January 29, 2015
Project Updates
Brace Overcrossing

The final night of the Brace overcrossing lift was a success! Caltrans and RGW Construction crews lifted the final inches of the overcrossing last night. Crews achieved the federal clearance requirement and reopened I-80 an hour ahead of schedule this morning.



The Brace overcrossing will remain closed to traffic through February 9 for miscellaneous structural work and maintenance. 

Visit Raise80.com for detour route and more information on the next phase of the project. 

Interstate 80 is Open for Business During Construction
Caltrans welcomes businesses to advertise special offers on the Raise80 project website: www.RAISE80.com/open 


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Be Work Zone Alert
We remind drivers to slow their speed in the work zone. Workers are working within inches of live traffic. Traffic is unpredictable and sudden slowing or stopping may occur. Please do not peer into work zones as this can cause collisions if drivers are not paying attention to their driving. 



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