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quotesQuotes of the Day 

If you have eyes to see, coordinated central bank monetary and fiscal stimulation action is taking place.  Yesterday was "Draughi Day." Today the Chinese officially released massive fiscal stimulus on top of the already monetary stimulus. Watch for the US Fed to chime in.  QE to infinity MOPEd as sterilized is falling into place. Please review my post from last weekend to you on the illusion of monetary sterilization.  Gold is going to and through $3500. The approach some long term gold bulls took toward gold, initiating a temporary short directly after Labor Day, is now in the process of backfiring badly.

-Jim Sinclair


Bill Gross says that Gold, of all things, is a better investment than bonds or stocks.  Has he lost his mind?  Here is a guy who manages something like $1 trillion and he thinks that GOLD is better than stocks or bonds?  Uh...what if he - or OTHER large portfolio managers - decide to buy some Gold as a hedge? 

-Bill Holter, Miles Franklin


We are now getting close to the point where it will be "cool" to be bullish on the metals.

-Bill Holter, Miles Franklin


A Black Day for the Euro," "Over the Red Line" and "Pandora's Box Opened Forever" were some of the German headlines, with the normally sympathetic S�ddeutsche Zeitung headlining an editorial: "The E.C.B. Rewards Mismanagement." Even the German Bundesbank, officially part of the European Central Bank, put out a statement commenting acidly that the plan was "financing governments by printing bank notes.

-Zero Hedge, quoting the European reaction to the "MOT" limitless sovereign bond buying program


Regardless who is elected President in November, nothing will be done to stop, or even slow down, America's lust for foreign entanglements and wars. And that means nothing will be done to stop or slow down the burgeoning police state that is enveloping our nation. By 2016, there won't be many liberties left in this country, regardless which party captures the White House. That is an absolute certainty!  With the approbation and blessing of both Romney and Obama, the police and warfare states--not to mention the size and growth of government--will continue to accelerate at an unprecedented scale.

-Chuck Baldwin


Now we're back to the confidence factor again. If the CPI is going up by 10% a year, people are going to quickly lose faith in the currency. Obviously the current calculation of the CPI is a joke, but the larger the disconnect between the government numbers and reality, the more people are falling off the wagon and losing confidence in the currency anyway. The continuation of a fiat regime cannot be perpetuated with misinformation and propaganda alone.

-Andy Sutton


Greece's anti-bailout leftist Syriza party would win if elections were held today, while ultranationalists ("neo-Nazis") Golden Dawn would become the third-largest party in parliament, a poll showed Friday.

-VPRC Polling Agency, Greece


I am a little - maybe more than a little bit - worried about the future of central banking. We've constantly felt that there would be light at the end of the tunnel and there'd be an opportunity to normalize but it's not really happening so far.

-James Bullard, St. Louis Federal Reserve Governor


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bfiPublic Seminars with BFI and Miles Franklin 

Miles Franklin is proud to announce its Swiss partner - BFI Consulting of Zurich - is holding three "Inner Circle Briefings" in September, to discuss its full product line of Swiss Annuities, Managed Accounts, and bullion storage.  These full-day meetings are being held on the following dates:


September 15th - Santa Barbara, CA

September 17th - Berkeley, CA


The cost is $169 per person, and the limited space is filling up quickly.  Notably, Andy Schectman - Miles Franklin's President - and myself will appear at the Berkeley Presentation, where we will be making a presentation.


If you are interested in attending, please contact me at


silverSilver Circle Movie - Coming Soon!  



Ranting Andy readers are getting an exclusive look at the Silver Circle movie.  A film about the upcoming economic collapse in 2019 will hit theaters in January, but not before taking a promotional tour this Fall for lucky viewers around the country!  More details about the release -i.e., exact dates - will be published soon, so stay tuned at, and watch the TRAILER here:


Silver Circle - Official Trailer
Silver Circle - Official Trailer

Synopsis: Jay Nelson, lead investigator for the Federal Reserve's Department of Housing Stability, is assigned to an arson case at Glenwood Homes.  He's quickly led to a rebel group plotting to take down the Federal Reserve.  Rebel leader Zoe Taylor tries to convince Jay that although the Chairman of the Fed - Victor Brandt - is blaming the rebels for destroying Glenwood Homes - Brandt himself has secrets of his own.  Join the silver-toting Rebels as they attempt to outsmart the Fed, and restore a sound money system in America - once and for all. 


Since Ranting Andy's readers love silver - and all things related to ENDING THE FED and restoring sound money - we've got an awesome deal for you!  For a limited time, you can visit the Silver Circle Store - and when purchasing a t-shirt, wristband, or bumper sticker, receive a 20% discount by using the code "RANT." 


Additionally, if interested in contributing to the project's marketing and distribution campaign, please contact Megan Duffield, Marketing Manager, at


All donations are tax-deductible, and we are hoping to meet our goal of $500,000 before the January theater run - to ensure a successful release.  Hey, you can even donate IN PHYSICAL silver. How cool is that?

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jandaPodcast with Dave Janda of Operation Freedom  

On Sunday afternoon, I again appeared on the Operation Freedom radio show, with the indomitable patriot, Dave Janda:


Andy Hoffman and Dave Janda Podcast 9-9-12


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wrap-upFriday Afternoon Wrap-Up 9/8/2012
Andrew Hoffman

The words "penned in the corner" repeat over and over in my mind, more so every day.  Of course, I'm referring to the current position of the Federal Reserve, desperate to maintain a veneer of "control" where there is NONE; as they are on the verge of finally being exposed to the ENTIRE WORLD for the fraud - and DESTRUCTIVE FORCE - they are.  Not that there isn't ample evidence of their evil handiwork - on both short-term...


Central Planning Sends Gold To Seven Month High As EURUSD Hits 1.28 On Massive Short Squeeze


...and long-term bases...


purchasing power   

...but in the United States of Brainwashing, most of the population is either too focused on scapegoating...


Political and Social Issues That I Confront All Too-Often


...or too uneducated...


DNC delegates: Let's ban corporate profits! understand the ramifications of entrusting an unelected coven of PRINTING PRESS WIELDING bankers...


The Scary Math Behind The Mechanics Of QE3, And Why Bernanke's Hands May Be Tied matter who tells them otherwise...


Has Bill Gross lost his mind? - Bill Holter, Miles Franklin


As the scary video above depicts - of Peter Schiff visiting the Democratic National Convention - the average person is desperately grasping at straws, willing to believe anything they are told...


Real Unemployment Rate Hits 11.7% As Spread Between Reported And Propaganda Data Hits Record matter who is telling it...


Mein Kampf


Not that Barrack Obama, Mitt Romney, or any current politician is at risk of becoming the next Hitler.  However, the landscape that created Nazi Germany - and countless citizen-supported totalitarian states is rapidly being replicated in Europe and America.  We have already seen the French elect a Communist, the Greeks a neo-Nazi, and the Germans candidates that NEVER had a chance of even being heard just a few years ago.


Here in the States, unemployment is surging...


Chart Of The Day: 25,792,000 Unemployed And Underemployed a far worse rate than reported...


labor force 
Source: Zero Hedge


...with most of the "new jobs" paying low wages...


Where The Jobs Are: Low Wage Sectors Add Most Jobs In The Past Year


...and the "unemployment rate" rendered meaningless...


Thought Experiment Of The Absurd: Zero American Unemployment Before The Next Presidential Election debt EXPLODES...


Debt forecast: U.S. will look like Greece by 2021


...commodity prices SURGE (the CRB Index is currently 40% higher than its 1995-2005 average)...



...catastrophic war LOOMS...


U.S. Attack on Iran Would Take Hundreds of Planes, Ships, and Missiles


...and the majority clings to the government for SURVIVAL...


Welfare State: More Than Half Of American's Rely On Subsidies


...while drowning their sorrows in mindless pursuits...


Chuck Baldwin: 'America's Bread And Circus Society'


Today's HORRIFIC jobs report will certainly "force the Fed's hand"...


Jobs growth cools in August, seen forcing Fed's hand


...making overt "QE3" - or whatever they call it - a fait accompli at Thursday's FOMC meeting...


Economists Expect Fed To Deliver QE3 And More Next Week


...coincident with surging Precious Metals prices, and shortly thereafter, heightened "chatter" of the inevitable...


Steve Forbes: Get Ready, Gold Standard is Coming


I don't like to make bold short-term predictions, but I view the odds of TPTB successfully orchestrating a major PAPER PM raid this Fall as close to ZERO.  In my view, they have utilized every manner of MONEY PRINTING, MARKET MANIPULATION, and PROPAGANDA imaginable to denigrate PMs, and miserablyFAILED.  With fundamentals, technicals, and seasonals all POWERFULLY behind gold and silver, the odds of them reaching last year's highs - by early next year the latest - appear EXTREMELY strong. 


Per below, the entire past year's relentless, merciless PAPER PM attacks - commencing with "OPERATION PM ANNIHILATION I" on September 6th, 2011 - have accomplished NOTHING except creating MASSIVE, likely IMPENETRABLE floors from which to launch from, to levels FAR EXCEEDING gold's ALL-TIME HIGH of $1,920/oz...


gold sept 7   

...and silver's summer 2011 high of $45/oz; enroute - likely, shortly thereafter - to the "ULTIMATE QUADRUPLE TOP BREAKOUT" above $50/oz...


silver sept 7   


Since the August 22nd PM breakout - right on cue with Bill Murphy's "deep throat" source - the U.S. government - sorry, the "Commercials" - have maniacally shorted PAPER PMs into a tsunami of PHYSICAL demand, such as the nearly 16,000 incremental gold futures contracts shorted through Tuesday...


gold net long   

In silver, their battle to hold down prices with PAPER, while Eric Sprott's PSLV - and the rest of the WORLD - aggressively buy PHYSICAL (yes, demand at Miles Franklin materially increased this week) is FAILING.  The "Commercials" shorted another 6,300 futures contracts this week - again, just through Tuesday - taking their net short position from a decade-long low of 12,000 contracts to an incredible 42,000 in barely two months, as silver has soared from $27/oz to nearly $34/oz.  Again, how many times do I need to tell you "THE COTs NO LONGER MATTER?"



I'm already salivating thinking of what next week's COT report looks like, as you KNOW they shorted like madmen into action like today's, where silver surged another dollar, busting through the Cartel's latest line in the sand - at the ROUND NUMBER of $33.00/oz - like it wasn't there.  Again, the only time I've EVER seen the "Commercials" cover PM shorts into a rising market was April 2011, when they would have been permanently destroyed if not for the Cartel's last ditch effort, the "SUNDAY NIGHT PAPER SILVER MASSACRE."  Take my word for it - and again, I'm going out on a limb - such an episode will NOT again occur...


spot silver   

As for gold, following the doomsday NFP report, it sliced through the Cartel's past three days line in the sand at the VERY KEY ROUND NUMBER of $1,700 like a "hot knife through butter" - forcing them to retreat to $1,740/oz - up EXACTLY 2.0% - and hold on for dear life.  Which, by the way, is about to be choked from them when the Fed announces QE3 last week - likely yielding, in short order, a break above Jim Sinclair's $1,764/oz "angel" and the pre-"LEAP DAY VIOLATION" high of $1,791/oz - ultimately putting the ALL-TIME HIGH of $1,921 squarely within the crosshairs...




The large-cap mining stocks had another strong day, rising 3%...


hui sept 7 2012   

...and raising the possibility of turning positive for the year this week - a very favorable omen for near-term PM prices...


2012 Performance Year-to-Date














And speaking of favorable signs, the WORLD'S MOST IMPORTANT MARKETSare now within 1% of their ALL-TIME HIGHS - rising sharply even as the dollar plunged against nearly ALL currencies...




Day (price)

Day (%)


Euro Gold





Rupee Gold






Of course, as you can imagine, the soon-to-be jeered, obsolete "DOW JONES PROPAGANDA AVERAGE" was not only not allowed to go down, but not even permitted a modicum of volatility following the catastrophic jobs report...


hui sept 7 2012  


...and MASSIVE guidance reduction from one of its components.  Frankly, the thought of discontinuing daily coverage of the Dow has crossed my mind, in the same manner that years ago I stopped watching the meaningless "dollar index."  Just as the ENTIRE WORLD is waking up to the fact that NFP employment data dramatically overstates the true U.S. employment situation, it will soon realize the manipulated Dow dramatically overstates the condition of the U.S. economy...


Intel Cuts Revenue Guidance For Q3, Withdraws Full Year Revenue, Gross Margin Guidance


Time for some well-deserved rest this weekend, as Precious Metals are finally breaking away from the Cartel.  Unfortunately, this victory will be pyrrhic; as America - and the ENTIRE WORLD -are on the verge of FINANCIAL ARMAGEDDON.  Consequently, I IMPLORE you to...




Call Miles Franklin at 800-822-8080, and talk to one of our brokers.  Through industry-leading customer service and competitive pricing, we aim to EARN your business.


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Miles Franklin seeks creative ways to partner with its clients to market Precious Metals to nationwide audiences.  If you are interested in sponsoring a Webinar presentation with Andy Schectman, President of Miles Franklin, and "Ranting Andy" Hoffman, Director of Marketing, please inquire via email to or, or via telephone at 800-822-8080.
weekendWeekend Thoughts

It's early Sunday morning, but I'm writing a substantial portion of Monday's morning commentary, as I'll be on an early flight tomorrow - to California, to join Miles Franklin's President -Andy Schectman - for several meetings.  Given the timing of my meetings - and flights - it is uncertain if I can publish a RANT Tuesday afternoon.  However, rest assured, I'll do everything in my power to do so.


As for this beautiful September weekend, there is MUCH to discuss -as the "eye of the storm" passes over the GLOBAL financial world - or, at the least, the Precious Metals markets.  This past year, those that simply held their PHYSICAL PM "savings" experienced nothing more irritation, while those holding "PAPER PM Investments" likely slept poorly, sold at inopportune times, and lost faith in the sector.  It appears the storm has passed over both segments, ready to become as much a tailwind as it was a headwind from the day of last September's "OPERATION PM ANNIHILATION" until the markets turned last month - on August 22nd to be exact. 


Not that I advocate "PAPER PM Investments" - as ultimately I expect them to be DESTROYED by an assortment of well-documented factors - but for the short-term, the worst seems to have passed.  That is, barring "black swan events" such as unexpected mine nationalizations; windfall profit, corporate, capital gains, or dividend taxes; catastrophic operational or financing shortfalls; or - entirely possible, ALL-OUT stock market crashes, resulting in the shuttering of stock exchanges and/or brokerages, yielding the possibility your funds will be re-hypothecated, frozen, or outright stolen.  In other words, I continue to staunchly advocate the vast majority of your PM holdings to be the form of REAL, PHYSICAL metals.


First up, I want to highlight new information released this weekend, that Chinese gold imports from Hong Kong were a whopping 75.8 tonnes in July, bringing the year-to-date total to an ASTONISHING 458.6 tonnes. 


Name The New Reserve Currency: China Imports More Gold In 2012 Than All ECB Holdings


Moreover, unofficial data depicts the rate of acquisition was essentially unchanged in August; thus, - per Zero Hedge - "it is now safe to say that in 2012 alone, China has imported more gold than the ECB's entire, official 502.1 tons of holdings."  Thus, for anyone "worried" the U.S. government will be able to materially dent PM prices during this, the world's strongest PHYSICAL PM buying season, as the ECB (and likely the Fed this week) announce "QE to Infinity" - think long and hard of how they are going to accomplish such a feat...


chinese gold imports 
Source: Zero Hedge 


...particularly after an ENTIRE YEAR of relentless, merciless, PAPER PM attacks produced NOTHING but MASSIVE - likely permanent - support levels, such as gold's GARGANTUAN "sextuple bottom" at roughly $1,550/oz...


gold sept 7 2012   


...silver's similar bottoming formation around $26.50/oz - going all the way back to "D-DAY," in November 2010...



...and, of course, the MASSIVE, year-long "pennant formations" in the WORLD'S MOST IMPORTANT MARKETS, Euro Gold and Rupee Gold...


gold fxe sept 7 2012   

...both, within 1% of breaching their ALL-TIME HIGHS, at which point two billion nervous Euro- and Rupee-holding citizens will likely - simultaneously - act to PROTECT their net worths from accelerating INFLATION...


gold icn   

Next up, I want to again highlight the interview GATA's Bill Murphy had with the amazing Lauren Lyster of Capital Account last week.  Capital Account is the most powerful multi-media force in "shadow world" journalism to emerge this year, joining other influential outlets like Zero Hedge, the Kaiser Report, King World News, and - not to toot my horn too loudly - the Ranting Andy articles on the Miles Franklin Blog.  Her show is virally spreading the message of TRUTH, and this interview with Bill Murphy may be her most important yet.  Bill, whose credibility is currently SKY-HIGH care of information he globally circulated in July...


EXCLUSIVE - Bill Murphy's London Source: "BIG, BIG Gold & Silver Moves Are Coming in August"


...put out the following, URGENT message this weekend, and I encourage ALL readers to take him up on his request...


Le Metropole Members,

I have been told the interview I did with Lauren Lyster on Capital Account for Russia Today has gone viral on the internet. The feedback I just received from one of the show's producers confirms what I have heard.  Please keep in mind that Russia Today has a subscribership of 200 million people around the world.  This is the time to seize the day! It won't be long now before JP Morgan's role in the manipulation of the price of silver is exposed. The price of silver is going to go ballistic.

The GATA request is to please send this Capital Account interview to investors everywhere and to the financial market press...


GATA's Bill Murphy on the JP Morgan Silver Shortage and the next Bullion Bank Run!


Next up, recall the below article, a "Special Guest RANT" by Miles Franklin's President - Andy Schectman - written six months ago.  In it, he described the market for pre-1933 U.S. gold numismatic coins, which at the time were trading at "the lowest premiums I have seen in my 22 years in the bullion business."  There are no guarantees that such coins would be exempt from future "confiscation decrees," but the fact remains that numismatics had such an exemption at the time. 


Typically, Miles Franklin vehemently discourages the purchase of numismatic coins - given they typically trade significantly above their intrinsic (i.e. melt) values.  However, premiums have again dropped so low that in many cases, you can purchase pre-1933 coins for essentially the SAME COST as newly minted Gold Eagles.  Thus, I encourage you to call Miles Franklin and ask your broker to fill you in on the specifics of investing in "pre-1933 numismatics."


Once-in-a-Generation Opportunity - Andy Schectman, President - Miles Franklin


This weekend, the internet is teeming with valuable charts, in each case proving the adage "a picture is worth a thousand words."  Whether PROVING why a gold standard WILL be reinstated (at vastly higher prices)...


public debt   

...on a WORLDWIDE basis...


chinese gold imports 
Source: Zero Hedge 


...DEMONSTRATING horrific long-term inflation trends..


gas prices 


...SHATTERING propaganda that Democrats - or Republicans - have created jobs...


employment population ratio   

...or HAMMERING HOME the weakness in global trade...




...such "pictures" depict a world falling deeper and deeper into recession, en route to the worst WORLDWIDE economic calamity in a century...


Case for U.S. and Global Recession - Right Here, Right Now


Only this time - unlike the 1930s - the economy cannot "bottom," due to the ongoing carnage of a GLOBAL FIAT CURRENCY STANDARD...


The Fed Is Expected to Launch QE3 Next Week ... Which Would Help the Rich and Hurt the Little Guy


...which no one "wants," but are irrespective, are GUARANTEED to "receive"...


Suddenly, Nobody In Europe Wants The ECB Bailout evil bankers and politicians desperately aim to maintain power...


Guest Post: Analyze This - The Fed Is Not Printing Enough Money!


...amidst a COLLAPSING global economy...


Are Chinese Banks Hiding "The Mother of All Debt Bombs"?


...expanding global CHAOS...


Five Years Since The Great Financial Crisis: "No Growth, No Deleveraging"


...exploding DEBT...


"It Is Really Disheartening That This White House Did Not Have A Plan B" - A Preview Of The Next Debt Ceiling Crisis


...and EPIC mismanagement...


Wells Fargo Mistakenly Cleans Out Retired Couple's Home Twice


...with INSANE fiscal "policy"...


Subprime Auto Nation


...and SUICIDAL taxation...


The Socialist Counter-revolution Begins: France's Richest Man Seeks Belgian Citizenship rise to an emerging, DANGEROUS world where only those that have PROTECTED themselves will survive - certainly financially, and possibly - mortally...


Guest Post: How "Crazy Survivalists" Make The World A Better Place


The "writing is on the wall," and shortly ALL will be able to read it - simultaneously.  Remember, there is only a finite amount of such "survival tools" - PHYSICAL Precious Metals included - so...




Call Miles Franklin at 800-822-8080, and talk to one of our brokers.  Through industry-leading customer service and competitive pricing, we aim to EARN your business.


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commentaryMonday Morning Commentary 9/10/2012

I'm on the plane to San Diego - stuck in a middle seat amidst turbulence - but "the RANT must go on!"  I worked hard all weekend to make it so, and will do my best to do the same tomorrow - although it could be quite difficult, given my meeting and travel schedule. 


Thursday night, I got emails from irritated readers that silver was down $0.75/oz via overnight Cartel attacks, and gave the same advice to the excited email I received last night when silver was up $0.20/oz - NOTHING MATTERS UNTIL LONDON OPENS!  And sure enough, silver ended up $1.00/oz Friday, and was down $0.25/oz as I boarded my plane this morning - hit first at the London "pre-market" open at EXACTLY 2:15 AM EST; and then, the New York "pre-market" open at EXACTLY 7:00 AM EST...   


spot gold   

In other words, the Cartel was terrified by Friday's action - particularly when, after a fourth straight higher Sunday opening (negating their typical "SUNDAY NIGHT SENTIMENT" strategy), gold surged to its new line in the sand at the ROUND NUMBER of $1,740/oz; and silver, to the ROUND NUMBER of $34.00/oz...


24 hour spot silver   


As was the case ALL weekend, ALL this morning's news was "horrible" - and MASSIVELY PM BULLISH.  However, the Cartel is determined to prevent "Gold Fever" from spreading, particularly with the WORLD'S MOST IMPORTANT MARKETS on the verge of 'blowing them out of the water'...


Gold In Euros Touches New Record High At EUR 1,360 Per Ounce


Per the chart below, I believe Euro Gold's ALL-TIME HIGH - at least on an intraday basis - is closer to €1,380/oz than €1,360/oz...


gold fxe sept 7 2012   

...but irrespective, Europeans are starting to significantly fear the HYPERINFLATION resulting from a fragmenting, or total dissolution, of the Euro...


Guest Post: As the Euro Tumbles, Spaniards Look to Gold


...a 100% inevitability, as one nation after the next COLLAPSES...


Will The Baltic Dry Bounce Off Satan's Bottom?


...particularly Greece...


Greek Industrial Production Slips 5.0% in July


...whose debts EVERYONE knows are unpayable...


Greece digs in for tough talks with lenders


...yielding overt admissions by leading European financial leaders...


Euro crisis to worsen, Greece could exit euro: Anders Borg - Swedish Finance Minister


...and imminent citizen revolt...


Greek Neo-Nazi Party Surges To Third In Polls, As Anti-Bailout Syriza Back On Top


...let alone, populations of the nations that must bail them out...


54% Of Germans Hope Krimson Kardinals Just Say "Nein" To ESM, As Greece Is Once Again On The Edge


...putting HEAVY pressure on the German Constitutional Court to vote Nien on Wednesday...


Are The Krimson Karlsruhe Knights About To Say Ni-en? the newest, guaranteed-to-fail MONEY PRINTING SCHEME...


Guest Post: The Japanese Writing On The Walls the data SCREAMS "don't do it"...


Europe's Most Parabolic Chart Resumes Climb As German TARGET2 Claims Rise To Just Shy Of $1 Trillion an exponentially accelerating pace each day ("Target 2 Claims" depict the rate PIIGS debt to Germany is growing)...




The expanding, terminal economic crisis is GLOBAL...


China Output Growth Slows as Leadership Handover Looms


...led by the "world's growth engine"...


Weak China trade data raises Beijing spending stakes


...but Europe is the current epicenter, where imploding economic activity...


Italy Q2 GDP revised down to -0.8% year-on-year on weak domestic demand catalyzing draconian, SUICIDAL government action...


France plots tax hikes of up to 20 bln euros


...which ultimately, will catalyze the END GAME...


Unprecedented Interventions Will Lead To Chaos & Destruction - Michael Pento matter how much MONEY PRINTING, MARKET MANIPULATION, and PROPAGANDA TPTB attempt...


NYSE Reports 50% Drop In August Stock Trading Volume


Regarding today's "markets," the "DOW JONES PROPAGANDA AVERAGE" was held to just a 20-25 point loss ALL MORNING, while European stocks were flat amidst unending hope �-  and possibly, some type of Euro-PPT support - despite the aforementioned slew of "horrible headlines."  However, as noted above, the Cartel is determined to quell last week's PM surge, doing EVERYTHING in its power to hold PAPER PMs down, as Gerald Celente described last night in his King World News interview...


Gerald Celente - Gold, Silver & A Major October Surprise


As you can see, they again went after gold at EXACTLY the COMEX open at 8:20 AM EST...

ny spot gold

...and silver as well, though both are still up dramatically in the past two weeks...


ny spot silver   


Buckle up for what could be an historical month - starting with this week's German Constitutional Court ruling re: the proposed ESM (European Stability Mechanism) and new Euro Zone Fiscal Pact; followed by an expected overt "QE3" announcement at Thursday's FOMC meeting, or whatever new acronym they choose to call it.


It won't be long before all hell breaks loose, so...




Call Miles Franklin at 800-822-8080, and talk to one of our brokers.  Through industry-leading customer service and competitive pricing, we aim to EARN your business.


labor force
Source: Zero Hedge 



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Physical Strategic Metals - Swiss Metals Assets 

Swiss Metal Assets, through its trading partner Schhweizerische Metallhandels Panama S.A (SMH), provides individuals and institutions alike with a safe, discreet, wealth preservation alternative, via ownership of strategic industrial metals.  


For years, Strategic Metals have been stockpiled by industrial concerns to hedge against rising prices.  Over the last decade, SMH has offered a similar opportunity to individuals and institutions alike, providing a means of hedging against currency devaluation.


By stockpiling strategic or industrial metals, an individual can convert fiat currency into an asset class that does not correlate highly with general financial market trends.  Strategic metals are used in 80% of typical consumer goods, and demand generally outweighs supply; in fact, National Geographic described them as "the secret ingredient in almost everything!"


Containing between three and six strategic metals, each basket is industry-focused.  The metals will be held in bonded vaults via the SMA Offshore Storage Program, in either Panama or Switzerland, in a 100% allocated manner.  Should you wish to convert or start a self-directed IRA, Strategic Metals can be a vital part of your long-term retirement strategy.


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Swiss Metals Assets

rantMust Own Junk Silver

This week, the inevitable HYPERINFLATION came closer to reality, as the ECB announced what appears to be an open-ended sovereign debt monetization scheme - lamely "euphemized" the MOT, or "Monetary Outright Transaction" program.  Likely, the Federal Reserve will announce its own, euphemized 'QE3' program at its September 13th meeting; once and for all, SHOUTING TO THE WORLD that "QE to Infinity" is GUARANTEED.


Once the Fed puts this "icing on the cake," I expect the WORLD'S MOST IMPORTANT MARKETS - Euro Gold and Rupee Gold - to race through their ALL-TIME HIGHS, followed shortly thereafter by "DOLLAR-PRICED GOLD" - perhaps by year-end.  As for silver, its ALL-TIME HIGH is closer to $800/oz - in inflation-adjusted dollars, six centuries ago.  My current "price target" for silver is $1,000-$4,000/oz - in today's dollars - so obviously I expect silver to surpass its ALL-TIME HIGH as well; albeit, not simultaneously with gold reaching its own record milestone.


However, as long-time readers know, I believe silver will shortly complete the "ULTIMATE QUADRUPLE TOP BREAKOUT," surging through $50/oz and commencing the mania stage of the PM bull market...


silver price   


When this occurs, I anticipate silver SUPPLY will rapidly deplete; as we saw in April 2011, when silver reached $50 - under normal market conditions...


Ranting Andy: Alert! Alert! APMEX (and Likely Nearly All Mints) Out of Silver - April 28, 2011


...when only GREED drove new purchases...


Ranting Andy: Alert! APMEX, Overwhelmed by Physical Buying, Ran Out of Silver Eagles! - May 9, 2011


Of course, silver SUPPLY can be drained equally fast during crisis conditions, as we saw in late 2008 - and to a lesser extent, late 2011 - when the more powerful emotion of FEAR ruled the day...


Understanding the Gold and Silver Bullion Business - Andy Schectman


...which is EXACTLY what I anticipate in the next 12 months, as the ENTIRE WORLD finally realizes PRINTING MONEY accomplishes NOTHING but economic catastrophe and HYPERINFLATION...


We Are Staring At Economic Destruction & Soaring Inflation - Michael Pento


When inflation fears rise, fear of fiat currencies like the dollar will grow exponentially - with less and less people wanting to hold them.  In last week's RANT - "PHYSICAL EVERYTHING" - I wrote of Italian and Greek businesses no longer taking credit cards, for fear of the underlying banks collapsing.  Well guess what, the same fear that Zimbabweans, Weimar Germans, and countless others have experienced is coming our way - likely SOONER rather than later...


20th Century Hyperinflations



Peak Inflation (%)



1 x 109



1.5 x 109






1 x 108



1 x 106



5 x 107



2.75 x 1018



1.5 x 1019



1 x 106



5 x 1013






4 x 1029






5 x 1010



1 x 106






1.8 x 106






5 x 106















1.3 x 1027



3 x 1011



1 x 1025


...and when it does, American vendors will no longer accept dollars.  Nor, for that matter, will European vendors accept Euros and Pounds, or Japanese vendors accept yen... 


The Day the Dollar Died - NIA


At that point - BEFORE a new gold standard is formalized - I expect more and more transactions to be carried out with REAL MONEY; i.e. PHYSICAL gold and silver.  Whether legal or "black market," it will be necessary to own goods and/or services utilizable in barter - and NOTHING conducts trade more universally than gold and silver coins.  Of course, practically speaking, gold coins are too valuable for small transactions - as it will be quite difficult to buy $30 worth of groceries with a one ounce coin worth $2,500/oz - or even a 1/10 ounce coin worth $250.  For that matter, even a once ounce silver coin will likely be worth at least $100, making it imperative to own low-denomination bullion, if available.


Luckily, it still is, in the form of "junk silver."  One of the worst misnomers ever, "junk silver" is among the most valuable assets you can own.  Essentially, it refers to pre-1965 U.S. dimes, quarters, and half-dollars - which at the time were produced with 90% silver content, and 10% copper to increase hardness.  A "1,000 face value" bag - weighing roughly 54 pounds - may contain 10,000 dimes, 4,000 quarters, 2,000 half-dollars, or a combination thereof - cumulatively weighing approximately 715 troy ounces.  Actually, most dealers - such as Miles Franklin - package them in half-bags weighing about 27 pounds; very manageable, and hideable, for ANY household. 


Given their small size, pre-1965 dimes are worth roughly $3 today, a far more manageable denomination for small transactions.  Moreover, as the coinage is ACTUAL U.S. CURRENCY, it is extremely recognizable, and highly unlikely to EVER be considered for confiscation.  Below, Jason Hommel gives an excellent description of the "junk silver" market...


90% US Silver Coin Bags, $1000 Face


As with other forms of bullion, premiums fluctuate with demand - and at times, such as Fall 2008 and Spring 2011 - supply RUNS OUT.  In recent years, we have seen premiums as low as ZERO, and as high as $4.00/oz - compared to today's premiums of roughly $1.25-$1.50/ounce.  Thus - particularly with the seeds of HYPERINFLATION very publicly being sown this month - today is the perfect time to "arm" yourself with the ultimate protection.


Finally, please note that Miles Franklin offers a unique guarantee when selling its clients junk silver.  By weighing every bag, we can see if some of the coins may have "slimmed" over time, reducing the overall weight to below the standard 715 troy ounces.  If, for instance, the bag weighs just 713 ounces, we will add extra coins to bring the total to 715 ounces.




Call Miles Franklin at 800-822-8080, and talk to one of our brokers.  Through industry-leading customer service and competitive pricing, we aim to EARN your business.




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mailboxRanting Andy's Mailbox



I DO love you, man.  Please chuckle, as I say this in reference to the funny movie titled the same...I don't even know you!


I do love your writing.  Thanks


I am getting my things in order and am going to be converting more of my Schwab monies to bank vaulted real money, per Miles Franklin..I've been onboard this train since 2002 per Richard Russell, James Dines, Marc Faber, and Puplava...


I thought I would bring something to your attention, which you may not have seen:


"Ride The Divide" is a documentary about mtn biking the Continental Divide from Banff Canada to Mexico.  Amazing stuff.  Grown men cry.

Bears.  Anybody who has ever done any endurance riding knows what these guys suffered through.


The silver rush seems to be on its way...I got up at 5:27...saw silver down 40 c.  sigh.  Last night my spidey sense thought, "those f-ers are going to report a horrible jobs number tomorrow.....why else would they be crashing silver like this?  It's a set up."  Even I was surprised at how bad the numbers were.  Seriously messed up stuff.  It must REALLY bad if the fiction they write can't begin to whitewash the truth.  Then again....maybe Obama knows he will be re-elected so heck, lets make an even lower number now so it is easy to beat later........


check it out...






I've heard about that crazy ride, which few people finish.  Looking forward to watching the video.


As for last night, the attack was certainly "signaling" something, and now we know what.


At this point, I'd say the election is 50/50 - which is probably why Obama MUST have his QE fix next week.  Last month, they fudged the numbers higher, and for all you know, they added some "secret negatives" - offsetting the countless "secret positives" - to ensure Bernanke's decision next week.  Which they certainly DID!


Regarding your upcoming trades, we look forward to working with you.  Please let us know if you have ANY questions.






Hi Andy,


I am a fan of what you write on SGT report. What a great web site. I have been following Max Keiser's, Mike Maloney's, and the Silver Doctor's sites for quite a while now. One of your articles the other day talked about getting out of debt and you commented on what Ann Barnhardt said. I have had several conversations with various people about the coming crash and often they say "good, when it happens I won't have to pay back my loans." As you know savers like us are being punished and borrowers get cheap rates.


Makes me wonder if the people that pay off mortgages, loans etc. are suckers and the people up to their neck in debt are going to be the winners.


Any opinion on this in an upcoming article would be appreciated.


Thanks for your time and your articles,






I have more than an opinion, starting with Tuesday's RANT, "DEBT AND HYPERINFLATION," followed by commentary in today's RANT...


Before I get to today's markets, I want to discuss two disparate topics.  The first, an email from a reader in response to Tuesday's RANT, "DEBT AND HYPERINFLATION."  In it, I discussed the factors that could potentially help AND harm holders of mortgage debt during a hyperinflation.  Most believe the only possible outcome is to have one's debt inflated away, but I opined otherwise - at least under certain circumstances.  Sure enough, Reader "Tom" supplied some archaic historical data, sure to make people think twice about piling on debt, hoping for a "hyperinflationary reprieve"...


"One of your readers, Brian I believe, made the point yesterday that he suspects TPTB will find a way to prevent homeowners from being able to pay-off mortgages for a few ounces of silver in the event of a hyperinflation.  The German government's response towards the end of the Weimar hyperinflation supports his conclusion.  In 1924, the German government decreed the Third Taxation Ordinance whereby mortgages, among other things, were revalued at 15% of their original gold price.  Since this didn't help the creditors whose mortgages had already been paid-off, the German government in 1925 passed a another law providing that extinct mortgages were to be reinstated at 25% of their original gold price.  Like love, TPTB conquer all.  For anyone interested in the subject, Adam Fergusson's book "When Money Dies, The Nightmare of Deficit Spending, Devaluation, and Hyperinflation in Weimar Germany" is a fascinating window into the Weimar era."


Hope this helps,







Subject: Another day, another bank glitch: ANZ customers offline


More bank glitches for you!






And MANY more to come.


Talk about a blaring SIREN of warning.






Hi Andy,


Are you advising that everyone should be liquidating all stocks, real estate, roth ira's etc??


Are you suggesting that we should be going all physical after liquidation? Considering that I paid taxes up front on my Roth, this is a difficult idea to contemplate.  What are other alternatives for diversification other than physical metals?


I have invested in Central Fund of Canada as well as PHYS and PSLV. Do you consider these as safe or are you recommending only physical? I was confused about the discussion of real estate mortgages, I must have missed the earlier discussion.


All help is much appreciated. I cannot get my parents to contemplate any changes to their portfolios of stocks.  I am seriously worried.


Thank you very much,






This is EXACTLY what I am saying, and have done so vehemently for the past year, such as in RETIREMENT PLAN "CONFISCATION" and "OUT, OUT DAMN IRA"!  In my view, there is ZERO benefit of holding a Roth IRA - compared to liquidating it, getting it OUT of the system, and converting its holdings to REAL MONEY.


As for CEF, PHYS, and PSLV, I have ZERO concerns about the funds' integrity, as they are run by good people.  However, they still are PAPER assets, subject to countless risks not involved in PHYSICAL PMs.


I don't just recommend these things, but "walk the walk" as well.


Finally, you can only do so much to convince those you love.  Nearly every reader on this blog has unsuccessfully tried to convince friends and family of how to PROTECT themselves.  That's all you can do.






Dear Mr. Hoffman,

I have enjoyed and benefited from your commentary on Lemetropole cafe and at Miles Franklin.

The need for off shore/international storage in a non-bank storage location has been of increasing concern to me lately. The Miles Franklin website has a section discussing storage in Canada. At the same time,  I recall seeing in some blogs a few months ago that storage in Switzerland and Hong Kong/Singapore via BFI and Via Mat will be available through your company this Sept.- is this still the case? And if not, will these locations be offered as options at all in the very near future?

If there is any printed material/brochure discussing your storage program in more detail than on the website, please e-mail or mail me this information. Thank you.





Thanks for the kind words.


Regarding the Swiss/Hong Kong Storage program with BFI - via Via Mat - they are in fact available, starting a few months back. 


The vehicle is BFI's subsidiary Global Gold, which can be read about at


If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them at your convenience.






Hi Andy,


Well - Are you the best of the PM soothsayers, or what!


By reading your blog since Jan this year I have become a convert to your philosophy and have been working a financial plan built around your sound advice. I had been in CDs that earned enough to preserve our wealth, but it goes without saying that now the "CD" plan has become worthless.  I started purchasing PM (from MF, of course) in August as the CDs matured and now have 2/3 of our funds in PM bought at $1594 & $1616. The program was to continue to buy the insurance of PM with the balance of our CDs this month - September. These funds finally hit our checking account this week, just in time for the start of what appears, to the ultra-conservative me, as a market in a "frenzy". In my world, "frenzy", always means wait and let the dust settle before making a decision. Then today, I receive this advice from you, my trusted advisor:


"Remember, depleted PHYSICAL PM SUPPLIES will likely catalyze the END GAME of the GLOBAL FINANCIAL SYSTEM.  Thus, when they run out - which could happen rapidly and dramatically, SOON - either you will have PROTECTED yourself, or be TRAPPED in collapsing fiat PAPER." 


As I stated above, I planned to wait awhile before jumping in with my final buy, but your statement in today's blog is very straight forward, blunt and scary.


You also advise to purchase "vigilantly".  What does "vigilantly" really mean in light of the urgency of action you 



I am in need of your sage advice concerning this matter.






Always a pleasure to hear someone "vigilantly" researching how to PROTECT themselves - and ACTING on their conclusions!


Frankly, one could easily have substituted "vigilantly" with "NOW", "ASAP", or "URGENTLY," if you get my drift.


Thanks for the kind words,








Thanks for the reply, but there are other questions in there - Gold & Silver shot up $34.20 & $.98 on Friday, the very day I was to make my final purchase and, following your plan, be totally out of the bank. Due to this big increase, my cost would have gone up > $4,000 over the average gold & silver spot for the previous several days and this increase happened in only one (1) day. One (1) day - thus my view as a buying "frenzy".


So, my other questions are:


1.  Do you believe this increase is permanent or an anomaly.  I planned to wait a few days to find out the answer, but your statement that PM supplies could run out - SOON - is scary and gave me an entirely new time line to consider.  If supplies do disappear rapidly, that will most assuredly cause prices to spike, making the additional $4K insignificant.  


2. Are you insisting that time and product are so short that I should take the $4k hit and buy on Monday morning?






There is no way of knowing when the "Big One" will hit, taking PMs to the stratosphere, never to return.  It WILL happen, it's only a matter of time. 


Care of the Cartel's attacks, we have been conditioned over the past 12 years to believe "they always win"; that is, they will always be able to simply short more PAPER PMs, and knock the PAPER prices back down.  Sure that could happen, but given the rock solid technicals, fundamentals, and seasonals - let alone, what the PMs have taken during this past year of "suppression hell" already, it is difficult to believe they can do significant damage in the near-term.


Remember, securing SUPPLY should be your top priority, as it always has been mine.  Whenever I've had funds - whether "DOLLAR-PRICED GOLD" has just surged or plummeted - I've bought more, and if I wasn't 100% invested already, I'd be buying more Monday morning.  Or better put, trading my dying scrip for appreciating REAL MONEY.


Again, I believe the current equilibrium prices for gold and silver are $15,000-$20,000/oz and $1,000-$4,000/oz, respectively - numbers that go up with each dollar printed.  Thus, do not worry about "price," but OUNCES!  Supplies are not "short" this minute in time, but if gold runs past $1,800/oz (which it could conceivably do in a week) - and thus, within shouting distance of its ALL-TIME HIGH - let alone, as Euro Gold and Rupee Gold simultaneously surge through their ALL-TIME HIGHS (both within 1% as we speak), a massive PHYSICAL buying frenzy can potentially commence.


The key is to buy when supply is still there, as it can go very quick - as it did in late 2008, Spring 2011, and Fall 2011.  I don't know what will happen next month, but I do know supply will one day - perhaps SOON - dry up.






Dear Andy,

Subject: What if you were not constrained to keep 5% in Schwab?


What changes would you make to your cash position / Schwab accounts if your wife began to genuinely fear for the safety of those funds and yielded that small % to your judgment, assuming you do not need more physical prepping (food, water, guns, ammo, generators, etc)? Would you devote yet more to PMs?  Would you pull FRNs out of Schwab to hold outside the system for increased flexibility?  How would you move toward becoming yet more unbanked and unbrokeraged?  Prepaid debit cards?  How would you pay bills, get cash, and deposit checks -- out of a smaller Schwab account? Your answer could benefit a number of your readership.


Thanks for your commitment to enlightening and protecting the teachable among us.






Aside from my house, I hold 95% of my assets in PHYSICAL PMs, and 5% in cash in a Schwab cash (non-marginable) brokerage account - from which I simply transfer enough to a Schwab checking account to pay my bills.


As you say, the reason I hold that much at Schwab is because my wife feels more comfortable that way - lest, I would likely be holding 98% in PMs and just 2% at Schwab.







Subject: Are Chinese Banks Hiding "The Mother of All Debt Bombs"? | The Diplomat


This is what we've been talking about.






Thanks much, I hadn't seen this article.


Yes, payback is coming for China's centrally-planned strategy - then again, what economy is NOT centrally-planned these days?


At least they have the world's manufacturing base, and GOLD.


Thus, when FINANCIAL ARMAGEDDON finally passes, they will be the world's top superpower.







Hello andy,


I apologize for sending this.  But,  i recall you have some interest in  "911 truth."       these are some more recent videos,  and are very good!  This  info  apparently has the support of  some 1500 scientists,  engineers,  and architects.       There is a fair amount of  "hype"  here, as they are trying to raise money for pbs.  So just delete if you have seen these.  Lastly, your blogs and info have been even more spectacular than before!  Thanks to your suggestions,   i just sold all my precious metals  "paper!"




Roger (I'm also surprised PBS produced this "anti-government"  info.)

New 9/11 truth documentary among 'most watched' on PBS this week

Posted Sep 3, 2012 by Victoria N. Alexander

"9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out" is getting public attention and casting doubt on the scientific validity of the U.S. government's investigation into the WTC tragedy. PBS is the first major network to air the program.


Just days away from the 11th anniversary of the World Trade Center tragedy and months away from the U.S. presidential election, a game-changing 9/11 documentary is ranking number three among "most watched" documentaries on PBS and number one among "most shared." Available for free online August 18th - September 4th, the documentary could have a significant effect on public opinion. [Update: PBS has extended viewing indefinitely.]




Thanks for the compliments, they are much appreciated.


Actually, I attended the Denver premier of this film - hosted by Richard Gage personally - in June; actually, it was the night the Mets got their first-ever no-hitter.


It is another fine film, and I wrote about it in the following day's RANT.


I am happy to re-post it in my Mailbox.








Great article...


Where Do We Go From Here?

By Chuck Baldwin

September 6, 2012






Thanks, great article - from which I quoted Chuck in my "QUOTES OF THE DAY."






Dear David (and Andy),


Subject: Lesser of Two Evils


In the Friday, Sept. 7 newsletter you stated; "I will vote Republican - another in a long line of elections where I vote for "the lesser of two evils."

Similarly, Ranting Andy stated in his Mon, Aug. 27 newsletter; "I don't know who I'll vote for November 6th, but I ASSURE you it will be based solely on my search for the "lesser of two evils." 

I assume that the two evils mentioned are the candidates of the major political parties. 

The problem with this, is that you will still be voting for an evil.  I'm not even sure when I stopped subscribing to this mindset myself, but I find that I sleep easier since I did stop(a similar effect to when I got completely out of the market and into PMs).  I suppose that I can say with a little bit of pride that I have never voted for a successful Presidential candidate, and I have voted in every election since I turned 21(that was the age back then).

Get it out of your head that you only have two choices.

Ralph Nader once said: "If you don't vote for what you want, you're never going to get it."  Like him/hate him(I have a few issues myself), he is right.  And it is difficult to argue with Ralph's dedication, record of public service, intelligence and heart.

I have had it put to me that not voting for one of the parties sure to get into office is throwing away my vote.  Not so.  Voting for a heartless puppet is throwing away your vote. 

Sometimes, alone in the voting booth with the pressure of a line behind you, it is quite difficult to figure out how to enter a 'write-in' vote.  But, often that seems to be the only real option to voting for people that I would not trust to pick up my garbage.  It is worth the extra time and effort.  And, it gets easier with practice.

Last time around, I wrote in Ron Paul.  I have yet to do my due diligence and research for this year's election, but I may do it again. 

Rest assured, I will vote for somebody that I trust and has a big heart.

I could see myself casting a vote for David Schectman.  He's smart and has heart.  We could do worse.

Andy?  Not yet.  I think that he needs a more little seasoning.  But, witnessing a RANT delivered from behind the podium in the Rose Garden would have a certain appeal.

Regards, thanks, and keep up the good fight,





Your position is passionate, and well-thought out.  However, I find it a bit utopian, and unrealistic.


The reason I have built my following - and thus far, navigated the minefield that is the RIGGED financial system - is because I am a 100% pragmatist.  And having known David for just over a year, I can comfortably say the same for him.


Thus, the philosophical concept of whether my vote is "wasted" or not, is meaningless to me.  What matters is how to PROTECT myself, as there is a 0.0% chance that ANYONE other than Obama or Romney will be President.  That is why I must realistically choose between the two, and why choosing neither is as destructive as choosing between them.  Not that the nation will be any better off with either, but the fact is, it is easy to imagine it being "worse off" with one rather than the other.  David clearly believes Romney is the lesser of the two evils, but I have not yet decided.  And the fact that I haven't yet made this choice tells you just how bad the choice is.


As for my voting life, only twice in the six elections I have participated in - this will be number seven - has a third party been a meaningful factor; Ross Perot, who garnered 19% of the vote in 1992 (I voted for him) and 8% in 1996.  Before that, the only other material third party candidate in my lifetime was John Anderson in 1980, who received just 7% of the vote.  Perot, who I voted for the first time - when he actually had a chance to win - was not a real factor the second time, which is why I passed him up in 1996.  In our lifetimes, we will NEVER again see a serious third-party candidate, as inflation has made it too expensive to run.  Even Ron Paul - who has publicly stated he is not really a Republican - would only run as one, as it was the ONLY way to raise funds.


As for my voting history, the candidate I voted for has won three of the six elections I participated in; although honestly, my record should be 2-4 - not 3-3 - because Gore had the 2000 election stolen from him (I voted for Bush).  There is simply no way of knowing what a newcomer to the scene will do - such as Bush in 2000 and Obama in 2008, both of whom turned out to be monsters - but in my mind, it is difficult to vote for who I already believe to be a monster.   That is why I voted against Dole in 1996 and McCain in 2008, and why it would be extremely difficult for me to vote for Romney in 2012.


Frankly, I cannot remember an election in my lifetime where I hated both candidates so much; which again, should tell you just how dire America's situation has become.


And finally, I take exception to the "seasoned" comment, as I already know as much as I'll ever need to know about what's wrong with this nation.  I may be just 42 (actually, in two weeks), but 9% of presidents have taken office in their 40s, including Obama.  BTW, the youngest were Teddy Roosevelt (42) and JFK (43).   And no offense to David - who just celebrated the big 7-0 - but 0% have assumed office in their 70s.  Which, BTW, makes the concept of a 77-year old Ron Paul running for President during the most stressful time in U.S. history - tied with the Depression and World War II - seem quite ludicrous, irrespective of advanced medical technology.








Utopian?  Nah.  Not until the human race evolves a bit and that will take time.  I do, however, still cling to some of my youthful idealism.  It comes in handy when the choice between two candidates is choice between who is the better looking and the better lier.  The choice that we are being presented with is unrealistic.  Screw em.

Online Free Dictionary defines seasoned as: "To render competent through trial and experience".  Time is necessarily a component of this, age is not.

My issue with Andy Hoffman's current qualifications for the Presidency has nothing to do with the man's heart or experience or knowledge.  It has to do with the perceived makeup of his personality.  Bear in mind, that it is easier to disqualify than to qualify, and that I only know you through your own writing, not through the writing of others who know you or of news reports.  I am not comfortable making a decision as important as this depending solely on a one sided view. 

Referring to yourself, you frequently use the the words 'angry' and 'hate'.  I have no idea to what extent these negative emotions are a part of your life(that is my issue-a lack of knowledge).  'Seasoning' is what led me out of my personal problem with anger.  It took about half a decade to get to where I was comfortably in control of this emotion once I realized it was controlling me, but it still affects me from time to time.  I am not a real fast thinker, and when getting into a disagreement or argument, I will sometimes find myself getting hot.  That is when decide play the game by my rules, and go for a walk.  I'm pretty sure that this is not an option that one can always exercise when living in the White House. 

I am not comparing you(or me!) to this by any means, but an extreme and frightening example is John McCain's temper, when he pushed down Jessie Helms at the age of 92.  While I am sure that Mr. Helms is having a lovely time in whatever circle of Hell he was consigned to, that is just plain wrong.  Not unless the 92 year old in question is coming at you with a knife.  He almost became President.

And, as President, one has to consider the example one sets for the next generation.  The kids in the schools(at least when I was there) are taught to look up to, respect and emulate the President.  Something that the last several men in office seem to have forgotten.  It is not all about solving the problems, one has to set an example.

regards and peace





I'm sorry that you have self-described anger issues, but I do not.  And if you think writing in votes for candidates not running is not utopian, that's great - but entirely impractical. 


Irrespective, I am too busy PROTECTING people to spend my time being insulted by readers about topics I have no interest in.  I wouldn't want to be President in a thousand years; but if I was, I assure you I'd be a better one than the last ten combined. 


And I really hope you don't believe Paul Ryan - the same age as I - is "seasoned" enough for the job.


This is my last response to this topic.








I am sick of people saying Ron Paul wants to return to a gold standard, he never said that ever. He says gold and silver is money and the constitution says gold and silver is money and we should be able to use it as such along side fed notes. He advocates competition in currency. SHEESH






You are correct, his official view is one should be able to use whatever currency one wants.  That said, he has often highlighted the success of the previous gold standard, and I'm sure would support one done the right way - NOT another government controlled, manipulated version.







Subject: Students say they are forced to work on new iPhone 5 -- Shanghai Daily


Sounds like America.






Working for Apple is far more useful than attending college for 99% of American teenagers - even as the janitor.








As a customer of your firm and avid reader of the daily blog I was concerned about your form of Swiss storage after listening to the Jim Willie interview below.  How is your form of Swiss storage different than the stolen or encumbered form of allocated Swiss storage Mr. Willie's source talks about?






I am not sure EXACTLY what Jim Willie is referring to - or if he even has anything specific in mind.  Frankly, I don't think he does, but is simply highlighting the VERY REAL concept of supposedly "segregated" PMs being stolen, encumbered, or double-counted.  I cannot definitively vouch for our Swiss program, as I have not viewed the facilities personally.  However, I do know it is managed by BFI - whom Miles Franklin has partnered with and thinks the world of - and operated by Via Mat, one of the most respected storage companies in the world.  Irrespective, there is ALWAYS an inkling of doubt when someone else is handling your property, particularly someone you don't know, located overseas.


This is why my only true, heartfelt recommendation in the storage space is our International Precious Metal Storage Program in Montreal.  Not only is it geographically close to both our headquarters in Minneapolis and the U.S. border, but WE created the program, and are very close with all its principals - to the point of being friends with the administrators and security officers.  I have visited the facility personally - as described in my RANT, "CANADIAN BULLION STORAGE - THE SOUND OF SMART" - and spent time with all parties involved.  Moreover, Andy Schectman - Miles Franklin's President - and Joel Kravitz - the creator of the Brink's program - fly to Montreal each quarter to personally audit client holdings, pallet by pallet.  When there, you can see the monster boxes with name tags of the individual clients, on segregated pallets within impenetrable vaults, managed by dedicated, loyal, and TOUGH people with BIG GUNS.


Again, storage is not for everyone.  However, for those that it makes sense for, one must reduce the risk of account theft as best as one can.  And for me personally, ONLY our Brink's facility in Montreal gives me that 100% sense of security.








Looks like Bill has info that JP Morgan is going to take it in their SHORTS !!! I believe he had a meeting with Bart Chilton last week !!!! Don't know what came of it....but he knows something IS coming !!!!!!! Time to spread the word and kill the Beast !! 

Le Metropole Members,

I have been told the interview I did with Lauren Lyster
on Capital Account for Russia Today has gone viral on the
internet. The feedback I just received from one of the
show's producers confirms what I have heard.

Please keep in mind that Russia Today has a subscribership
of 200 million people around the world.

This is the time to seize the day! It won't be long now
before JP Morgan's role in the manipulation of the price of silver is exposed. The price of silver is going to go

The GATA request is to please send this Capital Account
interview to investors everywhere and to the financial
market press...


Hi Bill,
The show has certainly taken off! It has more than double
the views of the other shows this week-- people really love
to hear about GATA and the work you're doing!!
I hope your trip went well, and I look forward to your
next visit to DC!





Thanks, I'll be highlighting Bill's request in my next RANT.


But don't hold your breath re: the CFTC.  I'd place the odds of the government destroying its own operation at close to ZERO.








A Buyer of physical Silver wants only to protect his life savings. By putting his life savings into physical Silver he hopes to reduce his exposure to risk by getting his savings out of the Financial System which he perceives to be unstable and unsafe. The Buyer of physical Silver entered into a transaction as a Buyer with a Broker of Silver and made full payment to the Broker for the Broker to acquire physical Silver for delivery to the Buyer. The Buyer did not give the Broker permission to use the Silver as collateral for a loan to benefit the Broker. However, the Buyer fears this is what the Broker did, since the Broker refuses to deliver the silver to the Buyer and refuses to transfer title of ownership of the Silver from the Broker to the Buyer, as required by law to complete the purchase transaction. The purchase transaction is not complete until the title of ownership has been transferred to the Buyer, and the physical Silver delivered to the Buyer.


The Broker is obligated by law to transfer title of ownership to the Buyer, and deliver the physical Silver to the Buyer since these are the terms of purchase. The Broker appears to have taken advantage of the fact that as an intermediary in the process of the transaction, he temporarily had legal title, and while he held title he used the Silver as collateral for a loan for his own benefit. The Buyer is not even aware that his Silver is at risk of being seized by the Creditor of the loan taken out by the Broker for the financial benefit of the Broker, who is only a temporary intermediary in the purchase transaction. If the Broker fails to repay said loan, then the Creditor of this loan can legally seize the Silver. The Buyer looses his Silver which represents his entire life savings, and he did not even know his silver was at risk. Once again the only reason the Buyer purchased the Silver is to reduce his exposure to risk and protect his wealth by getting his wealth outside of the Financial System which he feels is extremely risky and unsafe. The Broker refuses to complete the sales transaction. The Broker refuses to deliver the Silver and transfer title. The Broker is legally obligated to transfer title and deliver the Silver to complete the terms of the purchase agreement.






This is a perfect description of the PAPER fraud that has destroyed PM markets for a decade, but will soon IMPLODE on itself.








How do I gain custody of my Silver? The Custodian refuses to release it to me since the title is not in my name. Title is in the name of my Broker and he refuses to release the Silver I paid for into my custody.  The Custodian also said the Broker requested 30kg of this be released into custody of Broker. Broker told me he intends to sell the 30kg to another Buyer. My Silver!


How to I stop this madness? I am in Manila, Philippines. My Attorney has no clue of the crimes being committed here. I need an Attorney in Manila that knows how to get me my Life Savings in Silver back from these criminals.






I am sorry, but I don't know how to help you in the Phillipines.


Best of luck.






Hi Andy,


I regularly read them at the MF-blog.


I'm just back from a 7wk holiday in Spain, and that country is just FUBAR. Unbelievable.






I can't even imagine what Spain will look like a year from now.


Very sad.






Hi Andy,

Subject: Theory On Fed Printing this week?


Over time I have abandoned all other newsletters in favor of just reading Ranting Andy and David Schectman.  You guys are the best!  Tell me what you think of the following theory?  The Fed is supposed to announce on September 13th. whether or not they will print.  I believe that if gold and silver trade sideways between now and Sept. 13th,  then the Fed will NOT print and then on Sept. 13 the Cartel with trash the price of gold and silver after their announcement.  But, between now and Sept. 13th., if the price of gold and silver experience waterfall declines, I believe the Fed will announce they are printing.  As you say Andy, they have to trash the price so the increases have to start from a lower baseline.  Once again, thank you for all you do.






Honestly, you are overanalyzing.  Gold soared through the ECB announcement and NFP number, all as Obama accepted the nomination.


I assure you, they aren't as calculated as you think.


If the Fed doesn't announce OVERT QE3 on Thursday, markets will crash.  Gold and silver prices are going to do fine, in the fourth quarter, regardless of what happens Thursday.


DO NOT try to "time the Cartel," as you will lose either way.


Acquire OUNCES, and sleep well.






Hi Andy,

Subject: Gold / Oil Ratio

Since your US Dollar price projections are around $10,000/ ounce gold and $1500-$4000/ ounce silver in TODAY's dollars,  and since the long term gold/oil ratio averages between 15-20 barrels of oil for an ounce of gold, do you see $500-$700/barrel oil also occurring at the same time?  Or do you see more of a disconnect during a hyperinflation?   Thanks.





Fantastic question, particularly as I was an oil analyst for ten years.


However, I can't really answer it, as there are too many variables.  First, you have demand changes; second, the end of "peak cheap oil"; three, GLOBAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE; four, the end of the Petrodollar; and five, the collapse of fiat currencies, and re-installation of gold as MONEY.


I would not "bet" on oil, but I can assure you the long-term trend is higher, per below.


  gas prices




Hello Andy,


Subject: Confiscation???


I discovered this today on RT.


What are your thoughts? Is this an actual confiscation because of Roosevelt's decree????






No, although it is very petty - and quite consistent how the government does anything.


Of course, the moral of the story is thus...DO NOT present coins to a government agency, of ANY type!





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