Thursday Notes
The Raskob Parent Association Weekly Newsletter
November 17, 2016                                                 Volume 6   Issue 10
Happy Thanksgiving!

Presidents' Message
Happy Almost Break!

We are sure everyone is looking forward to a much needed holiday with lots of fun, family and an extra helping of turkey.  Which reminds me . . . the annual Turkey Trot is  this Friday at  1:00PM rain or shine. All are welcome, so bring your running shoes if you feel like running, jogging, or just strolling along leisurely with the students a mile around our beautiful campus. 

Please join us  Friday, December 2 at 8:30AM in the California room for our 2nd quarterly coffee and RPA board meeting. We love hearing from parents and appreciate your involvement! 

Lastly as we near the winter holiday, we are collecting cash contributions for the annual staff holiday gift. We're asking that everyone donate up $50, so that each teacher, assistant, ASP staff member, etc. will receive a holiday card and $100 cash. If you're able to contribute, please do so by  December 7th.

There are 2 ways to donate:
1) give cash or a check (made out to Tiffin Groff) to Marlen at the front desk OR
2) use PayPal to

Gobble Gobble!

How Does Holiday Gift Giving Work?
A Raskob Tradition -
Staff Holiday Gifts -
 Give today!

Every year families pitch in to thank the entire Raskob staff at the holidays with a card and $100.

We're asking each family/guardian to contribute $50 to help cover the entire staff.  Tiffin Groff will be collecting the money on behalf of RPA and distributing the staff gift.
Important Details
Donation is due by Dec. 7th.
Multiple ways to pay: 
1) give Marlen cash or a check (made out to Tiffin Groff); or
2) Use PayPal:

See's Candy Update
See's Candies orders are due TODAY!  No late order will be accepted, please make checks payable to the RPA.

In This Issue
Important Dates
Nov. 17
See's Candy Due TODAY!

Nov. 18
Turkey Trot 1:00 pm and Spirit Day
Nov 21-25
Thanksgiving Break 
No School

Dec. 2
RPA Meeting and Quarterly Coffee 8:30 am
Quick Links

Our Family Coalition is sponsoring a workshop for parents on the psychological, emotional, and physical changes during adolescence, and how to best support our kids. 

For more info click here.
Parent Volunteers Needed!!

Do you still have to complete your 20 hours of service to our school? Well, we have some terrific ways for you to complete your service hours right from your  very own home.  Also your efforts will help Raskob raise money!

Penny War Coordinators (2 people)

We're looking for two parents to help coordinate the school-wide "Penny Wars" fundraisers in all the classrooms.  Each class with have a huge jar and the kids will bring in their pennies to donate for one week.  To win, the class with the most pennies wins 20 minutes extra recess (elementary) or 20 extra free time minutes (middle schoolers)!  BUT, there is a strategy to this Penny War, classes may put other coins and paper currency into the containers of OTHER classes.  Each silver coin or bill reduces the number of points from that container by the amount of the coin. (e.g. a nickel reduces the points by five, a dime by ten, a dollar by 100, etc...).

We are looking for two parents to be our Penny War Coordinators to oversee the challenge...if you're up for the Penny Wars, contact either Margaret Gelini ( ) or Tiffin Groff ( ).

"Bring Out Your Goods Donation Drive"  Coordinators (2 people)

Savers FUNDrive is a new kind of fundraising event, one that will pay Raskob for gently-used items we collect, including clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories and linens. No one has to dig into their pockets for money; they simply need to clean out their closets, something we all need to do anyway!  But, we need two parents to help coordinate and implement this new FUNDrive.  If you want to help all of us  at Raskob get our "2017 Spring Cleaning" done while making money for our school, contact either Margaret Gelini at or Tiffin Groff at .

EScript Worker (1 person)

EScript is so easy, and it helps Raskob earn dollars for our school!  We are looking for one parent who can help to promote and oversee the program.  Again, contact either Margaret Gelini at or Tiffin Groff at

Legacy Art Wall Coordinators for Raskob 45th Anniversary in 2017

Spring of 2017, marks the 45 th Anniversary of Raskob Day School serving children with learning differences throughout the Bay Area.  To celebrate this milestone, a Raskob Legacy Art Wall will be established, made-up of colorful artwork tiles  installed on the school grounds.  Alumni, parents, and friends will be invited to sponsor a tile with a donation.  Tiles created by our children, alumni, friends, parents, teachers, and staff will be showcased in our new Legacy Art Wall.  We are looking for two parent volunteers to lead this important effort; if you are able to help please contact Margaret Gelini at or Tiffin Groff at