January 1, 2018
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Dear Friend:

My wife, Barbara, was the love of my life.  The obituary below includes my favorite photo of her.

Happy New Year.


Douglas M. Lawson, Ph.D.

Barbara Lederman Lawson
Barbara Lederman Lawson, cherished wife, mother, grandmother, and friend died on Wednesday, December 27, 2017 at home surrounded by her family.  She was born to August and Anna Lederman on April 20, 1935 in Dallas, Texas, where she lived the remainder of her life with the exception of her sacred New Mexico summer home.   She was a student of literature, a voracious reader throughout her life.  Rarely a day passed that one didn't see her with a book.  Perhaps owing to this, she was quite the wordsmith and possessed a sweet clever wit.   She enjoyed traveling worldwide and made a tradition of providing annual adventures for her children and grand-children.  Her generosity was best seen in her sharing of spirit, time and treasure.  "Bebe" judged her greatest blessing in her life to be her grandchildren.  However, rescue animals may have been the luckiest beneficiaries.  Other hobbies included bridge, tennis, and enthusiastic political activism.  She was a forever Cowboys fan, and thanks to her husband, Doug, she became decidedly a "Duke Crazy".  Barbara is survived by her husband, Doug Lawson;  daughters, Ann O'Dwyer, Cindy Custer and husband, Gil Kerley; grandchildren, Ben Custer and wife Nana, Zach Custer, Hannah Shelton and husband, Austin.  A memorial service, following a private family burial, will be held at 3:00 PM on Thursday, January 4, 2018, at Sparkman/Hillcrest Funeral Home, 7405 W. Northwest Highway, Dallas, Texas.  In lieu of flowers, please send donations in Barbara's memory to any animal rescue of choice.  We would like to express our gratitude to palliative care angel, Dr. Elizabeth Carroll.  Many thanks to Bill W. 
Published in the Dallas Morning News on Dec. 31, 2017.
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"Humanity's true moral test, its fundamental test... consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy: animals." - - Milan Kundera 
FAMILY GIVES UP LIFE OF PRIVILEGE TO SERVE OTHERS IN HAITI - - Is privilege wealth really enough to bring meaning and happiness to your life?  David Vanderpool, a successful Tennessee doctor, and his wife Laurie had three children, lived in a beautiful home, drove the best cars, and dined at the fanciest of restaurants.  In 2013, they gave up this life of wealthy privilege, sold their cars and house and treasured $20,000 guitar collection and moved to one of the poorest sections of Haiti.  There they run a nonprofit group that provides 30,000 meals per month, purifies 220 million gallons of water per year, and runs a medical clinic that treats over 15,000 people each year.  The child of a successful surgeon, David attended St. Marks School of Texas and traveled with his family on mission trips throughout the world.  He was 15 when he first questioned his privileged life as a child and decided someday he would forego that life to help others.  For over 20 years the Vanderpools have provided free health care in developing countries following natural or man-made disasters.  They made a pact together that when their last child left for college they would move and live in a third-world country.  In 2013, their last child left for college and they left for Haiti.  Their nonprofit, Live Beyond, recently moved their headquarters from Nashville to Grand Prairie, TX.  David visits the headquarters from time to time, but when he sees a $140,000 sports car he only imagines how that money could be spent helping others.  We need more Vanderpools in this world! Brendan Meyer, The Dallas Morning News, December 24, 2017 p.1
HOW TO WRITE OFF DONATIONS UNDER THE NEW TAX PLAN - - The tax plan approved by Congress nearly doubles the standard deduction for individuals and families. That could simplify the filing process for millions of Americans, but it will complicate the giving strategies for many who have made a habit of deducting their charitable contributions. Under the new bill, the standard deduction - the amount taxpayers can subtract from their taxable income without listing, or itemizing, deductions on their tax returns - will rise to $12,000 for individuals and $24,000 for married couples. That means people who are close to the cutoff may stop giving altogether, as they may no longer see tax savings from their giving. Or they might consider pooling their gifts in certain years to beat the expanded standard amount and maximize their tax savings through itemization. Earl Molander, a retired business professor in Portland, Oregon, said he donates regularly to a nonprofit organization that funds college scholarships for students at his hometown high school in Marinette, Wisconsin, while his wife supports various health and social causes. They will continue giving under the new tax rules, he said, but will plan to make their donations and itemize their gifts every other year, when they can beat the standard deduction. This year, for instance, they will double up on contributions. Then in 2018, the couple will skip donating and take the standard deduction; in 2019, they'll make gifts and itemize, and so on. "It's what they call 'bunching,' in accounting terms," Mr. Molander said of his strategy. These "bunching" strategies, however, leaves unclear what happens to the charity or nonprofit organization which has relied on a steady stream of donations for annual operations. - - Ann Carrns, The New York Times, December 21, 2017.  Read more. 

DALLAS MAYOR MIKE RAWLINGS LAUDS VOTERS AS $1B BOND PACKAGE GARNERS OVERWHELMING DALLAS - -This month Dallas voters overwhelmingly supported a $1.05 billion bond package aimed at repairing crumbling city buildings and streets and adding parks and recreational amenities. Mayor Mike Rawlings said that the vote "shows that the citizens feel great about the direction that Dallas is going" and are "willing to reinvest in the city." More than half the $1.05 billion was the streets proposition including money to resurface some of the city's most decrepit streets. The funding will also help add bike lanes, repair sidewalks and convert some one-way streets into two-way roads. Other propositions included $48.75 million for flood control projects, $20 million to house homeless people, money for a new fire station and two replacement stations, economic development dollars and repairs and improvements for cultural, police and other city facilities.  Rawlings said he was particularly heartened by the support for homeless facilities and thrilled by the support for Fair Park.  "People are going to see things change very soon because of this vote," Rawlings said. - - Tristan Hallman, The Dallas Morning News, December 23, 2017.  Read more. 

FLYING ABANDONED ANIMALS TO SAFER HAVENS - - Kara Pollard, 33, is the Executive Director of Dog Is My CoPilot, an animal rescue operation in Jackson, Wyoming. The organizations mission? " We fly animals - 80% dogs and 20% cats - from about 20 source shelters, where they are in danger of being euthanized because of lack of space, to some 62 receiving animal rescue organizations where these animals are more likely to be adopted." According to the A.S.P.C.A., approximately 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized each year.Dog Is My CoPilot work with groups in 15 American states from Louisiana west - with just one plane, a Cessna Caravan 208B, owned and flown by our lone pilot, Peter Rork, a retired orthopedic surgeon who founded the organization in 2012. Peter often says he is a pilot who became a doctor, as opposed to a doctor who flies, since he started flying long before he became a physician. His parents adopted pets from rescue centers since he was a toddler in Barrington, Rhode Island. Peter's mom kept a note from his kindergarten teacher saying, "You've always been drawn to animals, so I'm sure your passion will lead you to animals." - - Perry Garfinkle, The New York Times, December 24, 2017.    Read more.

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