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March 2, 2015
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Namco's Level 257 Attracts Press Attention
Namco Cybertainment's new concept location, Level 257 (a reference to the next step beyond the final level of the iconic game Pac-Man) captured the attention of local media last week when the doors were opened to the public. The facility is located at the Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, Ill., northwest of Chicago. 

The location features 16 lanes of bowling, as well as table tennis, air hockey and more than 80 games, including classic videos and pinballs. Level 257 also showcases a gift shop with '80s video game-themed goods and a restaurant offering an eclectic upscale menu that ranges from chicken wings, burgers and pizza to lobster mac and cheese, hamachi sashimi and Vietnamese bahn mi sandwiches.  

Here's a link  to one of several stories that appeared last week. Look for more on this location in an upcoming issue of RePlay.
AMOA-NDA Announces Regional Tourneys

Location details for the AMOA-NDA Regional Tournament series have been finalized.  The traditional three-tournament series will expand to four locations this year, providing players with even more affordable, fun opportunities to compete, says the association. 


Any NDA-sanctioned player can be a winner at the following locations: 

  • Sioux Falls, South Dakota - Nov. 6-8, 2015
  • Phoenix - Nov. 20-22, 2015
  • Indianapolis - Dec. 4-6, 2015
  • Rockford, Illinois - Jan. 8-10, 2016

NDA Regional Tournaments provide a fun and affordable way for players to gain competition experience and get local value out of their NDA-sanctioned status. Classified by skill rating, NDA tournaments provide a competitive experience where players have a great chance of winning no matter what level they play.


With over 300 winners last year at the three tournaments, the 2014 Regional Tournament series saw the most players to date.


The Regional Tournaments are open to any NDA-sanctioned player with 48 games played for a NDA operator in the qualifying period.  Each tournament features Open Singles 501, Open Singles Cricket, Open Doubles Cricket, Open Doubles '01 and Mixed Triples Combo.


Tournament schedules, venues and details will be announced in the coming weeks.


There are no geographic restrictions to participate in the Regional Tournaments. NDA-sanctioned players who meet the eligibility requirements from across the world are invited to participate. Players may sign up through their operator.

To learn more, operators can visit
Atari Pioneer Steve Bristow Is Gone
Back in the spring of 1976 (before Warner Communications bought the company), Atari broke ground for their campus of buildings in Sunnyvale. Their late engineer Steve Bristow, shown far right, was photographed with (from left) Nolan Bushnell, Gil Williams, Bill White, Gene Lipkin, mascot Chuck E. Cheese and Joe Keenan, all surrounding Stunt Cycle. Note cartons of home video consoles sitting on the grass..

Before there was even an Atari, there was Steve Bristow working with  trade icon Nolan Bushnell as an intern on Nutting Industries' seminal  Computer Space, considered the very first coin-operated video game.

After Bushnell started Atari with Pong, Bristow joined up working on such early pieces as Indy 800 and Tank, as well as the Pong followup Breakout alongside Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniac (the three Steves).


He also helped give birth to the first home video console, Atari's Model 2600. Bristow eventually became VP of Engineering and left the company in 1984. Condolences.