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Now is the perfect time to add succulents to your plant collection.  They are easy to grow and thrive in dry, full sun locations.  We are also listing some rare, hard-to-find plants for sale. Hurry! Sale ends August 22, 2012. 


White Sansevieria 'Bantel's Sensation'
(Sansevieria trifasciata) 
Rare and unusual, 'Bantel's Sensation' has distinctive white vertical striping in the leaves and is often called White Sansevieria. It grows 36" tall in containers. This showy plant filters indoor toxins from the air and only needs watering twice a month. 4" pot.


S7695-4 Reg. $19.95

Sale: $14.95
'Pink Starlight'

(Cryptanthus bivitatus) 
Prepare to be amazed by the pretty tones of pink and cream with olive-green stripes in the leaf centers.  This easy-care houseplant in the bromeliad family is commonly called Earth Star or Starfish Plant.  4" pot.


S7805-4 Reg. $12.95

Sale: $9.95
Plumeria stenopetala
(Plumeria species) 
This rare plumeria species from Cuba has an unusual vining habit.  The 3" flowers are pure white with pale yellow hearts and a strong jasmine fragrance.  Stenopetala starts blooming in early spring and continues to bloom steadily through late fall. 4" pot.


R2456-6G Reg. $49.95

Sale: $39.95
Aglaonema Jazzed Gems™ 'Sparkling Sarah'
(Aglaonema hybrid) 
An easy-care container plant, 'Sparkling Sarah' has green leaves dappled with pink and cream highlights, pink center leaf veins and light pink stems. This is a large, colorful plant in a
6" pot.


R2399-6 Reg. $29.95
Sale: $24.95
Crown of Thorns
'Red Jillian'
(Euphorbia milii hybrid)
This Thai Giant hybrid euphorbia has the largest flowers ever seen on a Crown of Thorns. The flower umbel is 4-6" across with each individual bloom measuring about 2".  'Red Jillian' has unique red flowers with green markings. This easy grower thrives in full sun and well-drained soil. 2.5" pot.


S7755-2  Reg. $14.95


 Desert Rose
'Luang Siam'

Adenium obesum hybrid)

Adeniums with double flowers are rare.  This new cultivar 'Luang Siam' has creamy-white flowers with bright red flaring in the middle of each petal so each blossom shines like a small sun.  It thrives in a warm, sunny location. 
4" pot.


S7770-4G Reg. $34.95
Sale: $29.95
Chinese Yew Bonsai
(Podocarpus hybrid)
Slow growing and attractive in form, the Chinese Yew, or Podocarpus, Bonsai is an evergreen tree with pine-needle-like leaves held upright on lateral branches. It has a curved trunk and stiff symmetrical branches. The tree develops fleshy, brightly colored yew-like fruits in fall.  Plants are 10-12 years old and are shipped in a 6" bonsai pot. 


L6552 Reg. $39.95
Sale: $29.95
Desert Rose
'Little Genius'

(Adenium obesum hybrid)
Colorful pink and white bi-colored petals make these flowers unusually attractive.  Adeniums thrive in sunny, warm conditions.  This is a large plant with a thickened caudex shipped in a 4" pot. 


S7774-4G Reg. $24.95
Sale: $19.95
'Mason's Congo'
(Sansevieria masoniana)
An indestructible houseplant, Sansevieria 'Mason's Congo' tolerates low light and neglectful watering. Growing about 2' tall, the stiff light-green leaves measure about 4" wide and have dark green spotting throughout. There is an attractive thin red margin around each leaf. This succulent is virtually pest and disease free!
4" pot.


S7768-4  Reg. $18.95
Sale: $14.95
Kalanchoe 'Desert Surprise'
(Kalanchoe humilis)

Bold burgundy stripes on the 4" rounded green leaves add an alluring appeal to this easy-growing succulent.  In mid-summer a flower spike with small purple blossoms appears from the center of the open rosette.  2.5" pot.


S7804-2 Reg. $8.95 
Sale: $6.95
Baby Jade
'Gollum' p.p.
(Crassula ovata hybrid) 

Unusual tubular leaves with red edges arise from this compact, upright succulent.  'Gollum' is a low maintenance plant and makes an unusual specimen for containers. 2.5" pot. 


S7812-2 Reg. $7.95
Sale: $5.95
Bird's Nest Sansevieria
'Gold Hahnii'

(Sansevieria hybrid) 
'Gold Hahnii' is a new hybrid with buttery-yellow leaves accented by green vertical stripes.  The leaves form a tight rosette, the size of a bird's nest, and the plant only grows 6-8" tall.  This low maintenance succulent only needs watering twice a month.  4" pot.


S7640-4  Reg. $14.95
Sale: $12.95
Night Blooming Cereus 'Mark Twain'
(Epiphyllum oxypetalum)
This rare epiphyllum came to us from Mark Twain's house in Hartford, CT. It has large 8-10" fragrant blooms and each flower has an extra row of inner petals with ruffled edges - making it a nearly double epiphyllum.  Magnificent!
4" pot. 

S7708-4  Reg. $18.95
Sale $14.95
Sensitive Plant
(Mimosa pudica) 
The Sensitive Plant actually moves when touched! The fine leaflets collapse downward when you touch them with your finger.  Within an hour or so, they reopen. As the plant matures, pink blooms appear in summer. 


R1998-2  Reg. $9.95
Sale: $7.95
Brachycaulos 'Spiral' on Stand
(Tillandsia hybrid)
Brachycaulos 'Spiral' grows about 4" tall and the leaves turn an attractive red color during its bloom cycle.  In summer, purple flowers emerge from the center.  Comes with a 6" hardwood stand to create an attractive display. Grow in bright filtered light and soak in water twice a week.


L6546 Reg. $24.95
Sale: $19.95
Staghorn Fern on Volcanic Rock
(Platycerium bifurcatum)
This Staghorn Fern is mounted on a sustainably-harvested volcanic rock and makes an easy-care houseplant.  Place the rock in a saucer of water.  A flat leaf, or shield, covers the root structure and takes up water and nutrients.  In time, it will completely cover the rock and the staghorn fronds will grow to 18" tall.


L6545 Reg. $24.95
Sale: $19.95
Spoon Leaf Sundew
(Drosera spathulata)
A carnivorous bog plant from Asia, Spoon Leaf Sundew has tiny leaves that are covered with hairs topped with sticky droplets.  When insects land on the hairs, they are caught and become food for the plant.  2.5" pot.


R9632-2 Reg. $8.95
Sale: $6.95
Living Stones
(Lithops species)
These South African succulents look like beautifully marked pebbles.  Living Stones can grow in a sunny window and remain in the same pot for many years. We ship 3 Living Stones in a 2" clay pot.


L7636-2CL Reg. $11.95
Sale: $9.95

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