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Tiny Tweaks Can Lead To Big Changes
By Bridgit Gale
SEEC Inclusion Specialist
It's not always easy taking care of 16 two years olds every day, but with the support of each other Tammy and Carol manage their classroom with ease.  It didn't take long for them to set some goals and put some new practices in place for their kiddos. They were already doing good things.  

One goal was to create a quiet space in the corner of their classroom.  During my visits throughout the year, I noticed the children becoming more independent with self regulation.

24:1 Early Learning Childhood Center
At the 24:1 Early Childhood Learning Center Ms. Shanika made puzzles from the children's pictures. The kids get to see themselves playing together! We have been talking about our feelings and how those can be different than our friends' thoughts and feelings. Learning to play together can be fun!  

Click here to learn more about the 24:1 Early Childhood Learning Center.

Professional Development for United 4 Children
United 4 Children knows the importance of staying on top of skill building.  All trainers and leadership staff completed a two day seminar on strength based coaching.  Give us a call at
314-531-1412 and let us build strength in you and your staff.

Our staff seated left to right; Bridget Foster, Ashley Tabb, Karen Base, Lisa Eberle-Mayse and Bridgit Gale.

Inclusion Training
Module 14:  Emotional Intelligence
Saturday, October 21, 2017
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Hannibal-LaGrange University
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Module 3:  Embracing Diversity
Saturday, October 21, 2017
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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On-line Training Opportunity 
Building Blocks for Healthy Meals 
October 10-24,  2017
By serving nutritious meals and snacks, children get the nourishment and energy they need to learn, grow, and be healthy.  This training provides tools needed to successfully prepare and serve meals and snacks that are nutritious and that children will enjoy.

Click   here for additional training info and to register.

Daryl Rothman is our new Program Officer.  From the time he was young, Daryl wanted to do a few things:  be a father, work with children, be a writer, and play for his hometown Cardinals. Although he didn't get the chance to play for the Cardinals, read about Daryl's other achievements here.

Danyelle Dosunmu is  our new Grant and Event Coordinator.  Danyelle has a background in anthropology and museums.  Danyelle worked at a children's museum for two years and really enjoyed working with children and helping them learn about the world around them.  She enjoys the opportunity to widen the impact she has on the lives of children by working for United 4 Children.

Taylor Teason is our new Receptionist..  Taylor is always happy to greet our visitors with a smile.  Prior to working at United 4 Children Taylor was in the restaurant management industry.  After 8 years she decided that it was time for a change in her career.  Taylor is currently in school working towards her Elementary Education degree. Taylor looks forward to becoming an elementary school teacher and working with children.

Rashaan Bush, our Early Childhood Specialist is the Valeda's Hope Award Recipient.  Rashaan will be receiving the "My Strength is Your Strength" Award for courage at Valeda's Hope 6th Pink & Pearls Luncheon Conference.  Rashaan is a Previvior, her spirit, strength and COURAGE has inspired us all here at United 4 Children.  We are so PROUD of Rashaan.
United 4 Children provides caregivers with tools to support child/youth well-being and promote educational equity.  You can find out more on our website at Please share this email to your colleagues.