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The Irregular and Irreverent Bulletin from Rapido Trains Inc.  •  Volume 30

Dear Rapido Customer,

Greetings from on board a Cathay Pacific Boeing 777 from Hong Kong to Toronto! Sorry it's been so long since Bill or I sent out a newsletter. We've honestly just been too darn busy. Pour yourself a Lagavulin Double-Matured Single Malt, sit down and get comfortable as this is probably our longest newsletter ever - it's more of a magazine, really. Lagavulin has not paid me to suggest their Scotch, but if they want to send me a free bottle I'm all for it!

People often use the expression "I've been working day and night," but Bill and I experienced this first hand while in China (for a week longer than anticipated), culminating in a 20-hour session assembling FP9A samples until 5 a.m. the night before our departure. We've been doing all we can to move our various new projects forward and to get ready for my upcoming Cross-Canada Tour featuring our first samples of The Canadian (more on that below).

At the factory

Jason's desk at the factory

In this issue of the Telegraph:

(If news about The Canadian, F-units, and Budd stainless cars in general is not your thing, or you think Canada is where penguins live, skip down to #4 - the first three sections of the newsletter are really long!)

Rapido's Factory

Pad printing tests on the Canadian baggage car

From Left: Bill, Jason, Dennis, Lei (雷 seated) and Wan (万)

Factory update

It feels like Bill and I have spent the last three weeks running all over southern China! The flight to China was fairly awful. First my computer got fried by a flying cup of tea and then the middle-aged couple behind me kept yelling at me for standing up - "WHY YOU SHOW NO RESPECT?" "WHY YOU SO RUDE STANDING UP ALL THE TIME???" But since then things have improved. Maybe. A bit.

Like most businesses, running a model train company is about solving problems and putting out fires. For the better part of the last three weeks we were convinced that we would be coming back to North America with nothing but good memories and some Xi Yang Yang (喜羊羊与灰太狼) action figures. To give you an idea of the headaches: the CP FP9 tool (right side of the body) got damaged by a rogue CNC machine with attitude and had to be recut in the space of four days after taking two months to cut originally; the printing machine that does the maroon stripes on The Canadian took one look at the tall ridge below the passenger car letterboards and said "sorry, dude - there is no way I'm going near that"; the CP FP9 nose flat out told us "Use the CN nose for now. I'm not decent!" and the roof of the Skyline car basically exploded when it was being polished. Well that's how it looked to us, anyway. These issues have, for the most part, been corrected, but we didn't even get CP FP9A body shells until four days before departure, and they needed to be painted, printed and assembled in that time.

Mold Adjustments

Bill, Jason and Mr. He (何先生) go over some polishing issues on the Canadian moulds

Colin needs to get a flash for his camera!

These are the headaches that all model train manufacturers deal with. Luckily I speak Mandarin so we could communicate better with our subcontractors. The only problem with that plan is that my Mandarin is terrible. When I was approached by a pretty girl at a bar I tried to tell her I was married and instead I told her I was looking for a wife. 要 and 有 - gotta stop getting those two words confused.... We're working on that. Bill resorted to grunts and drawings to communicate with Wan and Lei on the pad printing machine. It seemed to work...

The Canadian on Tour

Zhang (张), Bill and Jason in a sea of injection machines (well, two),
getting the colours just right for the Solex window samples

The focus of our trip was to ensure that we have early samples for The Canadian On Tour (more on that below), to ensure that everyone is on the same page about the FP9A locomotive and what details need to go with what loco number for production, and to go over all of our other various projects, both for Rapido and for our OEM clients. Some neat developments while we were there:
  • We have found a solution for recreating the feeling of Solex green-tinted glass in HO scale. The green glass used on models on the market today is way too dark. The solution is pretty awesome, though of course it will remain a closely guarded secret. The Canadian will have green-tinted Solex glass. The Super Continental Line will stick with clear glass for now for consistency.

Solex Green Windows on Diner

Solex green windows on Diner Louise

  • We have found a speaker for the FP9A which is rich in sound with a full range of frequencies at low volume, but it can rock the house down if it wants to. The Chinese equivalent of eBay solved that one...
  • We have found an ideal plating solution for The Canadian that looks just like real stainless steel. Right now, we actually have two solutions - a plating paint and full plating, both of which look amazing. We're using the plating paint for the samples but the humidity is wreaking havoc on the finish, so we will probably go with full plating for production.
So this trip has not been all headaches. Before going any further I have to commend our engineering team in China. I never knew just what is involved in making decorated samples. The factory is set up for mass production, so making onesies and twosies is an enormous amount of work. For instance, it takes anywhere from 30 minutes to over two hours to set up a pad printing machine to do one "hit" of printing on a model. When you are doing 500 or 1000 models, that time is nothing. But when you are making seven different cars in a week and each car has over 20 pad printing positions and each of the five locomotives you are doing has over 40 pad printing positions, you can imagine how many long, long nights are involved.

Pad printing

Printing stripes on a Park Car

The stripe around the bullet end requires about 8 hits with the machine,
and they can't overlap at all. Each hit needs the exact angle and position
of the body adjusted with hex bolts, a time-consuming process.

Ever wonder why production takes so long for small manufacturers like us? Painting masks take four days to make. For compound curves like the FP9 nose, you can easily tweak your mask designs 10 or 12 times. That's almost two months. Our first attempts at doing the CN schemes for the FP9A didn't work and the mask still needed to be adjusted, but we were out of time. So I had to hand-mask five VIA shells. The masking and painting process took 14 hours in one day, whereas if we had paint masks it would have taken about 10 minutes and looked much better - I take full responsibility for any smudges on the shells! I've never masked and painted five locomotives from start to finish in one day before, because until now I was sane...

Masking shells

Masking the VIA FP9 shells for samples

On our last night in China one of the engineers, Lai, and I pulled an all-nighter and we got the samples done. I spent between 8 p.m. and 5 a.m. installing little bits in FP9A models. You don't really understand the concept of a model having over 200 parts until it is your job to install THEM ALL. I gave up when I couldn't see straight and Lai took over. He is amazing. Here is a photo I took around midnight because John at Railroad Model Craftsman was bugging me for an ad. The background is three sheets of white paper taped together! I think you'll agree that things are looking pretty good...

Canadian Pacific F9B

Canadian Pacific F9B pre-production sample
Check out the neat grills and the little skirts beside the end steps!

This model is only available with The Canadian.

Before heading to China, Dennis sent us two plating samples to compare with the real thing. Dan and I did a very scientific comparison at a local train yard...

At the yard

Bob and Doug McKenzie Dan and Jason at a local rail yard

"Accurate" Stainless Steel?

Matching colours on 1/87th models to the real thing is hard enough. Matching metal finish is even harder. To make things more complicated, have a look at the three Budd stainless cars in the photo below. Coach 8132 on the left was built in 1946 as coach #2913 for the New York Central. Coach 4116 on the right was built in 1950 as coach #2362 for the Southern Pacific. The car in the middle is Sherwood Manor, built in 1955 for The Canadian. As you can see, the stainless steel has a very different patina on each of the three cars, with the CP car standing out as very different.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel: Which one is correct?

Careful study of The Canadian's equipment in the yards and stations over the past few years (since we started this project) suggests that all of the cars for The Canadian are much cooler in tone than the ex-US cars on VIA's roster. So we've tried our best to match this colour. Our methodology was extremely scientific:

Matching the finish of stainless steel

Scientific matching of stainless steel colours

Hmmm... both wrong.

Using some very expensive machinery and equipment, Dan and I checked a couple of samples against the real thing in early May. We should have been male hand models. Or not.

Matching the finish of stainless steel

Oooh! Baggage Car stainless steel!

Hmmmph. Still wrong.

It's hard to tell from the photos, but despite what your eyes may tell you, both metal finishes that we tried were wrong. Luckily, in our local rail yard there also happens to be a local maintenance centre. Se we had the unique opportunity of checking our samples against the real thing INDOORS. As your layout is most likely indoors as well, this is an ideal situation.

Matching the finish of stainless steel

Checking our sample indoors against the real thing.

Yep. Still wrong.

In China, we could tweak the colours and make them warmer or cooler. Dan and I agreed that the samples were both too warm, so while in China Bill and I have made the metal finish cooler. Dan and I also felt that the lighter colour in the sample had the right sheen to it, but it was the wrong colour. So Dennis, Bill, Other Huang (其他黄) and I devised a method to get the colour we wanted with the correct sheen. It involves several coats in varying temperature conditions and is generally accepted to be a royal pain in the keester to do. But have a look below. These look amazing.

Manor Sleeper shells in progress

Manor sleeper shells in the tampo room

The Canadian on Tour

The Canadian on Tour, Spring 2011

The Canadian on tour!

I am a firm believer in letting people see a model before the final order deadline. That's why we do the Springfield, NMRA, Supertrain, and Copetown shows every year.

Because The Canadian is such a huge and expensive project, I am taking the samples on a CROSS-CANADA TOUR so that you, our customers, can see them in person before we are completely sold out.

Diner Interior

The interior of the dining car - look at the pretty birdies!

The tooling is not yet finished, but it is finished enough to give you an idea of what this gorgeous train will look like. We still need to polish the moulds, add some rivet strips, tool out some unwanted cutting marks (you can see one in the roof of the Manor sleeper in the photo above) and fix some injection problems.

So when you hear the faceless critics kvetch on the online forums about our cars missing a stirrup or having a misplaced rivet, please educate them (politely) as to the difference between pre-production samples and final models.

Park Car

Zhang assembles an "Action Red" CP Park Car

The drumhead is translucent, and will be lit on the models.
The maroon Park Cars come with four different drumheads, including The Dominion!

You can see The Canadian in person at more than 20 locations across Canada. Apart from one leg of the journey, the major distances of the tour will be entirely travelled by VIA - Corridor, The Ocean, and The Canadian. Thankfully all the cars and locomotive samples are ready, despite some minor issues which still need to be solved. We also did not have time to add the antimacassars to the seats and do the full colour variation in the bedroom seating, but we will take care of those for production.

The Canadian goodies

Pins and Cardboard Trains available on the tour

I don't know what VIA-CN has to do with The Canadian...
But I love VIA-CN so I made VIA-CN pins.

Mmmmm... VIA-CN.

I will have three kinds of pins available for sale on the tour, and for tour visitors in Ontario and westward, I will also have free cardboard trains available to take home to your grandkids. The cardboard trains will not arrive in time for the Quebec and Maritimes portion of the tour, but I will send them to the hobby shops the following week so you can pick them up at your convenience.

CP FP9 Locomoitives

Posing with The Canadian on the Plywood Pacific

The tour schedule can be found here. I will be posting tour updates on the tour blog, which will soon be available here, as well as on our Facebook page (more info below). From 30 May to 30 June, I will be visiting: Quebec City, Halifax, Moncton, Montreal, Mississauga, Hamilton, Sudbury, London, Mississauga (again), Ottawa, Montreal (again), Markham (Toronto), Winnipeg, Red Deer, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. This is your chance to meet me in person, see the samples, ask any questions you wish to ask, complain about grab irons or window shades, etc. I'll have the two ex-CN FP9As and an LRC locomotive sample with me as well. I of course may be asleep from all the travelling, so just give me a shove to wake me up...

Find us on Facebook

Click on the image to visit our Facebook page

We've finally given in! Rapido on Facebook

It takes a week or two to put together a newsletter like this one, so they tend to only come out once every couple of months. However, regular updates on product development and new arrivals are now being posted to our Facebook page.

I know, I know. We've finally given in to the Man and entered the world of social networking. But it is a very quick way to stay in touch between newsletters. When we got our first test shots from The Canadian moulds, I posted images on Facebook within a day.

Click here to visit our page on Facebook and please follow us! I think we're up to 2 1/2 people liking us on Facebook so far, including Rapido employees. After spending three weeks at the factory, Bill is not sure that he likes us any more.

The Panorama Line

New Panorama Line N scale passenger cars arriving 2012!

New N scale passenger cars

It's my pleasure to announce the next two models in the N scale Panorama Line of super-detailed passenger cars: The Cafe-Bar-Lounge and the 10-5 Sleeper. Dealers and distributors please note you will be getting PDF sales packs about these items in the next couple of weeks once Bill has recovered from his jetlag...

The Cafe-Bar-Lounge is similar to cars bought or rebuilt by most railroads to serve those customers who got the Munchies but weren't in the mood for a fancy-schmancy meal in the dining car. Your passengers will enjoy this model's contoured seats and its detailed take-out counter.

N scale Cafe-Bar-Lounge

The Panorama Line N scale Cafe-Bar-Lounge

The Cafe-Bar-Lounge has many of the same features as our Lightweight Coach, as the prototype was rebuilt from a coach. It is painted in a variety of paint schemes, and all cars feature full underbody detailing, diaphragm support rods and etched metal end gates, beautifully-detailed trucks and our absurdly popular "Easy-Peasy" battery-operated lighting. It is available with partial skirting or with fixed steps, as appropriate. Click here to visit the web page for our Cafe-Bar-Lounge.

N scale Cafe-Bar-Lounge

Cafe-Bar-Lounge interior detail

The post-war Pullman-Standard 10-5 Sleeper was an improvement over the pre-war version, with the bedrooms moved to the centre of the car for a smoother ride. Our model will feature full interior detail including hand rails in the corridor windows, plus all the same exterior detail you have come to expect from the Panorama Line.

N scale 10-5 Sleeper

The Panorama Line N scale 10-5 Sleeper

The 10-5 Sleeper is Pullman plan number 4186, a CN and Erie / Erie-Lackawanna prototype. 10-5 sleepers in general were ubiquitous throughout North America, and our car is painted in a variety of paint schemes. The 10-5 Sleeper is available with partial skirting or with fixed steps, as appropriate. Click here to visit the web page for our 10-5 sleeper.

Click on a paint scheme below for product number and road number information. If you don't see your favourite road, don't worry - we plan to do a second batch of paint schemes as well.
The order deadline is ages away - 28 October 2011 - with delivery next year. You have plenty of time to place your reservation. As usual, we won't be making any inventory so be sure to order in advance with your local dealer. Full information about The Panorama Line passenger cars can be found here.

LRC new paint scheme

New LRC in the CANADA!!! paint scheme!

New HO scale LRC paint scheme

The first run of LRC coaches in the delivery scheme was a wild success and we sold out in about 11 seconds. Now it is my pleasure to announce VIA's CANADA!!! scheme on our LRC coach and club cars. (The CANADA!!! scheme is about as close to overt patriotism as we can get in Canada when there is no hockey involved.) These will feature the same amazing detail as our first run, but with post-1992 interior colours and the slightly darker exterior blue and yellow shades seen on the prototype in more recent years.

LRC interior

New LRC coach interior colours

The CANADA!!! logo and wavin' flag were added in 1998 and the new VIA 1 logo was added in 2002. Did you know that the song "Wavin' Flag" by K'naan was actually about Haiti and not about this LRC paint scheme? Me neither! Man, some people have their priorities skewed....

LRC VIA 1 interior

New LRC VIA 1 interior colours

The coach interiors will be greenish-grey and the VIA 1 interiors will be that weird purply thing. Please reserve in advance with your local dealer as we will not be making inventory on these. Delivery is next year.


New LRC Club car with the post-2002 VIA 1 logo

The MSRP is $74.95. The numbers available are:
  • 107006 - VIA 1 #3451
  • 107007 - VIA 1 #3455
  • 107008 - VIA 1 #3468
  • 107009 - VIA 1 #3601 (new logo)
  • 107010 - VIA 1 Unnumbered
  • 108018 - Coach #3302
  • 108019 - Coach #3305
  • 108020 - Coach #3314
  • 108021 - Coach #3322
  • 108022 - Coach #3339
  • 108023 - Coach #3347
  • 108024 - Coach #3354
  • 108025 - Coach #3360
  • 108026 - Coach #3367
  • 108027 - Coach #3372 (new logo)
  • 108028 - Coach Unnumbered
Your post-1998 VIA layout will now be complete! Full information about the LRC can be found here. The page will be updated with the new product numbers by early next week. Cut us some slack - we're too jetlagged to get everything done on time! Again, dealers will get this info in PDF format later in June.

Last chance to order

Don't miss these great new products!

Final order deadlines announced

If you've been following our progress since Rapido started a few years ago, you know that "delivery date" is an oxymoron... As hard as we try, we often end up delivering stuff months (cabooses) or years (TurboTrain) or eons (LRC locomotive) later than we originally intended. There are lots of reasons for this. The three biggest are tooling/production issues that need to be solved, lack of orders, and cash flow. The economy lately contributed a lot to the latter two reasons, and tooling/production issues crop up in every project.

All that being said, our new HO scale passenger cars are well into production so it is time to announce some firm order deadlines for our upcoming projects. Please remember to reserve with your dealer before the deadline or you'll be out of luck.

Northeast Osgood Bradley Lightweights

Penn Central Osgood Bradley Lightweight Coach

Order Deadline 24 June 2011
Osgood Bradley Lightweights: Northeastern Roads
HO scale. Delivery fall 2011.

Click on a paint scheme for product numbers, car numbers and pricing:
These cars feature incredible interior and exterior detail, including all underbody equipment and seating as separate parts, mirrors on the end bulkheads, working diaphragms with end gates, and more. Full information on our Osgood Bradley Lightweights can be found here. We are still taking orders for our Deluxe Osgood Bradley coaches owned by SP and other roads. Information on these cars can be found here.

N scale Dayniter coaches

N scale CN Dayniter

Order Deadline 15 July 2011
"Dayniter" Leg-Rest Coaches
N scale. Delivery fall 2011.

Click on a paint scheme for product numbers, car numbers and pricing:
These cars are loaded with our unmatched N scale Panorama Line detail, "Easy-Peasy" lighting, etched metal end gates, and more. Full info on the Panorama Line Dayniters can be found here.

CSX Safety First Caboose

CSX "Safety First" Caboose - one of a kind!

Order Deadline 15 July 2011
Modern Wide-Vision Caboose
HO scale. Delivery fall/winter 2011-12.

Click on a paint scheme for product numbers, car numbers and pricing:
Our wide-vision caboose, based on CP's "Angus Van," is easily the most detailed caboose on the market in any scale, including etched see-through platforms, interior detail and lighting, marker lights that can be turned on or off at either end, and of course full underbody detailing like no other. Full information on our cabooses can be found here. Also note the exclusive CP caboose announced further down in this newsletter.

CP Canadian

The Canadian

Order Deadline 5 August 2011
Deposits due 26 August

The Canadian
HO scale. Delivery winter/spring 2012.

Yes, you read that correctly. For the first time ever, Rapido is taking deposits for a project. We've managed to avoid this for everything we've done until now, but The Canadian is simply too big to go it alone. All dealers will need to place a 25% deposit with their distributors by 26 August, and The Canadian will be made strictly to order. Without deposits we would basically have to put everything else on hold and put Dan, Bill and me into cryogenic suspension to be able to cover the production costs. Thanks very much for your understanding.

Click on a paint scheme for product numbers, car/locomotive numbers and pricing:


VIA 6505 is matched to a 1978 photo, with angled yellow and yellow pilot.
How do you like my masking efforts?

Though my assembly skills leave something to be desired...
it appears I forgot to put on the couplers!

Order Deadline 15 August 2011
Canadian National FP9A Locomotive
HO scale. Delivery fall/winter 2011-12.

Click on a paint scheme for product numbers, car numbers and pricing:
Yes - it's finally happening! After over two years and about 4 gazillion dollars of investment, we are finally ready to start production of the CN FP9A. I will have samples on the Canadian tour so you will be able to see it in person if you have not yet placed your order. This is, simply, the most accurate Canadian locomotive model ever attempted. Apart from getting the look right and featuring unprecedented roof and underbody detail for an F-Unit, we've gone to the trouble of researching individual locomotive numbers and swapping details to match. We've even tooled four different CN noses to match the different ditch light, MU and air trap details found from 1957 to the 1980s.


VIA 6507 wears the more traditional VIA scheme.

Make sure you reserve yours by the August 15th deadline as we will be ordering materials for production on August 16th. Deliveries will start by the end of the year but we already have orders for three times as many locomotives as we thought we'd sell so production will take several months. Full information on the FP9A, including a prototype "Master Class" outlining all of the spotting details, can be found here.

Erie Pride of Youngstown

Erie "Pride of Youngstown"

HO scale Erie/Erie Lackawanna Sleepers

We're doing a small run of Erie and Erie-Lackawanna 10-5 Sleepers in HO scale. This is an accurate Erie/Erie-Lackawanna prototype that we first produced in limited numbers in 2007 and quickly sold out. So we're doing another run. These feature full underbody and interior details, battery-powered interior lighting, accurate colours, and more.

Erie Lackawanna

The same car, in Erie-Lackawanna colours

Reserve your "Pride of Youngstown" and "Spirit of Youngstown" today. The order deadline is Friday 16 September. More information on our Super Continental Line 10-5 Sleeper can be found here.

CN Pte-St-Charles

CN "Pointe St. Charles" Van coming in N scale

Proto photo courtesy of Kaluza-Muller.

New Exclusive N scale CN caboose

It's my pleasure to inform you that Prairie Shadows, a popular model railway dealer in western Canada, has commissioned a custom run of CN Pointe St. Charles vans in N scale. These new models will have many of the great features of our HO cabooses, including:
  • Separate wire grab irons installed at the factory
  • Operating marker lights controlled by magnetic wand
  • Interior detail and LED lighting
  • Full underbody detail
  • Micro-Trains couplers
  • Insulated metal wheelsets
  • Unique CN Pointe St. Charles design
For ordering and pricing information, please visit the Prairie Shadows web site by clicking here.
You can also read about it on our web site by clicking here. This caboose will be available only from Prairie Shadows as it is their tooling. Dealer inquiries should be made to Prairie Shadows directly.

CP caboose graffiti

CP caboose #434508

Prototype photo courtesy of Manny Jacob.

New Exclusive HO scale CP graffiti caboose

Prairie Shadows has been quite busy, as not only have they commissioned a custom car in N scale, but they have also commissioned a custom paint scheme in HO scale.

CP cabooses remained in service long after they were no longer needed on mainline duties, and many are still in service today as rider cars. Most have seen their fair share of vandalism. We are doing a limited run of CP caboose #434508 in HO scale for Prairie Shadows, featuring the graffiti as seen in these photos provided by our resident CP caboose expert, Manny Jacob.

CP caboose 434508

434508 - The other side

Prototype photo courtesy of Manny Jacob.

For ordering and pricing information, please visit the Prairie Shadows web site by clicking here. You can also read about the caboose on our web site here. We always welcome custom runs of Rapido product alongside an existing run - so if we announce a certain car or locomotive and you would like to do a custom number or paint scheme, please give me a shout.

Rio Grande Caboose

Modern Wide Vision Caboose in DRG&W colours

Latest Arrivals and Coming Soon

We have several new products that recently shipped out to dealers and distributors, with many more coming in just over a week. Here is a run-down of what is shipping now and what you can expect next. Click on each car style name for more information. All are HO scale.

O&W Steam Generator

Steam Genny in NYO&W colours

Steam Generator Cars:

Shipped to customers: New York, Ontario and Western; Milwaukee Road

Coming soon: Western Pacific

D&H Caboose

Modern Wide Vision Caboose in D&H colours

Wide Vision Cabooses:

Shipped to customers: CP Engineering Services; Delaware & Hudson; Denver & Rio Grande Western; Missouri-Kansas-Texas; New Brunswick Southern; Undecorated

Coming soon: Essex Terminal

VIA Rail Coach

VIA experimental scheme from 1980

Lightweight Coaches:

Shipped to customers: VIA "Grey Ghost"

Coming soon: Algoma Central; Canadian Pacific (silver/maroon); Canadian Pacific (silver/Action Red)

Sidura Ludwig

My wife, Sidura

A Book for Your Wife (shameless plug...)

My beautiful wife, Sidura Ludwig, is a novelist. Her recent book, Holding My Breath, was nominated by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as one of the "must read" books if you want to know about life in the province of Manitoba. Please click here to vote for her book - she's up against some really big names. So please vote and vote often!

Holding My Breath is about four generations of women in a Winnipeg family in the postwar years. It's a beautiful snapshot of life in the 1950s and 1960s, and I highly recommend it for your wife. Please click here to visit Sidura's web site (you can order the book from her site) and please tell all your wife's friends about it.

Sidura's just finished her second book but her publisher went belly up so she's currently looking for a new one. Hopefully the book will get picked up before too long - it's really good. And I'm not biased at all.

Well there's a shameless plug if I ever saw one! Anyway, thanks to all six of you who are still reading for sticking with me for this entire newsletter. We'll try to get updates out in a more timely manner. In the meantime, please visit our Facebook page and the CanModelTrains discussion group where I regularly post news.

Finally, Bill and Dan will be at the National Train Show in Sacramento July 8-10. Please stop by and say hello.

Until next time,


Jason Shron
Rapido Trains Inc.

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