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The Raskob Parent Association Weekly Newsletter
October 27, 2016                                                 Volume 6   Issue 8
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Presidents' Message
Happy Halloween!

Oh to be a middle schooler again (mmm...maybe not) with the excitement of the first dance looming on the horizon.  It's this Friday right after school until 5:30 in the California Room.

On November 4th, we have our next RPA meeting.  Be sure to attend and help shape this year for your Raskobian. 

For students getting ready to spread their wings and move on to the world of high school, be sure to attend the High School Panel on November 6th from 4 to 6 pm.  This event provides a great opportunity to meet and gain insights from past Raskob students and parents whom have already walked this path.

Thank you so much to Teen Esteem for presenting a Parent Education Event about internet safety.  

Key Info from the afternoon

The internet is a vast unregulated entity that preys on young minds
Cyberbullying and Social Media can cause irreparable  harm to our children

Most kids spend 7 hrs on screens (more than being in school or in bed for some kids)  Which can lead to aggression, anxiety and depression. 2 hours is the recommended amount

Don't Fret, Be Proactive not Reactive
Click here for notes on the presentation and for steps to ensure your child's safety.

Be safe out there!

Mark Headley   

Phil Wright 
High School Panel
Let's Hear it for Raskob!

Jessica and Edee represented Raskob at the annual Association of Educational Therapists (AET) conference this past weekend in Redwood City.  Raskob also sponsored the evening reception for the conference.  Way to represent, Jessica and Edee!  Raskob is lucky to have you.



In This Issue
Important Dates

Oct. 28
Spirit Day: Pajamas

Middle School Dance
The cost of the dance is $3 and will be held in the California Room.

Oct. 31

Nov. 4
RPA Meeting
8:30 am in the California Room, HNU

Nov. 6
High School Panel
4-6 pm in the California Room, HNU

Quick Links

See's Candy Update
See's Candy, 
the competition is on!

(Rumor has it that a couple of students have sold over $300 in candy.)


See's Candy Sales continue until 11/17
Remember there will be prizes for the 
top three sellers!

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