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The Raskob Parent Association Weekly Newsletter
June 8, 2017                                                Volume 6   Issue 34

Almost...Please sign up here to bring in food items for one last hurrah for the kids and teachers.
Presidents' Message

Dear Raskob Community,
As our 2016 - 2017 school year comes to an end, the Raskob Parent Association wants to send a big thank you to the parents, families, teachers and staff that have contributed time and money to make sure our students and staff receive the necessary support to continue to invest in our children's success.
This year we tried a few new fundraisers and changed some things around.  The See's Candy Drive proved to bring in 35% more with the addition of the contest.  Penny Plays also was a big hit bringing in half of what we made with See's Candy. Our social which is traditionally our largest fundraiser brought in double of what we brought in last year!  With all the contributions throughout the year we will now be able to have the following:
  • Electronic Water Fountain
  • Staff Room Makeover
  • New Whiteboard for the Library
  • Imagination Playground Blocks
  • Chromebooks for our entire school
  • New Flexible Seating
Not only are we able to assist in purchasing the items above but other RPA money assisted Raskob throughout the year such as: New books for the library, a parent education class, and an amazing teacher appreciation week!
All the items we will be purchasing have been on display in the lobby at Raskob.  We hope you had a chance to take a peek at what we will be ordering as soon as possible! We can't thank you enough for the support!
All the very best,

The RPA Board
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June 8
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June 9
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