Improve self-confidence and self-image
  • Sleep better
  • Do better in school
  • Improve multitasking and planning skills
  • Build strong muscles and bones
It seems everyone these days is telling us to move more, get fit, or lose weight. While it may seem like a daunting task, "moving more" can include fun and simple things like dancing, riding bikes or even vigorous cleaning, if that's your thing! 

Exercise doesn't have to be done in a gym or with equipment, and often times people discount how much energy they spend on their daily activities already. I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but it takes a lot of energy to chase a child, or children, around all day long! This still counts! As long as you're doing it for ten minutes or more, movement is movement. So, don't be discouraged by the public service announcements about getting more exercise, and worrying about how you will find time to get to the gym. Simply add a little more into your daily activities like having the kids hop to the dinner table instead of walking, or mopping the floor with a little extra speed. Keep it simple but focus on getting that heart beating!

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