Fifth Sunday Fellowship This Sunday! 

This coming Sunday, April 29, plan to stay after worship and join us for our Fifth Sunday Fellowship! What is this all about? The church will provide the entree and the drink; you are asked to bring a side dish and/or dessert if you are able. You can drop your contribution off in the Fellowship Hall on the way to your Sunday School class or Morning Worship; after worship, we will make our way over and enjoy a good time of food and fellowship. 

Be sure to invite any guest who is here Sunday to join us. Assure them that we will have plenty to eat. Ask them to sit with you, and use the time to introduce yourself and the church, and, more importantly, get to know them a bit better.

Volunteer Recognition 

At the beginning of our worship time this Sunday, we will also take a brief moment to recognize and say thanks to our many volunteers who have worked in ministries that primarily reach out to those in our community who are not part of our church. Scripture tells us to use our gifts to serve others. It makes clear that there are a variety of gifts and a variety of ministries. It also says that God will not forget the love and work of those who minister. We are grateful that our church is so full of those who volunteer in various ways in our community.

Be on the lookout for opportunities to use your gifts in ministry!

How Can I Be Pure in Heart?

That's a tough, important question, and  we will seek to answer it this Sunday in worship. Why do we need to know how to answer this question? It's simple. Jesus said, "Blessed are the pure in heart... for they will see God." One more good reason to make a special effort to be here for worship this Sunday morning!

Welcome, Nerissa!

We are grateful that Nerissa Robinson united with our church fellowship last Sunday. She has been worshiping with us since earlier this year and singing with the choir as able. She is excited to be here, finding a church home, and we are excited to have her. I had a great time meeting with her about church membership recently, hearing how God has been at work in her life in the past few years. It is such a blessing to hear and see how God is active in the lives of others.

May Church Newsletter

I am making each segment in this edition of the Ramblings intentionally shorter than usual, as many of you received our monthly email newsletter yesterday, and it was jam packed with information about what happened in April and what is coming up in both May and June. Thanks to Larry DeBose for being editor of the newsletter!

If you did not receive a copy of the newsletter, CLICK HERE to read it now! And  let us know, and we will add your email address to our distribution list.

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