The Challenge!
The Brandeis Brief
July 2012
Issue #5
The Louis D. Brandeis Center has had yet another great month.  June featured a C-SPAN debate with Arab American activists, a widely read article on Title VI, the Brandeis Center's first U.S. Supreme Court brief, and an important challenge from an anonymous donor.
Anonymous Donor Issues Major Challenge
Louis D. Brandeis
An anonymous donor has extended a major challenge to the Louis D. Brandeis Center.  This donor, an important source of Jewish communal philanthropy, has pledged to match new LDB contributions up to $100,000 at a rate of 1:2 this year.  In other words, this donor will contribute $50 for every $100 that LDB receives in new contributions.  This challenge is part of a three-year pledge in the low six figures.  Now that contributions to LDB are tax-deductible under section 501(c)(3), this new challenge will help ensure that LDB is able to combat campus anti-Semitism through cutting-edge research, public policy education and legal advocacy.  We welcome tax-exempt contributions from everyone who shares our commitment to combating anti-Semitism on college and university campuses.


 Debating Anti-Semitism  

Debating Taboos


LDB President Kenneth L. Marcus participated in a debate on "Responses to Anti-Semitism" as part of Ralph Nader's series on "Debating Taboos."  On June 22, Marcus and Josef Olmert debated Arab civil rights advocates James Zogby and Jack Shaheen in Washington, D.C.  The event will be broadcast on C-SPAN at a later date.


Aristotle, Alarmism and Campus Anti-Semitism 

In the battle over campus anti-Semitism, alarmists are too often pitted against quietists.  In this widely discussed article, Kenneth L. Marcus explains a middle way which is more reasonable than these approaches.  Matthew Ackerman comments in Commentary Contentions that this article providees a "refreshing window into what things look like at ground level."
Jews, Asians and Discrimination in College Admissions


Supreme Court 

The Brandeis Center made its first filing at the U.S. Supreme Court.  In June, LDB teamed up with several Asian civil rights organization, including the 80-20 National Asian American Educational Foundation, to speak out against anti-Jewish and anti-Asian discrimination. The Brandeis-80-20 joint brief challenges policies which restrict the admission of Asian Americans at the University of Texas. The brief shows how contemporary anti-Asian policies mimic methods which were previously used to restrict the enrollment of Jewish students in American universities during the last century. LDB Legal Advisor Alan Gura authored the brief.


Next week, Kenneth L. Marcus will address anti-Israel discrimination in appearances at Tel Aviv University and the University of Haifa.  He will be joined by LDB Advisors Richard Cravatts and Tammi Rossman-Benjamin in events sponsored by Scholars for Peace in the Middle East. 
As always, we are interested in hearing from college students and faculty who need our help fighting anti-Semitic harassment and hostile environments for Jewish students on campus.  We also welcome inquiries from university administrators who seek technical assistance on civil rights compliance or best practices for achieving a university environment in which all faculty and students can excel in the pursuit of knowledge.
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Can We Help You to Fight Campus Anti-Semitism? 

The Louis D. Brandeis Center stands ready if we can help you to combat anti-Semitism in higher education. Please contact us if you are a student or professor who needs our help.  We are also available to provide technical assistance to university administrators who are interested in achieving legal compliance and best practices for eliminating campus anti-Semitism.