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The Raskob Parent Association Newsletter
December 14, 2017                                                Volume 7   Issue 6    

RPA Message
Dear Raskob Community,
Things are heating up on the Fundraising front! Wanted to share the following info to continue the great momentum.

See's Candy Drive:
Thank you
Molly Sampson for your time and commitment to make the second largest fundraising event a success the second year in a row.  We brought in $7,938.85 in revenue, beating our already all time high last year - $6,562.00. Profit was over $2K. 15% more than last year and 50% more than 2015.
The first place winner sold almost $3000. The second and third places winners sold over $500 and $400 each. Round of applause please :)  

Company Matching - Free money for our school!:
Corporate Matching Programs match, dollar for dollar, every contribution you make to RPA. Help us to meet or exceed the $1500 we earned in Matching Funds last year!

To find out if your company has a Matching Program, contact your Human Resource and/or Employee Relations Department. Or, it is quick and easy to find out if your employer has a corporate matching program by just clicking 

Get started now! If your company matches, you will need three pieces of information:

1.  Raskob Learning Institute and Day School's Tax ID #: 94-1358 307;

2.  The date you donated; and

3.  The total amount of your donation (add the amount you donate to RPA and the amount you donate for the grade level supplies.)

Also, I am here to help so if you want to send me an email at to see if your employer matches let me know!

Fundraising Website Refresh:
A special Thank You to Vince Jurgens, RPA's Webmaster, for his amazing work on the parent association's website.
Want to know what we are fundraising for?   
Who is the team that supports our fundraising activities? How you can help in our fundraising events?   
Check out:

Kindest Regards,
Christine Puccio  
VP Fundraising 
In This Issue

Important Dates
December 21
Winter Performance 10:00AM

December 21
Minimum Day (12:00 PM)  NO ASP

Dec. 22 - Jan. 5
Winter Break

Quick Links

Meet Raskob's Teachers
Melissa Flores: Physical Education Teacher  

Where did you grow up?

What's your favorite movie?
Pretty Woman
What's your favorite food?

What is your favorite quote?
Don't really have one. Stay strong and positive.

Why did you become a teacher?
I have always loved working with kids. I find it rewarding and each day is a different day. I struggled when I was in school and I love that
I can give back and help make a difference for them.
How would you describe your teaching style?
I'm fair and consistent, and try to make a connection with all my students.

What is your favorite thing to teach?

What makes Raskob a special place?
The students.  They are why I love my job.
     When: Thursday, December 21 st
     Time: 7:55-8:30
     What: Yard Supervision
     Please contact Jessica at 
     if you are available.
Mark your calendar for December 21st
Winter Performance
in the HNU cafeteria at
(coffee first)
Minimum Day (12:00 Dismissal) NO ASP