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March 2012 Edition

March 16, 2012 
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Welcome to the March edition of the Alumni Career Newsletter!

Practice Interviews & Free Employer Resume Critiques

Would you like an easy way to network with regional employers and get a free practice interview and resume critique? Attend the upcoming Resume Boot camp and the Mock Interview Day both for SU Alumni and Students. If you can't make it due to current employment, please let us know and we can possibly have the employers critique your resume via email.


Resume Boot Camp: Thursday, March 29
11:00 AM - 3:00 PM 
SU Campus in the Ceddia Union Bldg        
Brief Description: Employers will be on-site offering resume critiques to alumni and current students. Bring your resume and employers will offer suggestions for improvements. A sample of employers include: Exel, PA House of Representatives, PA Dept. of Labor, Volvo, Daily Express, Noelker & Hull Associates, PA Parks & Forestry Services, Fastenal, PA and federal resumes. Graduate School resume reviews will also be available.    

"Mock" Interview Day:  Wednesday, April 11

10:00 AM - 3:00 PM SU Campus in the Ceddia Union Bldg       
Brief Description: Employers will be on-site offering practice interviews to alumni who register. Employers include Target, Abraxas Youth Services, Fastenal, PA Parks & Forestry Foundation, PA Dept. of Labor, Conway Freight, McKonly & Asbury, Deloitte, and Waste Management. Graduate School interviewing will also be available. You must pre-register for an interview time slot. Slots fill quickly - don't delay!


Please contact the University Relations office at to register or for additional information.

Employer Perspective

Top Job Search Tips from the PA State System of Higher Education Career Services Association

SU Alumni Association


With the current challenges in the U.S. and global economy, it will be more difficult for many Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education graduates and alumni to find a job this year. However, don't despair! The professionals in the 14 PASSHE career centers recommend that you develop your own economic stimulus package to increase your chances of job search success.


Be patient, but have a plan. In a good economy, the average job search can take from three to six months. In a poor economy, it takes even longer. There may be fewer opportunities available, and even if they have opportunities, employers may be cautious about filling them because of budget concerns.

Take at least one step daily. The overall job search process can be overwhelming!  Break it down. Get a calendar and write one task for each day of the business week. Include time to refine your resume, write application letters,attend professional meetings, meet with people, and follow up with employers.

Identify your unique qualifications. Put yourself in the employer's shoes. He or she has a position to fill and is looking for a particular set of skills and/or experience. Take the time to research the position and organization, identify what sets you apart from other candidates, and include the information on your resume. Make certain the employer can see how your skills match the job requirements.



Read on for the top job search tips. 
Highlighted Job Postings

Abraxas Youth & Family Services, a leader in the juvenile justice field, is seeking qualified candidates for Life Skills Worker II & Counselor I positions at programs located in South Mountain, PA. Abraxas is a publicly-traded company whose primary business is in the field of corrections, education, rehabilitation & treatment for adults and youth. We partner with federal, state, county and local government agencies to meet service needs through quality & cost-efficient services & programs.

Life Skills Worker II

-Supervises the security and conduct of clients in rooms, during group meetings, meals, bathing, at recreation, during visitations, on work detail assignments, and other assignments and may include program/facility specified room-checks.
-Observes client conduct and behavior to prevent disturbances and escapes.
-Escorts clients to and from various locations such as visiting areas, medical offices, and religious services.
-Provides leadership and serves as a role model to clients in the performance of therapeutic activities and during all supervised visitation.
-Provides for physical safety and care of clients while under supervision.
-Implements clients' individualized treatment plans and specific program/facility rules and behavior standards.
-Facilitates group meetings, issues groups, other special groups, and client activities, and utilizes outside resources for appropriate activities.
-Assists in suppressing and controlling circumstances which may occur within the program/facility

Counselor I 

-Coordinates and implements case management activities
-Develops and implements treatment plans
-Provides individual and group counseling and completes related documentation
-Participates in and documents case consultations, including quarterly treatment reviews
-Writes progress/court reports as necessary and discharge summaries
-Attends court hearings
-Maintains regular contact and communicates effectively with juvenile probation officers, case workers, and parents, including them in the treatment process and updating them on clients' progress


-Provides continuing care planning by making contacts to approp. referrals and writing the plan.

Requirements: BA/BS Degree and (1) year of clinical experience preferred.

Eli Rock, Senior Recruiter

Abraxas Youth and Family Services, 10058 South Mountain Rd., South Mountain, PA 17261
Or apply online at: 



As one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies in the country, Quidsi owns and operates (baby care), (health, beauty and household essentials), (prestige beauty), (pet products), (toys) and (Home and houseware essentials). Quidsi has a fixed focus on customer satisfaction. They are currently recruiting for their Gouldsboro, PA fulfillment center and have these open positions: Operations Manager (Nights);  Receiving ManagerInventory Control Manager

Please see job descriptions on line at to apply or send resume to

Employer Perspective Top Job Search Tips cont.

ContGet out there. Pointing and clicking at your computer isn't going to get you a job in this economy. Get out and connect with employers in person. A resume can't tell your whole story to an employer, so an in-person meeting (no matter how brief) gives you an opportunity to provide details about your skills and experience. Employers tell us that face-to-face situations help them to confirm if a candidate will be a good fit for the job and organization.

Network, network, network. Since many jobs are never advertised, networking is one of the best ways to find employment. Of course, building a network means that you have to talk with people, whether you know them or not. Start with family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers until you begin to feel more comfortable. Share your career interests, geographic preferences, and other pertinent information. Ask, "Who do you know that would know about finding a job in [list your field of interest]?" Eventually, one contact will lead to another, and another, and so on, until you get a referral that is successful. You never know where your next job lead may come from.

Look for "hidden" jobs. The majority of opportunities are filled before they are announced publicly. Your challenge is to find out where those jobs exist. Use your network to inquire about opportunities and get some leads. Then target an organization where you are interested in working. Identify the person (usually a manager) who makes hiring decisions for the department. Get yourself introduced, or make contact through email, a phone call, or a personalized letter. Inquire about current or upcoming opportunities. If you learn about a position, ask how to formally apply for it. In addition to the formal application, send a thank-you letter to the manager and include your resume.

Volunteer your time and skills. Even if you're not working full-time, you can continue to hone your skills and gain experience by volunteering. If you are actively engaged in community service or volunteer work, keep it up! If you aren't, now is the time to get involved. In addition to contributing your time and talents to a worthy cause, you will meet people who may be good sources of job information. Most nonprofit organizations have a board of directors and volunteers that are accomplished and successful in their own careers. Tap into this network of individuals to obtain job search advice and identify possible opportunities.

Consider temporary work. The role of an employment agency is to help employers successfully fill open positions by assessing and submitting the best candidates. In addition, the employment agency serves as an advocate for the candidates with whom they work. An agency recruiter works with you to review your resume, assess how professional and marketable you are, determine the level of your interviewing skills, and help you to represent yourself well in an interview. Work only with employment agencies that charge a fee to employers, not job candidates.

Expand your search geographically- if possible. It may be scary moving to another location; however, the more willing you are to expand your search geographically, the more likely you are to increase the number of opportunities in your field. Some areas of the country have been hit less hard than others. Access the chamber of commerce's website to become familiar with businesses and other organizations in the area that may be hiring. Contact real estate agencies to obtain information on the hiring climate and economy as well as get help in finding a new place to live.

Log on. Networking sites have become a valuable tool for learning about job opportunities. Professional or business networking sites, such as LinkedIn can be great ways to "meet" alumni, connect with people in your profession, and learn about trends and opportunities in the field. You can meet and be in contact with large numbers of people while determining how engaged you want to be, from just listening to the discussions to posting to the conversations. However, a few words of caution.

Use your best job search manners. A little appreciation goes a long way. Send thank-you notes to individuals who help in any way with your job search, from writing a reference to providing a job lead. Thank-you letters sent after an interview are also important. Don't think that it can make a difference? Here's a real-life example: One of our colleagues reported that an employer was having a difficult time deciding between two equally qualified candidates. Who got the job? The candidate that wrote a thank you letter after the interview was offered the position.

Keep a record. Since job hunting can take weeks or months, it is helpful to maintain a record. Keep track of the contact information for individuals in your network and prospective employers. Include deadlines,actions taken, and results. In addition, keep copies of job descriptions, applications submitted, and correspondence sent. Use a notebook, database, and/or calendar so your job search is organized and efficient.

Need FREE Career Assistance?

Need Career Assistance?

Spring has sprung! In this new season of beginnings many alumni start the job search for a new position or career. If you need assistance with this process, please contact the University Relations office at 717-477-1218 or e-mail 

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