September celebrations, new teaching strategies and 5 most needed items
A new school year has started

Welcome to a new school year.  We've now been back a month and I can already see that it is going to be a great year. If you didn't already see it you can catch the highlights from our first day back on the school website.

It has been a rough summer for San Pedro. A fire destroyed a city block - including the old Waraguma Restaurant - and Hurricane Earl did significant damage to the foreshore, damaging or destroying most docks and businesses on those docks, and leaving almost 50 homes in San Mateo in need of rebuilding. 

Fortunately, Holy Cross came through unscathed. Thank you again to our many volunteers who built our school strong!

Subject Teaching
Some big changes for good have taken place in our senior classes. Our large Std 6 class has been  split in half to create two smaller std 6 classes under the experienced guidance of Ms Zulma and Ms Jamira.

To give the students the very best shot at success, instead of being taught all subjects by just one teacher, four of our top teachers are teaming up to teach their strongest subjects.  

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September is a month of celebrations as we study our history and celebrate our independence on September 21. This was marked by a special flag raising ceremony. Students also showed their patriotism at the annual children's rally.
Volunteer Helper
We are pleased to welcome Alina, who is a Projects Abroad volunteer helping in our infant division for 4 months. She came all the way from Switzerland to help us as part of an internship for her college studies in social work. We are grateful to have her.
We need the following
As always we rely on visitors to bring supplies. If you know anyone coming in the next month or two ask them to bring some of these 5 most urgent items, and check our full list for other items we need. 
  • Basketballs and hoops - all sizes from preschool to adult.
  • Construction paper
  • Craft supplies (craft sticks, pipe cleaners, beads, foam paper, paper plates and bags, ribbons etc)
  • Page protectors - like these
  • Wide tip permanent markers for teachers to make supplies. We need black, green, blue, red, yellow, purple (These are perfect)
Mission Team Opportunity
We are looking for mission or volunteer teams this spring and summer as we build, paint, repair and of course play with our students. Please tell whoever you know who coordinates trips that Holy Cross is a great place to help. You can read about previous trips on our blog.

If you have building skills but can't come with a team, why not take a holiday in Belize, go diving in the morning and help after school hours?

If you're interested to find out more contact our Volunteer Coordinator Dora at
Thank you once again for your ongoing support and interest in Holy Cross School.


Lydia Brown & The staff at Holy Cross
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