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Late Summer 2012 Edition

August 1, 2012 
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Welcome to the Late Summer edition of the Alumni Career Newsletter!
Employer Perspective

Top Three Empowering Principles to Get Where You Want to Go.  By Dave Hargrave, Federated Insurance

Have you ever been distraught by the news you hear about how bad the economy is and how hard it must be to find a great job?  Have you ever had thoughts of settling for something less than you believe you should have? Great, now that you know you are human let's dig a little deeper into the foundation of those thoughts. What is your reason for wanting to achieve? Why do you toil so much in trying to make yourself smarter or stronger?  The groundwork of this article is the steadfast foundation of our existence in America as we know it: The free enterprise system.  The basic freedom that ignites the purpose for getting up in the morning and giving your best effort to better yourself is founded on the freedom we have in America to pursue any dream we can think of. 


Sometimes it is easy for those of us that live in America to take for granted the opportunity we have even in the midst of a recession. We let the dream stealers tell us how bad things are and we allow them to take away our inspiration to dream bigger dreams. It is my sincere passion to inspire you and reignite your ingenuity, tenacity, and compassion to achieve absolutely anything you want to achieve. There are three fundamental principles to bind around your heart that will empower you and set you free from the doubters. 


Read more on the top three empowering principles.

Virtual Job Fair

SU Alumni Association

Over 40 employers are registered on the virtual job fair including: ABC Care, Inc., Clark Associates, Inc., Commonwealth of PA: State Civil Service Commission, Glessner Protective Services, Inc., Hoffman Homes for Youth, Manassas City Public Schools, Monocacy Neurodevelopmental Ctr, Morris|Hardwick|Schneider, Pennsylvania Counseling Service, and The Beistle Company.


The Virtual Job Fair will run until August 15th. Be sure to check it out at This is a consortium event, open to recent and experienced alumni from 12 MD, PA, and WV colleges including Shippensburg University. This is a free event for alumni to search and apply for positions. 

Highlighted Job Postings

These companies are looking to hire SHIP alumni. You can find out more about these opportunities as well as other opportunities on College Central at  

SU Alumni Association


Tractor Supply Distribution Center, Distribution Center Supervisor, Hagerstown, MD

The DC Supervisor establishes daily production goals within the Distribution Center and monitors standards to improve performance. The Supervisor will lead and manage, through and with a staff of hourly team members.

Primary Duties: Perform research and analysis; assist in the design and development of distribution processes which include quality, safety, cost reduction and operations to facilitate continuous process improvement; Participates in root cause analysis to identify problems and recommend changes; Monitors production standards and develops programs to improve operational throughput; Coaches team members towards meeting goals; Participates in root cause analysis and recommends changes & improvements; Assists the Operations Manager in problem resolution relating to production, standard operating procedures, safety and quality; Evaluates the performance of Team Members and communicates feedback regarding job performance and expectations in a timely manner.

Education and Experience:Minimum of three (3) years multi-shift distribution center experience.  Bachelor's degree preferred or equivalent work experience.Technical skills in logistics processes and methods to include flow, cost efficiencies, engineered standards, equipment, safety and quality. Analytical skills to include problem identification and resolution.


Customer Care Specialist, Acuity Brands Lighting/Northeast Regional Operations, Carlisle, PA

Recruiter Leading Into Outside Sales, Aerotek, Lancaster, PA

Communications Program Assistant, American Society of Clinical Oncology, Alexandria, VA

On Air Personality, Backyard Broadcasting LLC, Elmira, NY


StrategyEmployer Perspective: Top Three Empowering Principles


The first of these life empowering principles is belief. Belief in your abilities to learn and grow. If you are reading this article then you have the ability to learn. Educating yourself through reading, mentorship, and action is paramount to begin the process of growing. We grow our knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration by taking action. If you have a dream and desire to get where you want to go you must first move from where you are by doing something. Imagine you are watching your television and you desperately want to change the channel to something more inspiring. In order for that channel to change you must do something. When you do take action you may not achieve the results you desire with one attempt. That's okay. In fact, that's great! If you succeeded at everything you tried you would not gain the valuable appreciation for perseverance and accomplishment. Life would be pretty boring without failure. What expands your experiences to beliefs is the continuous action to reach your dreams, and when you fail you find another way to get there. Imagine your life path is like trying to get from one side of a city to another. You will encounter turns, street lights, construction, traffic, and maybe even the police.  There is no straight path without obstructions to get from one point to another.  In the real game of life there are not any true shortcuts that are worthwhile to achieving your dreams.  Once you have a good grasp of this you are ready to believe in your abilities and ready to move to the next principle.


The second life empowering principle is effort. Effort is the extent of energy and willpower you put into taking action. Every human being is endowed with an incredible reservoir of effort.  Some have an easier time tapping into this reservoir while others have not yet learned how to access it. Effort is what makes the difference between you and the next person when preparing yourself for entering the professional workplace. As a manager responsible for hiring the right people for my organization, I can tell you that the long-term effort a person exerts in reaching their goals means more to me than the results they achieve. Effort is not something that you can buy, borrow, or inherit. Effort is a summation of your willingness to keep trying regardless of what obstacle stands in your way. You have to make a conscious choice to exert more effort in order to grow and move from where you are to where you want to be.  The height of your success is limited only by the amount of effort you are willing to give. When you believe in your abilities and willingly produce as much effort as you can, you will be on your way to realizing your dreams. There is only one more empowering principle you need to ensure the direction you are going is the right direction.


Integrity is the glue that binds these empowering principles together and propels you in a positive direction. Integrity is essentially derived from two things: making the right choices and doing what you say you will do. I encourage you to seek out opportunities to demonstrate your integrity and challenge yourself to exceed expectations. If you want a particular job that might not be available right now then seek out any position within that organization and work hard to demonstrate your integrity. Having integrity takes effort and a belief in morals that guide our American society. Always be contentious of what propels an innovative and free society to produce the opportunities that you pursue. Seek to become an excellent employee at whatever you are doing and continue to show belief in your abilities with your peak effort. 


Your destination is comprised of the choices you make on a daily basis, not what is reported in the daily news. Surround yourself with people that empower you and avoid the dream stealers at all costs. If you get stuck somewhere along the way then review these empowering principles and remember to embrace failure and use it as a stepping stone to reach your destination. 

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