• Shoei announced a rare factory authorized sale on all current model Qwest helmets; now through April 30th get 15% off any shippable helmet!

  • We still have a few closeout Shoei helmets too; if you've been thinking about getting one you'd better pull the trigger, there aren't many left
  • Ultra lightweight shell
  • Great ventilation
  • Breath guard and chin curtain included 
MSRP $492.99
Availability:  Small through XXL
MSRP $492.99
Availability:  Medium through XL
MSRP $626.99
Availability:  Small through XXL
MSRP $589.99
Availability:  XXL
Black/White:  XL
White/Black:  Small, Large and XL

Literally down to just one of each 
Find out what helmets are right for your noggin.  Order a LidPicker kit for $19.99 and get two bonus items:

1)  A $15 store credit to MotorcycleGear.com 

2) LidPicker helmet friendly sunglasses ($9.99 value)
Helmet need a tune-up?  Make it like new again!
That crystal clear shield used to go up and down with a crisp "click-click-click" but now it's scratched and the click is more of a thud :( 

Give new life to an existing helmet or keep an extra shield or base plate kit on hand.  Nothing spruces up your helmet like a new shield or base plate... and for cheap! 

Once a helmet model is discontinued, manufacturers will soon quit making accessories, so spruce yours up and get some extras before it's too late!

The links below all take you to the pertinent Shoei accessory page, but we generally have accessory items for the other helmet brands we carry as well.  To find a part/style number for your HJC or Shoei helmet, go here 
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