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Early Summer 2012 Edition

June 25, 2012 
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Welcome to the Early Summer edition of the Alumni Career Newsletter!
Employer Perspective

Discovering Skills and Knowledge Resources.  By Louis L. Minisci, Jr., Concurrent Technologies Corp., Class of 1991-'96M

Maintaining or improving your skills and knowledge can be challenging in today's workplace. In order to stay competitive, it is important to continue to expand your skills and knowledge.  Unfortunately, given the current state of the economy and budgetary cutbacks in many industries, employers may not have funds available for providing formal educational opportunities. The question then becomes, "How can I improve my skills/knowledge without spending a whole bunch of money and where should I look"? There are a variety of possibilities for accessing resources that are either free or minimal cost that can be used to help improve your skills/knowledge including but not limited to: online resources, employer provided training/resources, professional associations.  


Read more on discovering skills and knowledge.

Virtual Job Fair

SU Alumni AssociationAre you looking for a job or looking to hire for a position at your organization? Why not participate in the Virtual Job Fair. The job fair is live from June 15 - August 15. If interested in registering, go to This is a consortium event, open to recent and experienced alumni from 12 MD, PA, and WV colleges including Shippensburg University. This is a free event for alumni to search and apply for positions. The cost for employers to post jobs and access the resume database is $100.

Highlighted Job Postings

These companies are looking to hire SHIP alumni. You can find out more about these opportunities as well as other opportunities on College Central at  

SU Alumni Association


Accounting Positions, Reinsel Kuntz Lesher LLP
1. Staff Accountant
, York, PA Office

    Entry Level, Recent Graduate with a 3.0 GPA at graduation.
Experienced Senior Accountant, Reading, PA Office
3.  Several Experienced Accountants (all levels), York, PA Office due to expansion. 

Send resume to Yvonne R. Rosenbaum, CPA, PHR Chief Administrative Officer at


SPORTS WRITER, Gettysburg Times

Full-time position needed at Gettysburg Times. This position covers high school sports and some college sports. Good writing skills and knowledge of sports are necessary. Layout and pagination skills preferred. Benefits. Interested candidates should send resume and cover letter to Gettysburg Times, 1570 Fairfield Road, P.O. Box 3669, Gettysburg, PA 17325. Resumes can be emailed to: Send clips, if available. 

Sales Representative, Mauell Corporation

Achieve the targeted sales volume, lead generation, travel to prospects and customers, and maintain customer relationships; Create and orchestrate annual sales plan for targeted sales assignment. Contact suspects, meet prospects, qualify opportunities and close sales; Data entry and continuous growth of contact base and maintenance of CRM data in company system in a timely manner; Introduce company via cold calling; Communicate sales and engineering data to established contacts via email, telephone calls, in-person visits, mailings and other methods normal to the sales process; Request and provide guidance for the creation of proposals for customers and prospects, and then present the final version to the client in a timely and professional manner.

Bachelor of Science or equivalent education and experience. 3+ years in a consultative selling environment and experience selling to "C" level executives with the ability to drive results over an extended sales cycle. More information can be found at            

Please email resumes to This position has a starting pay of $50,000 per year plus commission.


Shift Supervisor and Supervisor Positions, JLG

Second Shift Supervisor position (Shippensburg)

Supervisor position at Hykes facility (Greencastle)

Interested candidates should apply through; Click "Career Center"; "search jobs";  "external candidate opportunities" and search for openings (fill in selected criteria).

StrategyEmployer Perspective: Discovering Skills and Knowledge cont.

Online resources are probably the most frequently used because of the ease of access and availability. Simply searching on your favorite search engine with a few key words plus "training" will return a list of websites that provide information on the desired topic. Websites can provide a range of information from "teasers" to get you to join (fee-based) to full articles/training with no associated fees. Blogs can offer some content but maybe oriented toward opinion rather than fact. A word of caution is to take information gathered from Blogs with a grain of salt.


Some employers invest in resources and programs that an employee has the ability to access that focus on skills/knowledge development. These resources may include: tuition reimbursement, mentoring, self-study courses, knowledge sharing and employer provided training. These resources can be underutilized if the existence is not well publicized or that person is unable because of other commitments (i.e. family, community, etc). 


Professional associations are an excellent resource for obtaining training/skill. Associations will coordinate with members/non-members to present topics that would be of interest to the group. The sessions can vary in length and content can be a brief introduction to extremely advanced.   Shippensburg University offers workshops periodically through the year for alumni ranging from Interview Skills and Resume Building to Teamwork and Ethics in a Multigenerational Company and

Engaging Employees to Maximize Their Potential.


There are many ways to maintaining or improving your skills and knowledge. To find the resource that fits your need, it just involves some "digging" on your part.

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Don't allow yourself to get into the summer slump with job searching. If you are looking for a job or want to revamp your resume, contact Lorie Davis in the University Relations Office at 717-477-1218 or at for free career assistance. 

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