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ROAD RALLY eNews — October 2017 Edition
Your Road Rally Roundup of News, Views, and How-Tos 
There's an APP for That!
by Margo Wesley , Navigator  
My husband told me, very excitedly, that we had the opportunity to participate in a three-day rally. We were going to Seward the first day, staying over, then to Homer the second day, staying there, and finally back to Anchorage the third day. We really do enjoy road trips and rallies so I thought it sounded like fun.

During a dinner meeting to finalize the Reception planning just weeks before the United States Road Rally Challenge , the GPS Rally Computer App by Michael Young was mentioned to help Bob and me on the rally with calculations and mileage. I had just gotten a new phone and iPad, and I am learning new ways to use them. I went out and downloaded the App, then went looking for the manual to learn how to use it. I printed it off so I could have the App up and the manual beside me to work with it. Well, it might as well have been written in another language! I didn't understand any of it no matter how many times I read it. I was, of course, scrambling around getting packed and organized ready to go.

I understood using the App would put us in another class, but there were only three teams in the Sourdough Class (Equipped), and it was okay if we came in 3rd in Class. I told Bob, "You know, I will screw this up." His reply? "So what! We'll still have fun."

First thing, I needed to change the timer to hours and cents, that is tenths and hundreds of seconds. The manual showed a different screen that was supposed to come up to program this in. I could not make this work.

The USRRC Reception was where our vehicles were teched, and we got our bumper numbers, window banners, and the door decals with our numbers and names. Held at the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum right on the shores of Lake Hood, it was our first chance to meet the other teams, and I was introduced to Steve Gaddy. He and his Driver Julie were one of the other two teams in our Sourdough Class and more experienced using this App. That change of the timer to hours and cents above? He figured out I had too many programs open and my iPad was unable to open the screen I needed. With his help, I finally got the App properly set up.

It was a wonderful evening meeting all the participating teams and watching the decals and numbers placed on the cars – there was such energy in the hangar with introductions and visiting. We had pizza and salad for dinner, and we got our registration packets. I started to appreciate all the work and time that goes into planning and organizing events like this.

We live north of Anchorage in the Matanuska Valley, so the next morning we got up unbelievably early to be in Anchorage for the official start of the rally.

The USRRC was not our first rally, so we knew the basic routine. We got our route instructions and got settled in the car. We were car #3, so we started 1 minute after car #2, who started 1 minute after car #1. Yet, this time, we were using the GPS Rally Computer versus our usual "seat of the pants" rally-style!

First, of course, we went on the ODO check. It went quite smoothly. I was thinking, "This is easier than I thought." I got pretty good at programming the speed, CAST, and the next speed from the RI's. The ODO buttons had Reverse, Park, and Forward. I could put it in Park until we started from the out-marker. We zeroed the car odometer, as our backup just in case. The ODO check was through the Hillside in Anchorage. The homes are big and beautiful, the views are breathtaking, and the roads are interesting.
In Honor of Moca, the Rally Dog ...
This is from my "Hittin' the Highway for Hounds 'n Hairballs" event in 2013 and it still makes me smile! The art prints (without the comment bubble) were given as prizes.
We got to the end of the ODO check and got to our starting instructions. I now figured out how to zero everything to start over on the next phase. The App was opening windows to adjust the "computer clock, Rally clock, and synchronize them." I had not a clue what that meant. Bob had me compare the clock in the App to the official Rally clock before we started, and it was about one-hundredth of a second off. He said that was "okay," and I was glad because I had no idea how to change the clock on the computer if it wasn't "okay."

We started again, driving Turnagain Arm, and this has always been one of my favorite drives. The tide was in so it was amazingly beautiful. Sometimes when the tide is low, the tidal mud isn't as scenic.
Our instructions took us to Girdwood.

We started making turns and weaving around through this little ski town. I had some trouble with things sliding on my lap, balancing the iPad, the clipboard with our instructions, keeping track of my pen, so many details. We were driving a 1992 Miata. We always take our dog, Moca, with us. There isn't a lot of room in the car, but Moca rides in the back window most of the time. She only weighs 40 lbs. She likes to get on Bob's lap once in a while, but she doesn't stay there long. Bob has done rallies before and is good with the basic rules of the road. I try to stay focused on the instructions, and now the App.

We were through several checkpoints, and I thought I was doing pretty good. Then we took a left turn, and everything on my lap slid. I grabbed the iPad, and everything zeroed out. I was astonished and totally frustrated. I could not figure out what I had touched to cause that. So much for feeling like I knew what I was doing. I figured out how to replace the odometer reading with the value from the car odometer, but the time was lost. Fortunately, it wasn't long before we could restart. I had my printed manual under the instructions on my clipboard, and I referred to it many times. I also put the glossary from the Generals there. That helped as well.

There was some confusion with part of the route in Girdwood, but it was all worked out by the organizers. Toward the afternoon, I noticed all of a sudden, my battery on my iPad was very low, and this would never do. We plugged it into the cigarette lighter charger; it continued to lose charge, but not near as fast. Even with the starting out issues, learning as I went, and functioning adjustments, I believe this first day was our best as far as scoring. 

It only rained a little, and we all got to Seward safely.
 The accommodations were very comfortable. The Rallymaster helped us with the issue of our dog, as the official lodging did not provide for pets in the rooms. She made our reservation in Moca's name and our little girl kindly allowed us to stay with her. We were at Hotel Seward, right in downtown Seward. It was very nice, lots of antique furniture and stuffed, dead animals in the lobby. One of the participants from out of state found a news article telling about a bear getting into the lobby about a week prior!

The second day started with a delay due to construction on the route. There is a saying up here, "We have two seasons, winter and construction." Our weather is hard on the roads.
We went through another area near Hope, Alaska on the far side of Cook Inlet. We missed a street sign, and consequently a turn. I think we were concentrating on the App instead of being as observant as we should have been; we were lost. Eventually, we found our way back to the course, with some guidance. I found out the App is great when you're doing well, but when things go south, I hadn't any idea how to fix it. Bob started touching the screen to change speeds and other things. I wasn't impressed. I told him, "Either I work the App, or he does, and I will drive!!!"

The third day we drove around Homer. I never realized how beautiful Kachemak Bay could be! Oh, on Saturday (day two) we explored the Skilak Lake area. The roads were very rough, but we made without problems. The route was challenging, the scenery was fabulous, and we enjoyed every minute.
We ended at the most impressive and unforgettable Ocean Bluff Bed and Breakfast BBQ in Kasilof. We had a wonderful meal, had a lovely view of the mountains across the inlet and enjoyed the camaraderie with our fellow rally clan after our three days together on the road.

I'm convinced I have a lot to learn about rallying and using the GPS Rally Computer. We need to get a lot more experience, be more observant, and I need to use this rally App several more times to feel comfortable. I wish I could watch someone run the GPS RAlly Computer when things aren't going perfectly to learn how to recover. There is so much it is capable of doing in the hands of a more confident operator.
October 2017 by Rich Bireta , Chairman  
Results of RRB Voting on Proposed Rules Changes
At the October 12 RoadRally Board (RRB) meeting, we voted on the proposed rules changes that will take effect January 1 st . There was a total of 16 proposals which passed initial RRB scrutiny and were released for public comment. A number of you provided comments or simply indicated your support or non-support for the proposals. Thank you for your comments and positions.
I can share with you that the input we received from the rally community was shared with the entire RRB as we began to discuss each proposed change. In one case, Proposal 10, several board members voted against their personal opinions and voted as the rally community voted and this made the difference in the adoption of this proposal. Your input mattered.

Following BOD action in December, these changes will be reflected in the 2018 RoadRally Rules.
The RRB approved only 7 of the 16 proposals. Below you will find the proposals and the results of the RRB’s vote.

Click here to read the full report of the proposals, rationale and voting results!
You may be wondering why the RRB voted to release some of the above proposals for public comment but then failed to adopt that proposed rule change. The answer is that the while the RRB may not have been in favor of the change, they felt collectively that the proposal had merit and the RRB was interested in the opinion of the broader rally community.
As always, I welcome your comments on this topic or any other item of interest to the rally community.
Rich Bireta , Chair
SCCA Road Rally Board
Nominations Open — SCCA Robert V. Ridges Memorial Award 
Nominations are open for the Ridges Memorial Award. If you would like to nominate a member of the road rally community for this award, please send an email to rrb@scca.com by December 1, 2017.
The following background information on this award is contained in the RRRs:
Bob Ridges was Secretary of the RRB from the inception of the National program in 1957 until his death in 1965. This award is presented to the SCCA member who exemplifies the highest degree of dedication and sportsmanship in the sport during the preceding year who has made an outstanding contribution to the success of an event during its execution; who has made an outstanding contribution to the program as a whole; who has exhibited exceptional sportsmanship involving personal sacrifice; or who has undertaken physical risk for the preservation of life or property. 
This award is not intended for sitting RRB members, Official Observers, Rallymasters, or Officials unless they have clearly demonstrated extraordinary dedication, achievement, and/or sportsmanship above and beyond the duties and responsibilities of their office. Contestants shall only be eligible in cases involving exceptional sportsmanship, personal sacrifice or risk. The recipient is selected by the RRB based on recommendations of any rally participant or Board member. Presentation of the award is made at the Annual SCCA National Convention. This award may not be presented each year. This is the highest honor within the SCCA Rally Program. 
“Bob was a sportsman in the truest sense of the word. To him, sportsmanship lay in the manner of performance rather than in the winning; though as a competitor, he always strived to do his best. His honesty, integrity, sincerity and never failing good humor as well as his dedication to sports car activities have left an indelible mark.” SportsCar 3/65 
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Our goal is share news about our beloved sport of Road Rally across North America — be they sanctioned by the SCCA, PCA, BMW, or local marque clubs!

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Arduous Autumn Airport Automobile Adventure

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2017 Tombstone Trail

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The 2017 Food Drive (Charity Road Rally)

Road Rally w/ SCCA - Philadelphia Region on Saturday, November 11, 2017 at Joseph E Hanusey III Community Park, Doylestown, PA - This charity road rally will take you through some amazing back roads just in time to put you in the spirit of giving.

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Pavement Ends

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Kettle Moraine Colors Tour Road Rally

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Annual Great Pumpkin Fun Run

Seminar/Meeting w/ BMW CCA - Tidewater Chapter on Sunday, October 29, 2017 at Panera Bread, Suffolk, VA - Come on out and enjoy great drive around Suffolk and test your knowledge and navigation skills by answering questions while enjoying the...

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Words from the Wheel with Jamie Mullin
Greetings from the National Office -
Here are the stats on SCCA Road Rally event sanctions and rally participants. We will have the audits resolved and provide updated numbers in the November edition of RReNews. Please send in those audits to give us accurate participant numbers! Deena Rowland
2017 SCCA Road Rally Sanctions
First Quarter
Jan - 4 events, 130 participants
Feb - 9 events, 115 participants
Mar - 8 events, 67 participants
TOTAL EVENTS 21, TOTAL PARTICIPANTS 312 (2 events not paid)
AVERAGE # of participants = 14.85

Second Quarter
Apr - 13 events, 152 participants
May - 15 events, 166 participants
June - 8 events, 19 participants
TOTAL events 36, Total participants 337 (10 events not paid)
AVERAGE # of participants = 9.36

Third Quarter
Jul – 8 events, 35 participants
Aug – 12 events, 85 participants
Sept – 12 events, 50 participants
TOTAL events 32, Total participants 170 (17 events not paid)
AVERAGE # of participants = 14.16
The National Scene AZICIT
with NEC Chairman Mike Thompson
The NEC Chairman Says... 
Well, here I am procrastinating (my favorite pastime) again.
Mike Thompson
NEC Chairman
May the Mass x Acceleration Be With You

All, we have tried to reach Mike and hope all is well with him. Look for an update in our November RReNews, which should be out in two weeks as we strive to get "back on schedule."
SCCA Matters —
Minutes, Planning Calendar, Championship Points
From the Home Office — Road Rally eNews
Damnit! We had to scrape ice off our car windows in the city two days ago.
It is official, summer is over!

We are not quite nestled into boots 'n winter jackets, and we've heard that Fairbanks has already seen snow on the ground! We can see (no! not Russia!) snow on the tops of the mountains out the office window. Soon enuf it will be on the ground!

We continue to decide the future of RReNews and the changes necessary to get the fires burning. We are delighted to have some articles coming in upcoming months from new writers to our pages from both competitors and Rallymasters! As well, we remain humbled for our friends in the SCCA – NEC Chairman Mike Thompson , RRB Chairman Rich Bireta , Pointskeep Bruce Gezon , Minutes and Calendar by Jeanne English , and our Words from the Wheel team of Deena Rowland and Jamie Mullin and their monthly contributions!

Be well. Safe travels. See you in a few weeks... Safe travels, Road Rally eNews
Rallying to Preserve the Historic SCCA Rally Archives...
IMRRC Watkins Glen
From Road Rally eNews
I hope we all give our time (and earnings) outside of our families for worthy causes. I know in this last year I have extricated myself from many volunteer organizations as their leadership styles have changed, and I seek to use my remaining time on earth on more positive and certainly long-lasting ventures.

I know we all have our "pet projects," yet I hope you'll choose to consider making a donation through the 2017 United States Road Rally Challenge's restricted donation to the International Motor Racing Research Center. A restricted donation means the funds must be utilized as requested, and the funds raised will go toward the preservation and digitization of the SCCA Rally Archives at the IMRRC.

Please, if you have valued the time I have volunteered for the almost monthly editions of the Road Rally eNews these past five years, please consider making a donation to the SCCA Foundation which was my choice to handle the funds to the IMRRC. Mindi Pfannenstiel, Sr. Director, Finance & Administration at the SCCA National Office, sends the payments received to the IMRRC on a quarterly basis. I am delighted to report that we are current at $2280.63 raised through generous donations of the some teams, workers and my SCCA Friends across America through my SCCA United States Road Rally Challenge sanctioned in Alaska this September.

Want to feel like you are getting something (besides helping to preserve history, my undying appreciation, and a tax-deduction) through your donation? We raised $300 with one of the entries to the 2018 USRRC, to be held October 4-7, with the St Louis Region during this years' event and I will be auctioning off the second entry certificate with bidding ending in January. Wowza — a worthy cause, a tax-deduction, and a great deal for road rally enthusiasts!

Each year at the Convention, Region's proudly standup and make donations to the SCCA Foundation. Fancy your Region as a Road Rally Region? Consider making a donation through your Region attached to this restricted donation and know that it is going to Preserve our Historic SCCA Rally Archives .

I went to the IMRRC after the 2016 USRRC to see for myself what it was like. I wanted to be assured this was not a little garage in someones back yard; it is a stunning and well done library, the staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and they were very appreciated of the efforts to raise funds for their work.

Short of the auction for that entry to the 2018 USRRC, this will be this Rallymaster's last public request for your donation consideration to help preserve the history of our beloved road rally and show your appreciation for her efforts to road rally across America via RReNews . To learn more about the IMRRC and our fundraising efforts, simply click on the IMRRC logo on the left and you'll be transported!
Safe travels,
Cheryl Lynn , USRRC Rallymaster
Road Rally eNews Contributer
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