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GOING WITHIN - a resource newsletter to help people find their center.

With all the "noise" in our political and outer world these days, it is crucial to stay centered in our own energy, not allowing exterior forces to control our interior climate. Finding ways to get quiet, embrace silence, and become still are now more important than ever to our ongoing wellness. As the din increases so do the resources to counteract and negate influences that seek to create instability, unbalance in our lives.

Not only do the Twin Cities and greater MN/WI region have abundant resources for learning meditation, gathering in meditation groups, and space to get quiet, but online resources abound as well. is one of them.

I'd also like to recommend Christina Donnell's audio series that ushers one gently into a very deep dialogue with The Silence. See her banner ad below.

Alan Pritz is a wonderful yoga and meditation teacher I also recommend and seems to have the gift of bringing one quickly into a space of stillness.

I've not been to Journey Inn but I can certainly vouch for the integrity of spirit of its owners John Huffaker and Charlene Torchia and expect nothing less than a quality inner exploration experience when you visit.

Take the deep dive, go within, and find your own special place of silence.

Lynn LaFroth
girl meditating on water
Spring Renewal: Virtue and Valor
By Alan L. Pritz

Spring is typically seen as a season of both physical and spiritual renewal. Given the political upheavals confronting this country, and world, one could say that applies - but with steroids! It is hard to remain calmly centered during such periods but that is precisely what we must do while simultaneously acting to restore peace and righteousness to our nation and planet. In many ways what we are seeing outwardly is a reflection of the battle each of us is called to engage in inwardly. In Vedic tradition, the battle fought in the Bhagavad Gita is really a metaphor for facilitating the restoration of soul consciousness over material consciousness. READ MORE>>
alan pritz
Rev. Alan Pritz
Meditation in the Kriya Yoga Tradition
Saturday, April 8
9:00am - 3:30 pm

Normandale Community College
This training provides detailed understanding of meditation from a yogic spiritual tradition, how it works from a scientific one, and why incorporating it into daily life is so valuable. Excellent for any who wish to learn about meditation from a classic yoga perspective & as a means for inner growth - regardless of faith orientation. $149. More info:
To Register: or call 952-358-8343.
Journey Inn provides ideal quiet retreat space in the hills of Wisconsin (1 hour from St Paul). Come for a time-away personal retreat and/or receive the support of a Life Direction Coach and an Energy Therapist at the EarthSky BodyMind Center.
       Enjoy a deep soak in the Japanese Soaking Tub and walk the Labyrinth. Massage and personalized Yoga sessions available. Also, yearly scheduled retreats - Women's, Yoga & Couples, or custom-made for your group. Serving organic brunch at the Inn.   715-448-2424   Facebook at Journey Inn, an eco-retreat

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