Readiness & Ripeness
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It was while in college that I was, first, intrigued by a phrase in Sir Francis Bacon's (aka Shakespeare's) Hamlet in Act 5, Scene 2..."Readiness is all" and, then, found in the later written King Lear, also in Act 5, Scene 2, the phrase..."Ripeness is all."


I wondered if there had been a philosophical development or shift in the author's thinking that caused this change in what was "all" or if these were just two separate statements about two separate situations.  Was there, actually, a difference between "readiness" and "ripeness?" And, if so, what was it?  If not, how could there be two different "alls?"


Of course, one thinks about a lot of things in college, some of them nonsensical, but these questions still intrigue me.  So I thought I'd explore them with you.


To me, "readiness" speaks to a way of life and/or occupation or service that can come into play, when called upon.  


This means consciously developing; acting.


"Ripeness," however, speaks to destiny.  The "when" of it may not depend on one's desire, but, rather, on something beyond one's individual will. 


One, who is ready, may never be called upon to perform and yet, one, who is called upon, may not have taken the time to get ready.  In these cases, can either one be "all?"


So, perhaps, we should be spending our time on getting ready, i.e., finding what pleases us and developing our ability to perform in that sphere and not worrying about whether or when we're ripe; trusting, instead, that our destiny will come into play at the proper time.


This mindset would reduce a lot of stress and make life a lot more fun.  


And, in this case, perhaps," Resoluteness is all."


What are your thoughts?


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