Congress of Connecticut
Community Colleges
February 11, 2016
Member Poll
The 4Cs wants to hear from YOU. The BOR proposals for contract negotiations have been posted on our website, . What is your reaction to the proposals?
4Cs Launches a Postcard Campaign to Protect Community Colleges
Earlier this week, we asked our members to take the time to call or draft a letter to their legislators, letting them know how the Governor's budget could destroy Community Colleges. In an effort to engage even more members, students, and community college supporters, we have started a postcard campaign. Our organizers will have postcards for members to sign at upcoming chapter meetings, but you can also sign up online (and share this link to encourage others to sign too!) 

The link asks for contact information so we can identify your state representative and senator. 

The 4Cs will be delivering them to legislators in bulk, so the more postcards, the better! 

The Newly-Renamed Diversity & Inclusion Committee 
Last year, among the changes approved by the membership, was the renaming of the Equal Opportunities Committee to the Diversity & Inclusion Committee. 4Cs Diversity Officer, William Foster, is calling a committee meeting on March 12 at 9am. All are welcome and encouraged to participate. The meeting will take place at the 4Cs office, 907 Wethersfield Ave, Hartford prior to the Delegate Assembly Meeting. 

If you cannot make the meeting but you are interested in volunteering on this committee, please contact William Foster

Last Week's Poll 
Last week, the 4Cs asked:
What is your reaction to the Governor's Budget?

Here are some answers that were shared:
  • Tired of hearing him speak about cost of state employees benefits to the "tax payers" as if we are not also contributing tax payers.
  • We simply cannot take any more budget cuts. We are operating at less than bare bones. We have too many part-time faculty. We need more full-time faculty who are on-campus on a regular basis to provide students with advisement and mentoring. The cuts need to come from the excessive amount of administrator positions in Hartford. Cuts to our pension will only result in more elderly residents who will end up on state assistance in the future.  
  • The years-long budget crisis has me totally demoralized. We are the fourth richest state, we simply lack the moral spine to tax the wealthy in proportion to their enormous earnings. Due to random circumstance I am perpetually on the razor's edge when it comes to budget cuts and will likely lose my job and home and stop contributing to the economy altogether as a result of these cuts. This is personal.
  • The states spending has been way out of hand.  Taxes are way out of hand too.  Everybody is leaving the state.  Families and companies can no longer survive here.  Without companies, there goes our tax base. Therefore over taxing them, they have no choice but to leave.  They cannot remain competitive. We need to attract companies not drive them away.   The state is not attracting people with money.  However it is attracting people who are looking for welfare. There is no middle class any more.  There are just rich or poor.
  • I am DEEPLY concerned about the propositions put forth by Governor Malloy and the Board of Regents. These propositions will punish the people on the front lines of Education and other vital public services - such propositions diminish incentives to maintain and attract talent to Connecticut's higher education system. Lastly, the cuts seem unfair - they seem to lack fiscal logic as they protect unnecessary and expensive positions to sacrifice the ones necessary to keep education alive.


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4Cs Calendar

February 11
Northwestern Chapter Meeting
Time: Noon
Location: Joyner, Lower Level

February 16
Middlesex Chapter Meeting
Time: 3:30pm
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February 24
Tunxis Chapter Meeting
Time: 6pm
Location: 2-201

February 25
Tunxis Chapter Meeting
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Manchester Chapter Meeting
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Location: TBA

February 27
Membership Committee Meeting
Time: 10am
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