Ray's Growler Gallery Grand Opening
This Saturday, June 14th
Hours: 9:00 AM - 8:30 PM 
Dear Ray's Craft Beer Lovers,


Well, it's ready. The moment has arrived. And after nine months of planning, it's time to finally unveil Ray's Growler Gallery! To say we're excited would be a gross understatement, and while we would love to jump right into the details for our "Opening Day Bonanza" this Saturday, June 14th, we need to take a moment to provide information on the regular Growler Gallery hours of operation, FAQs and a few other odds and ends...


First up, please note the hours of Ray's Growler Gallery Opening Day this Saturday, June 14th, will be from 9:00 AM to 8:30 PM!


Regular Growler Gallery Hours will be as follows:

Thursdays: 1:00 PM - 8:45 PM

Fridays: 1:00 PM - 8:45 PM

Saturdays (outside of "Opening Day"): 11:00 AM - 8:45 PM

Sundays: 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays will be reserved for our regularly scheduled wine, spirit and beer classes and private events, which will still be taken by reservation through our website at www.rayswine.com or by calling Sara at the store at (414)258-9821.

1. What are Growlers?


Answer: Growlers are the perfect vessel for transporting the freshest beer directly from the tap to your home. Growlers come in many different shapes, colors, and styles, but the two most common sizes are 64oz and 32oz.


Why We Love Growlers:

- Freshness    

- Supporting Local Brewers    

- Environmentally Friendly    

- Delightfully Delicious Beer!


2. How Does the Growler Gallery "Work"? (In a few easy steps!)

A. Pick out your Growler Glassware Vessel! The standard 32oz and 64oz Growlers will be $5 each (collectible Ray's Growler Gallery Glassware will also be available, in One and Two liter flip-top styles, for $12 and $30, respectively)!

B. Find your new favorite beer! 
The tap list will be continuously rotating, so stay up to date on twitter and Facebook, or check out the chalkboards in the Gallery.

C. Have our Growler Gurus fill up your vessel of choice, and enjoy your beer in the comfort of your own home/tailgate/insert favorite place here (This is our favorite step!)!

D. Rinse out your growler with warm water and let dry (A clean growler means a happy home for beer). Return to the Growler Gallery and start at the beginning of this list!

3. Will the Growler Gallery fill other ("Non-Ray's") Growlers?


Answer: Absolutely! We will be sanitizing all new and pre-owned growlers, but we do kindly ask that you please clean all growlers before you bring them back to the gallery (give the beer a happy home)! In any case, we are happy to reuse your favorite growler to fill with delightful brews at the gallery!


4. How long does a Growler "last"?


Answer: Ray's Growler Gallery will be sealing each and every growler with a heat gun, as well as covering every growler with specialized caps that contain an extra seal to keep out unwanted oxygen (ensuring the freshest possible beer!). Unopened, your special growler filled with fermented love should last 7 days. Once opened, you should consume your craft concoctions within 24 hours. Essentially, as soon as you pop the top, consider it as if it was a regular bottle of beer (Growlers and their contents are best enjoyed FRESH!)!


5. Will the Growler Gallery be serving glasses/pints of beer?


Answer: At this point, the Growler Gallery will be a filling station only, with all Growlers labeled and sealed on the premises, to be taken off the premises and enjoyed in the comfort of your own home/tailgate/office party/picnic/grill out!


6. How do I care for my Growler?


Answer: The best way to care for your Growler is with warm water, but just as importantly, NO soap and NO dishwasher. Any soap or dishwasher fluid will leave residue which will permanently affect any beer that you put in the Growler in the future...Of course, after you care for your Growler, we will still be sanitizing it for you every time we fill it up!


7. How do I know what will be available at the Growler Gallery?


Answer: There are a number of ways you can keep track of what is available at the Gallery, but for the most up to the minute news, please follow one of our litany of twitter handles:
@raysgrowler @raysbeer and @rayswine!
Also check out our Facebook page at facebook.com/rayswine and our soon to be finished website, raysgrowlergallery.com!


8. How do I enter the Growler Gallery?


Answer: There are actually two completely separate entrances for your Growler Gallery enjoyment! There is the entrance where you would normally enter for our Tasting Room and Education center on the east side of the building, as well as an entrance directly on North Avenue (where our new bike rack is situated for curbside gallery parking!).


9. How will super limited releases work? (I.E.: Only one barrel of something is available. Will I be able to get as many growlers filled as I want?)


Answer: We at Ray's Wine and Spirits have always promoted spreading the love, be it a rare wine, spirit or beer release, and we will be continuing that tradition in the Growler Gallery! When the Growler Gallery offers a rare, super-limited release barrel, then we will offer it as a one growler per customer, first come, first served, 32OZ fill ONLY.


10. Will I be able to get samples of beer before I make a purchase?


Answer: You will be able to receive up to three 1 ounce samples of the Gallery's selections before you make your purchase. SPECIAL NOTE: Please know that for our opening weekend this Saturday and Sunday, we unfortunately will not be able to pour any samples, as we do anticipate a fair number of folks stopping by and want to make sure everyone can get their fresh beer as quickly as possible.


11. Will I be able to get Growler Fills downstairs in the store?


Answer: Unfortunately not. With Ray's unique building structure of having a completely separate entrance and second floor (and thus separate licensing), we are 100% unable to fill any growlers in the store. Growlers will ONLY be filled (and sealed and labeled) upstairs, in the Growler Gallery. 

12. Can I still get my Ray's Rewards Points at Ray's Growler Gallery?


Answer: Absolutely! You can still get your Ray's Rewards Points either at Ray's Wine and Spirits or Ray's Growler Gallery, and once you have earned enough points for your Rewards, they can redeemed either in the store, or in the gallery!

The Main Event:
OPENING DAY at Ray's Growler Gallery


Before we get into the details, please note: Opening Day will have different hours than normal Saturday Hours. This Saturday, June 14th, the Growler Gallery will be OPEN from 9:00 AM - 8:30 PM!


Parking: Parking will be at a premium this Saturday, so we have included a map of exactly where you should park to prepare for this glorious event. Our neighbors across the street at Anytime Fitness (sign up, it's a great place!) have been extremely generous with their parking lot for this weekend ONLY, so we have mapped out exactly where you can park in the diagram below.  


Now that you've parked and you're ready to get your Growler on, we will be directing everyone to the Gallery Entrance on the South Side of the building (that's the one directly on North Ave)! We are extremely excited to finally open the gates Willy Wonka style to you and yours for the Gallery Grand Opening, but as we do have a finite capacity in the Gallery, you may find yourself having to wait outside for a bit. We will be allowing a TOTAL of only 40 people in the Gallery at any one time, and after the Gallery is full, we will have a one in, one out policy on Opening Day.


However, if there does happen to be a wait, we have teamed up with some great local Milwaukee businesses to make your experience more of a parking lot social! In fact, Robb and Joe from Valentine Coffee will be serving up some of Milwaukee's finest java from 8:30 AM -11:30 AM, and the sinfully delicious Three Stack Shack BBQ food truck will be serving from 11:00 AM until they run out (and these tasty ribs won't last for long)!
Opening Day Tap List


Please note: With six tap lines at the Gallery, we are dedicated to rotating our beers DAILY to keep things as FRESH, interesting and RARE as possible! 


Here are the very first beers that will be available on Opening Day of the gallery, and below we have listed a litany of other gems waiting in the wings to be tapped the rest of the weekend!


Starting Lineup Including Pricing:

- Please Note: Prices below are SOLELY for the beer and does not include the price of Ray's Growler Glassware.


1. Karben4

Tokyo Sauna 5.5% ABV - EXCLUSIVE for Milwaukee craft bars and the Growler Gallery, this is a Piney Pale Ale 

-64oz $13

-32oz $7


2. Solemn Oath

Hexafoos 5.6% ABV - American Farmhouse Ale

-64oz $16
-32oz $9 


3. Hinterland Brewery

Ray's Exclusive IrRAYSistible Imperial Rye IPA 9% ABV - A beer ONLY available at Ray's Growler Gallery, this 9% ABV behemoth is a true, handcrafted work of art from our friends at Hinterland! It's big, bitter, and beautiful! We can't wait for you to try it!

-64oz $20 

-32oz $11


4. 3 Sheeps Bam-Ba-Lamb Brewed in Collaboration with 8th Street Ale Haus 8.6% ABV - Black Honey Saison

-64oz $18

-32oz $10


5. Abita Brewing

Pappy Van Winkle Barrel Aged Stout AKA Bourbon Street 10% ABV - The Rumors Are True! ONLY 6 sixth barrels came to Milwaukee and we have one! This will be tapped for the first 18 folks (or until the keg runs dry), available in a 32oz Growler ONLY!
-32oz $16


6. New Belgium Brewing 

Billy's Beer 10% ABV - Never heard of this one? Us neither! This is actually the ONLY barrel available outside of New Belgium's Tap Room, and we are unleashing it on Opening Day! This spicy, tart, Amarillo and Centennial hop brewed sensation is blended with a Hefeweizen yeast for an amazingly unique brew! One barrel available (Available in 32oz Growler ONLY!)!

-32oz $10   


These 6 are JUST the beginning! 


Here are some of the other brews that will be constantly rotated throughout the Gallery Opening Weekend:


New Belgium and Elysian Collaboration - Oyster Stout

Dark Horse Plead the 5th - You all know this legendary stout

Karben4 Fantasy Factory - Citra Hop Bomb IPA

Karben4 NightCall - Smoked Porter

Solemn Oath Snaggletooth Bandana - American IPA

Solemn Oath None More Black - Black Farmhouse Ale

Solemn Oath Ultrahighfrequency - Big, bready, hoppy red ale

Black Husky Sproose IPA - Ale Brewed with Sproose (the Beer that made Pembine, WI famous!)

Black Husky Howler - Imperial Pale Ale Brewed with Honey

Coronado Brewing Hoppy Daze  - Belgian Style IPA

O'so Brewing Sweet Lady Stout - #1 in a series of 12 Specialty Beers being released in 2014

O'so Brewing Coffee Train - Night Train & Sulawesi Toarco Peaberry Indonesian Coffee

O'so Brewing El Dorado Smash - Smash IPA

Abita Brewing Imperator - "Select Series" Black IPA

Potosi Brewing Templeton Slugger - Oatmeal Stout aged in Templeton Rye Barrels!

Potosi Brewing Tangerine Snake - Belgian Style IPA with Tangerines

Potosi Brewing Eclipse - Black IPA

Southern Tier Oak Aged Barleywine - 9.6% Beast of a beer

Left Hand Weak Sauce Porter - Special Release Coffee Porter

Sixpoint Seison - Hopped up farmhouse

And Finally: A Big Thank You To...


On a final note, we want to give a special thank you to the man that helped make our Growler Gallery Dreams come true: Andrew Braatz. Contractor. Man. Myth. Legend. "Braatz Building, Inc. is an owner-operated contractor that focuses on personalized and custom service for its clients throughout southeast Wisconsin." If you need ANYTHING for your house or business needs, please get in touch with Andrew Braatz at 414.736.4111 or Email info@braatzbuilding.com or twitter @braatzbuilding!

Bonus Round

Oh, we almost forgot! Every time you make a Growler purchase at Ray's Growler Gallery, at the bottom of your receipt, you'll notice something NEW: A one day ONLY, 10% OFF coupon for ALL 4-packs, 6-packs, 22oz bombers and single bottles of beer in the store downstairs, NO LIMIT! Please note this will not be applicable with any other coupons, special offers, case prices, or 12 packs! This is just our way of saying Thank You for showing us all the beer love! Cheers!


Well gang, we made it! We hope you're as excited as we are, and that you're ready for an extremely exciting weekend full of Growler Greatness. Questions? Comments? Queries? Please ask away! We're here for you! 


We realize this is a TON of info to throw at you in one go, and should you need any other information regarding the Gallery, please feel free to email kaleb@rayswine.com or give the shop a call at 414.258.9821!

Thank you for reading and we're looking forward to having many beer-ventures with y'all!

Orey, Kaleb, and the Gang at Ray's

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