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May 2017 Florida Trust News
Let's Make Preservation Month Last All Year Long
I'm feeling a little wistful as we wrap up Historic Preservation Month.  We at the Florida Trust have felt your energy this month as you work to save and promote the historic places that matter to you - and it's been wonderful. Thank you for sharing your stories with us.

Wouldn't it be great if each month we felt this enthusiasm? I know I gave myself permission to experience new historic places in May, after all it was Preservation Month. What if we carried that enthusiasm and motivation with us all year long?

Join us as we Explore Cuba: Past & Present 
Join us for an unforgettable trip exploring Cuba's unique architecture and heritage. This year, for the first time, the Florida Trust will travel to Havana and be adding two additional locations to its itinerary: Cienfuegos and Trinidad de Cuba.

We will be traveling Sept. 30 through Oct. 7, 2017, and our program includes hotel, most meals and excursions and your flight from Miami to Havana and back to Miami. On our trip we will we be exploring the architecture, culture and history of Havana, but also traveling to Cienfuegos and exploring Trinidad de Cuba. Adding these two locations will allow travelers to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the many historical treasures of Cuba. Register now!

Introducing the 2017 Florida's 11 to Save
The 2017 Florida's 11 to Save, the most threatened
historic   places in the state, wa announced during the Opening Ceremony of the Florida Trust Conference May 18 in St. Petersburg.

The Florida's 11 to Save is a starting point for the Florida Trust's advocacy and education efforts, and the beginning of advocacy efforts for each of the properties in the year ahead.

This year's list reflects Florida's rich and diverse history. Those who love Florida have called for help protecting these special historic places, from pioneer-era to mid-century modern, from historic African American schools to downtowns, we are committed to protect our state's extraordinary history and heritage.
Several themes emerged from this year's Florida's 11 to Save. Two properties are associated with historically significant women - cattle rancher and politician Edna Pearce Lockett and nationally renowned author Laura Riding Jackson. Two others highlight cultural resources affiliated with Florida's African American history including the Jackson House in Tampa and a serial nomination for Historic African American Schools.  

Locations and descriptions of each 11 to Save property, plus information on  the 11 to Save program can be found on our website.
Florida Preservation Conference 2017 - It's A Wrap
Faces of the 2017 Preservation Awards
2017 Carl Wienhardt Recipient
2017 Master Craftsman
2017 Individual Leader Recipient

In the Awards Ceremony at the 2017 Florida Preservation Conference, the Florida Trust announced its 2017 Preservation Awards recipients. The Florida Preservation Awards program showcases projects, groups and individuals that further the preservation of the architectural, archaeological and cultural resources of the Sunshine State. Learn more about the Florida Trust Annual Preservation Awards program or read about each of our 2017 winners online. Congratulations to all of the winners, and thank you for all you do to protect Florida's extraordinary history and heritage!
Florida Historic Preservation Event and News
Florida's 11 to Save News Coverage.
News outlets from across the state covered the announcement of Florida's 11 to Save, the most threatened historic properties in the state, which was announced during our conference May 18.

Here is some of the coverage:
Preservation Award Winner: This Famous Palm Beach House Earned a  State Preservation Award
The story quotes Florida Trust Executive Director Melissa Wyllie who said  the Antoninis' renovation was a commendable example of a project that seeks to enhance and support original historic elements, while making necessary modern upgrades. The Casa Marius renovation brings the building increased safety and functionality, with a focus on retaining irreplaceable details and original materials.

Cemetery Resource Protection Training Conference
Flagler College, St. Augustine, June 1-2, 2017

The Northeast Center of the Florida Public Archaeology Network at F lagler College is excited to host cemetery preservationist from all across the state for the 3rd CRPTc III Conference , June 1-2 
in St. Augustine, Florida. 

View the flyer or learn how to register at the above conference link. 

Tidally United Summit 2017
Seminole Native Learning Center, Hollywood, August 4-5

Heritage Monitoring Scouts will host the 2017 Tidally United Summit to raise awareness about how climate change will impact archaeological and culturally significant sites. Florida has more than 16,000 cultural sites that would be inundated by a 3-foot rise in sea level. Heritage Monintoring Scouts is a public engagement program focused on tracking changes to archaeological sites at risk, particularly those impacted by climate change in the form of erosion and sea level rise. Read more on this program or register at the FPAN Website.

Do you have a story or update you wish to share with the Florida Trust community? Contact Ann Farran at the Florida Trust with your news ideas and information for possible inclusion in future Preservation e-News issues.
Thanks to our Preservation Conference Sponsors!
We are proud to have the support of our sponsors, many of whom support our conference year after year. The following supporters were key to the success of the Florida Preservation Conference in 2017.  Learn more about these wonderful supporters at the Florida Trust Annual Conference page.
2017 Sponsor Logos
Historic Preservation: Did you know... 

YMCA, cir. 1920's, Tampa, Florida
Did you know: The  Cornice or crowning projection at a roof line, often with molding or other classical detail, was created to protect the elevation of a building from falling rain. 

Proven effective over time, the cornice is maintained and built in old and new buildings throughout the United States today.
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