Ramadan Kareem
Wishing you and your family a Happy, Prosperous and Blessed Holy month of Ramadan
June 2016
Feeling hot, hot, hot.....

June is always an action packed month for all. The children are
breaking up, some of you are getting ready to travel and the Al
Corniche club is getting geared up, ready for our summer  camps! However, this June in particular, there are a lot of  exciting changes happening in the club! Although we know it  will cause some inconvenience, we couldn't be more excited  about the end result - if you are curious, read on!

Our food and beverage team are also getting themselves  excited about all the events planned in the run up to Ramadan

We look forward to seeing you in the club and online!

The Al Corniche Team
Summer Camp Kicks Off
Kids will have a blast this summer at the Al Corniche Summer Camp starting from 5th June. Calling all kids to join the best camp in KTOWN! 

Camp Details:
● 13 week camp | 
●  5th June to 1st September

�� IFIT - 5 to 16 years
✔ Members - 70KD per week
✔ Non members - 85KD per week
�� MiniIFIT - 3 to 5 years
✔ Members - 60KD per week
✔ Non members - 75KD per week
⌚Regular Timings:
Sunday to Thursday | 9am to 2.30pm
⌚Ramadan Timings:
Sunday to Thursday | 10.30am to 3.30pm
Please fill the application form available at the reception. For any further information please speak to Miss Lynne on 66661867

Summer Camp sponsored by Lexus Visit Lexus
Opening Hours during Ramadan


About Ramadan and Appropriate Behaviour

During Ramadan, observant Muslims not only abstain from food, drinking and smoking from dawn to dusk.  Throughout Ramadan, there is an emphasis on communal values: people will invite guests to 'breakfast' ( iftar ) with them (at the time of the sunset ' maghreb ' call to prayer and give alms to charity.
As Kuwait is an Islamic country, and Ramadan is important both to Muslims' religion and culture, it is imperative to behave appropriately. The following issues should be borne in mind:
-       Do not eat, drink or smoke in public view during daytime (including in your car) . This is illegal and can get you arrested.   Pregnant and nursing women, and young children are exempt from eating and drinking, but discretion should be exercised.

 -      Avoid meeting Muslims in areas where people will be eating and do not offer them refreshments. 
 -      Be aware that increased numbers of people will gather at mosques on Friday and after sundown.
 -      Eating and drinking establishments will be closed during daylight hours.  Please plan accordingly.
-     Appropriate Dressing . Do not wear revealing, tight or short clothes.
Non- fasting people should strictly observe Kuwaiti Law No. 24(1968) which prohibits eating, drinking or smoking in public during Ramadan fasting hours.
The Law stipulates the following:
Section One:  A penalty of not more than one month detention and KD 100 fine (or either of these penalties) will be imposed on:
Anyone who publicly eats drinks or smokes during Ramadan fasting hours.
 2. Anyone who forces, helps or induces such public display, with the possibility of closure of any public store facility used for such purpose for not more than 2 months
Section Two: The Minister of Interior has the authority to close down any public store/facility, as he deems necessary, to enforce the above law. Any store manager/owner who breaks this law shall be punished as stated above.