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The Raskob Parent Association Newsletter
February 1, 2018                                                Volume 7   Issue 8    

RPA Message
Raskob's Spring Social is March 24th 

The Raskob Parent Association is planning the Spring Social to be held on Saturday, March 24th. We hope you can all join us to celebrate our amazing staff, teachers, students and families who make our school special.  
Please join us at the West Berkeley Fencing Club and enjoy an evening of socializing with parents and faculty from the Raskob community.
In addition to what promises to be an evening of great conversation, delicious food and a relaxed atmosphere, you will have an opportunity to make a gift to support the educational expenses not covered by tuition. Specifically, we'd like to raise money for these items:
  • 56 Waterproof outdoor lockers   
  • Front Lobby Makeover        
  • Rain mats w/ logos  
  • Air conditioners        
  • New drive up sign for RPA and Raskob Communications
We dedicate this evening to honor our amazing staff, teachers, students and families who make our school special.
Come hang, eat some great renasance food, take some fencing lessons, grab a beer at the beer garden and get your tarot cards read! Feel free to bring a bottle of wine to share!  
Please RSVP by March 16th. If you did not receive your Evite, please contact Christine Puccio at
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Important Dates
Financial Aid Applications
February 9th, 2018

Raskob Science Fair
February 14th, 2018

President's Week
February 19th-23rd, 2018

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Save the Date
Raskob Science Fair  
Wednesday, February 14th
1pm - 2:30pm
Work will be displayed until 5:30pm 
From the Desk of: 
M s. Hagstrom
Raskob Middle School Teacher
This past summer, I was selected to work with a teacher cohort from across the country and the teacher authors of three amazing books: The Google Infused Classroom  - The HyperDoc Handbook -  Dive into Inquiry. We were able to ask questions, discuss the big ideas, and really dig into the content. My primary focus was on Hyperdocs, or Digital Lesson Design.
Hyperdocs are digital lessons with links to a variety of media on a given topic for students to consume information and include opportunities for students to connect beyond the classroom, collaborate, create (or show what they know) share, reflect, and/or incorporate extension activities.
Hyperdocs afford teachers time to move around and confer with students because it flips the model of lecture driven instruction. Teacher and peers provide immediate feedback. Everything the student needs from start to finish is in a digital "package".  Hyperdocs are self-paced, allow for differentiated instruction, blended learning, flexible grouping, and are engaging/ of high interest.
Please check out your child's Writing Google Classroom page and click on projects under topics to see examples--My Gift to the World Hyperdoc is the most recent.
From the Desk of:
Mr. Lopez
Raskob Middle School Teacher
The past three summers I have been lucky enough to visit and speak at various historic sites throughout Washington DC and the South. I have spoken on panels through the Civil War Trust foundation as well as working very closely with program coordinators and teachers at Ford's Theatre and the National Parks Service.

It's been an amazing experience to share my thoughts and views on Civil War history and create lessons that other teachers around the country have been able to use in their own classrooms. I'm happy to have also shared this experience with your children during active lessons and past Civil War projects. It's been a passion of mine and most recently I was invited to speak about the outcomes and experiences I've had at the National Council for Social Studies convention in San Francisco this past November.

I wish to continue to do the same this summer and hopefully work with great educators in Pennsylvania at Gettysburg. Fingers
Raskob Penny Plays!
Start digging in the corners of your sofa...the fundraising committee has a place
for all of that annoying spare change!  Get ready for  Raskob's 2nd Annual PennyPlays  Fundraiser;  a fun way for our kids to participate in a game while raising money for their school.
Here's how to play:   A labeled container is located in each classroom/advisory.
The kids bring in loose change for a week.  When the week is up the money is counted & and a winner is declared - there will be one winner per month.  
Winners are rewarded with a one-time treat of 20 minutes extra recess and those in middle school will earn 20 extra minutes of free time.
Game dates: February 26-March 2, April 23-27 and May 21-25.
Flyers will be posted around campus as a reminder of when to bring in coins 
and to announce winners. Isabella Brown at