October 24, 2016

Dassault Falcon 8X delivery. Dassault has delivered its 1st Falcon 8X, the company's new ultra-long range a/c. Athens-based Amjet Execu-tive accepted the 8X which received its EASA FAA certification in June. "To see our new flagship Falcon handed over right on time in perfect operating order gives us immense pride," says Dassault Chairman and CEO Eric Trappier.
  An additional 11 aircraft are in final assembly and 16 are being painted and outfitted with further deliveries expected in the coming weeks. Click here for video tour of the 8X. 

FlightSafety Intl offers Dassault 8X initial and recurrent training programs at its centers in Dallas, Paris and Teterboro.

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Electronic Flight Bags continue to establish their role in aviation's paradigm shift toward exchang-ing paper for electronic devices. There are countless EFB applications and flight planning tools in the market with varied offerings and price points. DroidEFB sets itself apart from other apps of similar capacity as it's designed with the Android user only in mind.

NEXRAD and ADS-B traffic above

Banyan FXE hosting Seaplane Splash-In on Nov 19.  Banyan is hosting a free event for seaplane operators and those interested in learning more about their operation. Event runs 9 to 4. There will be 2 workshops with guest speakers and a Quest Kodiak and Aerocet on floats on display. Licensed pilots attending can enter to win a free seaplane rating. RSVP emailing by  gconley@banyanair.com .

Daher's 800th TBM.
Daher has completed its 800th TBM as a TBM 930. "The 800th TBM represents another important achievement and highlights the success of our very fast turboprop aircraft family, whose first model-the TBM 700-entered into production 25 years ago," says Daher's Sr VP Nicolas Chabbert. The aircraft will be received by Elliott Aviation, an authorized TBM distributor. TBM aircraft have logged a combined 1.37 million flight hours and the global fleet has been flown by more than 730 customers across six continents.

Electric Robinson R44 completes 1st flight. Electric conversion was created by Tier 1 Engineering of Costa Mesa CA.  "Never before has a manned helicopter performed a vertical takeoff, cruise and landing solely on battery power, and we are thrilled to have also achieved 400 ft altitude and 80 kts during our 1st full test flight," says Tier 1 Pres Glen Dromgoole. Photo above (courtesy of Flyer) shows 100 lbs of Brammo Lithium Polymer batteries.  There are also twin electric motors. The 5-min flight drained approx 20% of battery energy. 
Uber researching new vertical takeoff ride offering. Uber is investigating the potential for short-haul flying in cities utilizing vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL). Uber expects the technology could be put into use within a decade. While the plans are in very early stages, Uber thinks it could be a service people will share together.

Pictured (L-R) are from West Star GJT Dave Krogman and Sam Haycraft, from Dept of Colorado Public Health & Environment Lynette Myers and from West Star GJT Kraig Meyer.

West Star GJT (Grand Jct CO) earns Environmental Leadership Award for 3rd year.
  Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) recognizes Colorado companies  that go above and beyond compliance with state and federal regs and are committed to environmental improvements. Since joining the program in 2010, West Star has recycled batteries, oil, antifreeze, tires and recovered 37.8 lbs of silver from its x-ray process. In addition the GJT base reduced its energy usage enough to provide 37 homes with electricity for 1 yr and reduced VOC pollutants.  

Hartzell offering special pricing. Company has released special pricing for its 5-blade composite propeller designed for the Piper Meridian and Piper M500. Price is listed at $49,000 for the 5-blade Raptor™ light weight hub, ASCII Carbon fiber blades, compatible de-ice equipment, new polished spinner assembly, gust lock covers and full STC documentation. Warranty covers Hartzell propellers all the way through 1st overhaul.    

Rockwell Collins signs agreement with Stellar Lab. Together  the   companies  will design an end-to-end flight mgmt platform for operators using ARINC as the conduit.

U S elections don't have strong impact on business patterns in short run. Dire predictions are abounding that an economic downturn will surely happen if (insert Republican or Democrat as desired) is elected.  

Based on research by Quartz, there is little evidence the markets react in the short term. Below is a graph for the S&P Aerospace & Defense Index over the past 5 U S election cycles. Year 2008 is an anomaly as there was an economic meltdown going on during the elections. Long term presidential  policy choices will impact markets, especially in highly regulated industries.


Manuel Romero Vargas Catering at TLC shows off its culinary skills.  
Food was destined for The Who band as they  flew out on a Legacy charter flight after performing in Mexico City.  Manny's can bring catering to TLC (Toluca), MEX (Mexico Intl), CVJ (Cuernavaca Arpt) and QRO (Queretaro Intl). Any dish requested can be prepared. Chefs do specialize in Mexican and intl cuisine. Catering company is named after the founder of Manny's who passed away in Dec 2014.

Gulfstream sells last G150.  Aircraft model entered service in 2006 and the final G150 will be delivered in mid-2017. The compact  G150 was modestly priced at $15.7 million in 2016 and was built in partnership with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) in Tel Aviv. Ceasing production allows Gulfstream to focus on super midsize and large-cabin markets. Gulfstream Pres Mark Burns assures the 120 G150 operators that Gulfstream will support their aircraft with parts, engineering and personnel. 
    This leaves the mid-size a/c field to the G280 with a price tag of $24.5 million. It's now the sole Gulfstream model manufactured in Israel. There are approx 100 G280s delivered
to date.  

Sikorsky is staying in CT. Sikorsky Aircraft will remain headquartered in Connecticut for another 16 yrs in exchange for about $220 million worth of subsidies. It's expected that by staying in Connecticut, the state will retain and add 8,000 jobs and Lockheed Martin will move production of around 200 CH-53K King Stallions to the state. Deal still needs the blessing of the General Assembly and Sikorsky's union.  

Meridian HWD (Hayward CA) opens for business. 
An empty hangar photo may seem like an odd choice to celebrate the opening of a newly constructed FBO, but pilot priorities are paxs 1st and then seeing where their trusty steeds will be sheltered. Meridian is definitely providing 5-Star housing in its 30,000 sq ft hangar. Epic is the chosen fuel provider for the Hayward base. Airport is a general aviation specific airport with no airline traffic and the airport has no curfew. Meridian is celebrating its grand opening on Dec 15. See elapsed time video of Meridian's hangar flooring being created.

GE begins next generation helicopter engine testing. GE Aviation at Lynn MA has begun testing a next generation US Army helicopter engine that may have civilian applications as well. GE has printed 3-D parts for the Future Affordable Turbine Engine (FATE) program. New engine will reduce fuel consumption by more than 1/3, re-duce production and mx costs almost in half, and provide an 80% boost in power-to-weight ratio.   

Tunica UTA joins Paragon. Tunica Air Center at UTA (Tunica Muni, MS)  is now the 1st Mississippi FBO member of the Paragon Network. UTA offers an 8500 ft runway. Tunica's exec facility features 11,000 sq ft of terminal space with a unique cantilever canopy and full amenities. Paragon Network is a membership of independent FBOs in North America that share information to remain competitive in the current FBO industry.

Wilson is celebrating its 20th yr in business with customer appreciation events. Customers can register to win monthly prizes throughout 2016 at all 4 Wilson bases: CLT (Charlotte), MEM (Memphis), HOU (Hobby Arpt, Houston) and CHA (Chattanooga TN).

Halo effect memorializes 2 fallen soldiers. Former Green Beret and war photographer/writer Michael Yon often captured this halo effect in photos taken in Afghanistan when he was with US and allied troops during 
the 2000s. He named the phenomenon the 
Kopp-Etchells Effect after 2 fallen soldiers. Army Ranger Benjamin Kopp and British soldier Joseph Etchells both were KIA at Helmand Province within a day of each other in 2009.  This effect is caused by dust striking the spinning rotor disk. Contact of the particles with the rotating blades produces either sparks or static electricity.

Canadian pilot licensing rules require only flight sim training. Recent change no longer requires pilots to log flight time in actual aircraft to remain licensed. Transport Canada said the change will make training more cost-effective and efficient while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This rule is at odds with the US and EU requirements. Canadian Federal Pilots Assoc (CFPA) have called the move reckless.

Mecham Air Center PDX.  Gregg Mecham, a northwest private developer, is building Mecham Air Ctr (MAC) at PDX (Portland OR). MAC is a 111,000 sq ft facility with 96,000 sq ft of exec corporate hangars and 15,000 sq ft of general and exec office space located directly on the airport's north runway.  MAC is now pre-leasing with an expected completion date of Q4 2017.  Mecham saw a need for dedicated exec hangars for companies, fractional a/c mgmt or MROs needing space for 1 or more aircraft. There is no similar space available on the west coast at an intl airport, whether in the Seattle or California markets, and PDX is right in the middle making it a short hop north or south. Oregon also is a tax free state. Click here for more information:

Used business jet market provokes continued discussion as prices decline and inventory numbers remain steady. According to JETNET records, 11.6% of the active fleet was represented by used jets on the market at the end of Aug 2016. Large cabin and ultra-long range segment has seen up to a 30% decline in pricing (Pres of Rolland Vincent Assoc Rolland Vincent,  avbuyer.com, 2016). While significant price reductions typically are reflective of a decrease in demand, such is not the case with the pre-owned business jet market as evidenced by stability amongst transactions. Shown on link below are Oversupply Outlook, Inspection Introspection and Timely Transactions and Buyer Power. Click here to continue.

China sends vines into space in quest for perfect wine. When China's newest space lab, Tiangong 2, blasted off in mid-Sep its cargo reportedly included a selection of cabernet, sauvignon, merlot and pinot noir vines. Re-searchers hope exposure to "space radiation" may trigger genetic changes in the vines that will help them evolve new resistance to coldness, drought and viruses. One of the emerging Chinese wine industry regions is Ningxia that has punishing winter temperatures as low as -25C.   

ICAO passes resolution to limit aviation emissions. 
Introduced is the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for Intl Aviation (CORSIA) that will require intl airspace users to measure, verify and report their green house 
gas emissions. Goals for lowering CO2 ratified in early Oct call for holding the increase in global average temperature to 1.5°C. And by 2028 new aircraft will need to reduce fuel consumption by 4% and meet a global CO2 standard. 
   Starting in 2021, Europe, China and the US have volunteered to test the parameters of the measurement program ICAO puts in place. Then other countries will come on board during the mandatory phase in 2027. 
   It's anticipated that carbon offsetting will work by 1st measuring, verifying and reporting a company's corporate carbon footprint. Then a company purchases "carbon offset credits" for any emissions it can't actively reduce by itself. These credits will be invested in projects around the world to help hold down CO2 emis-sions.  ICAO is working on technical and procedural details. 

Colorado jetCenter finishes interior reno-vation project. 
Renovation at jetCenter at COS (Colorado Spgs CO) has focused on the common areas of the FBO. Walls were moved to open up the terminal, the ceiling was heightened and LED lighting was installed throughout the facility. Colorado jetCenter offers Avfuel, has 400,000 sq ft of ramp space, 50,000 sq ft of climate-controlled hangar space and on-site US Customs.

Constant Av launches Beechjet engine lease/exchange program. Constant Aviation Rotable Exchange (CARE) has launched a multifaceted solution for Beechjet operators with Pratt & Whitney JT15D-5 and -5R engines. New program will allow customers flexibility to lease, exchange or outright purchase depending upon their situation. In addition to parts specific to the engine, the CARE program also has an extensive Beechjet inventory with over 9,000 line items valued at over $5.2 million.

UK finds highest number of laser attacks are in Yorkshire. After analyzing a year's worth of laser strike data, the National Police Air Service (NAS) found 91 attacks happened in the Yorkshire area in 2015, with 20 of those being against helicopters taking off from its hq in West Yorkshire. Restriction on laser sales have gone into effect, and the Civil Aviation Authority is calling for new punitive laws. www.bbc.com

Astronautics earns FAA contract on cyber-security. As aircraft systems become more connected, security concerns blossom. Research project earned by Milwaukee-based Astronautics will include the development of an efficient, timely and repeatable process that identifies system security vulnerabilities, threats and safety risks. 

Disappearing Greenland ice sheet. 
Using a network of GPS sensors, scientists estimate that Greenland has lost an average of 590
trillion lbs of ice every year between 2003 and 2013. Loss of the ice sheet impacts global sea rise and is key to predicting future effects of climate change. View video here :  

World Fuel Services welcomes
5 FBOs to its network: 
* Circle Air Group SEE (San Diego), 
   branded Ascent.
* Emery Air RFD (Chicago/Rockford), 
   branded  Phillips.
Guardian Jet Ctr ONT (Ontario CA), 
   branded  Ascent.
Jet Av VNY (Van Nuys), branded Phillips.
* Popular Grove Arpt C77 (Poplar Grove IL),
   branded Phillips.

Alzheimer's early tell.  Researchers believe cognitive impairment begins well before signs
of dementia. A bnormal plaque build up puts pressure on the parts of the brain driving language, so deterioration in vocabulary may be an early warning sign of Alzheimer's. In this scenario generic words become substituted for more descriptive  words, like  "dog" vs "retriever." Medicines are being developed to address and retard this early sign of the disease.
Duncan to develop STCs for Gogo 4G Service. Duncan is developing STCs for the Falcon 900 series, Bombardier Global Express series, Challenger 600 series and Gulfstream 200 aircraft so it can install the new Gogo 4G system when it's available in the first  half of 2017.  4G Gogo system will provide higher speed service in the cabin. Duncan is a certified Gogo dealer and has extensive experience in WiFi installations.

Saker Aviation acquires Aircraft Services. This means Saker expands into mx at its GCK (Garden City KS) facility. Aircraft Services provides SE piston and ME turbine airframe and powerplant service. Shown L-R above  are Aircraft Services Shop Mgr Gary Keller and wife Kim, Saker Customer Svcs Mgr Deborah Crotts and husband FBO Mgr Jon, and Pres of Saker Aviation Ron Ricciardi.  

Helicopter Travel Munich (HTM) orders an Airbus H145 for wind farm. As wind farms are moving increasingly out to sea, HTM believes the larger transport capacity and dual pilots of the H145 are a necessity. for its operation of 11 H135s in the North Sea. 


Charlotte County (FL) Sheriff's Office has APG Avionics install CONTROP Precision Technologies SITE-20 system to its Bell OH-58. System integrates the surveillance, infrared, thermal and electro-optical cameras on the helicopter. Click for more

Elon Musk announces every new Tesla  will have technology to drive itself. It won't activate the functionality until regulators give the green light.

European Space Agency lost contact with its Mars lander after it descended to the planet's surface. However the TGO satellite is in the correct orbit to search the atmosphere for signs of life. Click for more.

Marshall County ND Sheriff's Office has purchased a DJI Inspire UAS to assist in missing persons searches, photographing crime scenes and other tasks. Click for more

Augmented Paper is Montblanc's answer to digitizing handwriting. The bluetooth pen and leather-bound pad together transmit handwriting directly to digital devices. Cost: $650. Click for more

BLR's FastFin tailboom mod for Airbus H125 nears FAA certification, to be followed by EASA approval. 

Women in Corporate Av (WCA) will present 15 scholarships at NBAA on Nov 2. Awards will help recipients develop leadership abilities, achieve more training  and further their careers in business aviation. Click for more

Facebook unveiled new features that will allow customers to order food for delivery, book salon appointments and buy event tickets through its website and app. It's a step to rival Google and Amazon in local e-commerce. Click for more

RUAG receives extension on EASA and FAA Pt 145 approvals. At its Geneva (GVA) facility RUAG has received approval to do mx on Bombardier Challenger 604 and 605 models. 

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Accurately predict which side of the cookie the cream will end up on an Oreo.   Aerospace engineers found a way to predict with 100% accuracy where the cream ends up when you twist open an Oreo.   Here's how it works: Position the Oreo box so the text on the packaging is facing you. Take out the cookie in the upper left hand corner of the box. If the cream ends up on the left biscuit, it'll end up on the left biscuit for every cookie in that box. Where the cream ends up is a feature of the manufacturing process. Read More.

Floating airports. Airports require massive amounts of space and there are certain locations where extra space is inaccessible. Some planners are looking toward developing "floating" runways that could be developed over a sea surface. San Diego Airport is currently looking at a solution put forth by Adam England which calls for an entire $20 billion business plan. Concept is based on an "oil-rig floating platform" with 200 million sq ft over 4 stories of space which could be used for hotels, restaurants and parking. http://gizmodo.com

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