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February 2014 Edition

February 18, 2014
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Welcome to the February edition of the Alumni Career Newsletter!
Employer Perspective

By Angela Besch '95, Rena Lange USA, Finance Manager

Thinking about leaving your current job? Make sure you evaluate everything before making the big move. Since 2006, I have had 6 different addresses which has led to 5 different jobs and only 3 � months of being unemployed. I do not suggest anyone switch jobs this many times in such a short period of time unless it is under extreme circumstances. My husband's position had great opportunities that moved us from state to state so I had no choice. With that said, I can offer some advice for someone looking to make a change to a new job.
First word of advice - DO NOT leave your current position just because you found a new job that pays "more."  Maybe you can make an extra $10k right now, but where will you be at your current company in 5 years if you stay compared to where you will be in the new position?  Also, make sure you understand the responsibilities that will be assigned to you in the new position.  In this economy, sometimes positions are cut and they offer someone slightly more pay to do the job of more than one person.  


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Job Fairs, Virtual Job Fairs and Additional Alumni Career Opportunities

All of these job fairs and events are free and open to Shippensburg University Alumni. Contact Lorie Davis at or 717-477-1218 for additional informationon any of these programs.


Virtual Job Fair

Registration opens February 17th

Job Fair runs April 1- July 31 with new positions added daily.

Register at:


Central PA Employment Consortium Job & Internship Fair, Camp Hill - February 18

       Candidates: Click for Fair Details and to View Employers Attending.


Pathways to Success Professional Career Conference, Shippensburg University, April 17
Save the Date! 

This is an excellent event! Hear from alumni and employer speakers on a variety of career topics and take advantage of the excellent opportunity for networking and getting possible job leads. More information will be coming in early March. Sessions will be presented in the afternoon and repeated in the evening for those alumni working during the day.
Highlighted Job Postings

These companies are looking to hire SHIP alumni. You can find out more about these opportunities as well as other opportunities on Ship Career Connection. If you are a Ship alumni and looking to hire other Ship alums or students please contact us to highlight your job and post it on Ship Career Connection. Learn how to access SHIP Career Connection at 

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Jr. Online PR Specialist, WebpageFX, Carlisle

 Fulfillment Center Supervisor, Staples, Inc., Chambersburg & Lebanon  

Correctional Shift/Security Lieutenant, Franklin County Jail, Chambersburg  

Junior Logistics Associate, Pennsylvania Client Solutions Architects, Philadelphia


Entry Level positions in Accounting & Finance, PeopleShare


PeopleShare is recruiting for entry level positions in the Accounting and Finance field for a well- known financial company in Oaks PA! We are seeking recent college graduates looking to start their career off in a stable, growth filled organization with many advancement opportunities! These entry level positions include some of the following duties: client interaction, reporting, reconciliation, analysis, and various finance and accounting duties. This is the perfect opportunity to get your foot in the door. These positions have the potential for an immediate start! Position Requirements: BS/BA degree in accounting, finance, economics, statistics, mathematics, business administration or related field (3.0 Minimum GPA);  Must have completed at least 1 internship in a related field; Willingness to learn new systems, concepts and broaden knowledge in the industry;  Detail oriented, team player, flexible;  Excellent interpersonal, communication and customer service skills;  Ability to work under pressure;  Ability to work in a changing environment; Knowledge of Excel for Windows.


Contact: PeopleShare (1566 Medical Drive, Suite 102, Pottstown PA 19464)  


StrategyEmployer Perspective: Continued


Second, pay is not the only factor that should be considered when leaving a job. All the following points need to be evaluated to see if you are really leaving your current job for something better.
  • Benefits Package -Make sure you compare health benefits, vacation, holidays, 401k (including match), education, and pension benefits. These benefits can equal thousands of dollars and should not be overlooked when evaluating a job. For health insurance, look not only at the employee contribution, but also look at the type of insurance. Does the insurance have a $25 co-pay or does it have $3,000 deductible. Many plans may make you contribute less for the premium but if you actually need to use the benefit it will cost you. Also make sure you understand when all benefit costs will increase every year. I have had situations where I have started a job with one rate for health insurance and within a few months the company goes through open enrollment and there are increases to the employee contribution. 
  • Work Environment -Another factor that you cannot put a price on is whether you like the people you work with directly day in and day out. No matter how much you make, working in a poor work environment is not fun. If you have a 2nd interview or a job offer in place, ask to see your work space. This can give you some insight into what the company environment is like.  Everyone at my current employer sits in one big room so we all need to get along really well.  You would not want to accept a new job only to find out later that the environment is not conducive to your personality and desires.
  • Advancement Opportunities -Another consideration when taking a job is the opportunity for advancement. If it is a larger company, do they promote from within? With a smaller company, advancement may not come until the company grows. At many of my jobs I was the head finance person when I walked in the door. The way I was challenged was growing with the company. For a small company it may mean opening a new location, starting an e-commerce site, launching a new product. You need to decide what type of company is right for you and match your interests with the direction the company is moving.

While you are on an interview, do not be afraid to interview the company. Make sure you do your homework, look at the Company's website, and "Google" the company before your interview. I like to ask why is the position I am interviewing for open?  What is the environment like?  What is my boss's management style like?  With my many interviews, I found out very interesting information about potential employers. For example, one company just filed for bankruptcy and the position I was interviewing for was Controller. Did I really want to be responsible for a company that was in bankruptcy?  Another told me I would not be able to change any procedures due to union restrictions.  This position was in operations and my bonus was based on productivity. If I am unable to change procedures, how would I have a prayer to make my bonus? For both of these positions, I called after the interview and pulled my name from consideration. I did not feel the jobs were a fit and I did not want to waste any of the potential employers' or my time moving forward.

If you do decide to leave your current company, make sure to give the required notice. Do not burn any bridges. I always gave 110% at every position I have held. Because of this, I had 2 job offers from former companies when I moved. At the time, the positions that I was offered did not interest me, but it was nice to have that option. If you decide to stick with your current company make sure you take advantage of opportunities. My husband has done this and we have lived in some great cities, enjoyed new experiences, made many great new friends, and he has furthered his career.

In closing, perhaps the most important thing to consider when looking for a new job is to find what you like to do - everything else will fall into place. Some of my favorite jobs have not been the ones with the highest pay. I have learned over the past 5 years that finding a job may be easy, but liking what I do every day is the most important consideration when switching positions.

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