Hi Guys, No doubt your all glad the holiday period is over and life returns  back to normal for most! or maybe not!
Just so you know i still have some days available for some guiding/casting or NZ fly fishing school you are guaranteed to have fun and learn heaps no matter which service you wish.
Arlene returned yet again to spend a few days on the majestic rivers of Southland NZ.

The first couple of days we fooled over 27+ trout from 1lb to 3 1/2lb and on the last day she was ready to have a go at trying to catch a bigger fish.

Lucky for Arlene all the stars aligned and with her great casting skills put the fly were it was needed on the first cast.

Now, Arlene is a happy smiling woman at the best of times, though in this photo with her monster that smile is even bigger.

 The flies we were using most of the time and having the best success with are listed below,click on them to view.



You are all going to be happy to know that Rob and his crew at the Brown Trout Cafe in Athol have opened  a small bespoke fly shop inside the cafe.

 Is the only place in the world apart from my online shop where you can buy Stu's Superior Flies from.

 At the moment they have some of the very large selection of designs and gradually will be stocking the full range.

They are open 6 days from 11am till 9pm +. So you can easily pop in for some  great coffee,beer, food and now Stu's Superior flies before or after you go fishing.

 If you order from me online and want to pick up in Athol as you pass , that's not a problem.

 You can also pick up your online order from The Brown trout cafe as well.

There are now lots of different types of accommodation around the area and now with some food establishments open later.

There is no need to stay anywhere else as Athol in Northern Southland ,50 min from Queenstown has it all.

Do you know that i have loads of great sales and specials on the web site , If not


Just recently I spent a small fortune upgrading my NZ fly fishing school rods as well as some supplied rods for clients. Nothing but the best rods,reels,fly lines and flies for my clients. The ball always rolls forward here!
           CHRISTMAS DAY OFF ! 12 months
Four days before Christmas I gave myself a present of a broken small toe, thanks to the corner of wooded box out side the local cafe. It was never going to stop me on my only day fishing since last Christmas day ,so I taped my toe up and off we went. But it was bloody killing me walking until the pain killers kicked in. Its not been fun guiding with it throbbing away recently.
My other better present to my self was a Sage 4 wgt 8,6ft fly rod and a small Hardy reel. I decided to bring my Christmas dinner with me as well and ended up using it with some photos. The first trout was rather large and even in the pouring rain he came up for  - THE DEED FLEE. Trigger was slightly puzzled or just amazed at it's sheer size or she thought the round things were balls!.
Along the river bank though well up from the river. We found this dead eel which seemed very fresh and strange why it was not in the river alive. That's when trigger got attacked by a very large wild cat with huge long legs. So not only are cats preying on the native birds they also have adapted to fishing here in NZ.
The Deed Flee landed just in front of this trouts large nose and it gently rose up and the Deed Flee fly disappeared. All hell let loose as I,m not one for giving fish line much line and also wanted to push the limits of the new rod. Before this shot the fish jumped and Trigger jumped in and started to swim around after it. It was so funny to watch and a shame the camera was still in my back pack at that moment. I called her back, though she still wanted to try and swim after it when it exploded a few times. 
This was the forth fish of the day and the smallest which was sill big!. We were soaking wet and it was time to start the long walk and drive back from the west coast. Very late that night/the next morning we made it back safe. Hopefully its not another 12 months before  we get to go again.  
Silver Kings Season 4 | Trailer

Silver Kings Season 4 Great that these guys have pulled off a great fishing show.

The Path of the Jaguar

The Path of the Jaguar. I so want to be able to go and do something like this again one day, soon.

After a full day when we only had 4 other chances on fish and missed them all due to jet lag!. My client Mr Trev Wadinga from Bolivia spotted a rare NZ Pygmy trout that i failed to spot in the gin clear deep water. He presented a size 18 Deadly brown nymph and the fish was on. After an epic fight with the trout jumping 13 times we carefully managed to get it in the net. He decided to take it home with him to Bolivia in a gold fish bowl a memory he will never forget.

On the last day of an epic multi day trip Mr Wadinga landed this one , which would not fit in his Bolivian gold  fish bowl

I woke up one morning and I thought I had one lotto, as somebody had attached a boat to the back of my truck and boy did it look pimped up and sexy. Shame the owner came along and took it back! The Bugger!

Remember and stop at the Brown Trout Cafe /Fly Shop and get your Stu's Superior flies when passing through Athol.

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