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Whenever we think of fire, most of the time we think of devastation, but did you know with God as your source it represents NEWNESS of Life for you! From the beginning of your relationship, God begins equipping you to become all you were destined to be to live a life filled with hope, love and promise!
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For a believer,the word IGNITE when applied to one's life is explosive and powerful. It stirs up a deep desire to take action - to bring forth,to refine and to improve ... Read full article

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I love Motherhood! Wearing the title automatically entitles you to a lifetime of adventure, joy and incredible challenges. Being a mom, requires you to grow up fast, think quickly on your feet, learn patience, and love deeply. Our job responsibilities range from being a playmate, 24 hour nurse, counselor and friend. There are days when we are exhausted and yet, in the midst of it all, we count it ... Read full article

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Be Inspired! Check out our website to Kick Start Your Day! We are all about empowering you to be your very best. Check out all that Gabbin With The Girls has put together so you too can live life on your terms.

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Skin Cancer Awareness Month

With skin cancer on the rise, make sure
you get your skin screening done this month. No matter what age you are it is better to be safe than sorry. 

The best rule of thumb, if it doubt
about that mole, get it check because
Skin Cancer Kills!

Need a New Outlook on Life?

Ask God to give you a fresh perspective concerning your life. You see, your birth was not a fluke. Your birth date and year was hand picked by the Almighty God for earthly and spiritual reasons. By design, he placed seasonal purposes in your life. With this in mind, reach out to God and let him show you the why behind your birth. Your life will be better for it and the fresh perspective will rejuvenate you body, soul and spirit!

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Welcome Our Newest Blogger!
Ashton Jones - Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

GWG is very excited to welcome Ashton Jones to our blog team.  Ashton is passionate about helping others overcome physical challenges and injuries. 

Her blogs and simple instructions will inspire you t o live a healthier lifestyle in 2017!   Learn more about Ashton here
by Nickie Wheeler

Happiness! Yes, Happiness! I am returning from a National Conference on Behavioral health, where the key note speaker was Shawn Achor of the Happiness Advantage. I sat there and listened to what he was saying and realized, wow that's how I live my life! Making a choice to be happy, even in the midst of challenging situations. He has done a ton of research about Happiness and choice, (he is a professor at Harvard as well). He has proven that by being happy you improve your mind and it allows you to be more creative, more productive and more in touch with the people around you. I don't think this is new to anyone. Jesus preached  ... 
by Carol Storey

I was 16 when my grandfather died. He and my grandmother didn't have much as far as material things. They rented a hundred acre farm, where he grew crops for the government. The most important thing he left behind was my grandmother. She was devastated, frustrated, confused, and very   ...
Is God the Answer
to Our Struggle?
by Kathy Cobb

For many of us learning to trust God can be a real struggle. Let's face it, one of the hardest hurdles in life is to admit we need help.

Is God the Answer to our Struggle?

Letting God into our "trust issues" allows us to deal with hurts and disappointments. If you are struggling, give God a chance. Not only will he will show you what trust looks like, he will equip you to discern life through his eyes. 

#GodsGirls #LifeLessons . ...
Believing in Yourself in Life & Business
by De Harris

It is important to state when you have your own business its success or
failure is in direct relation to what
goes on between your ears! 

No kidding! 

Yes, there are many   ...
Bringing Up Bébé
by Brittany Nelson

Have you ever seen kids running wild in a restaurant and wondered if it's possible for them to sit quietly without playing with an iPhone? Apparently it is! I recently read New York Times Bestseller, Bringing UpBébé, a book written by an American author who discusses what she learned about French parenting while raising her children in Paris. She offers insight on the differences in parenting styles, including why she sees French children behave so much better in restaurants than their American counterparts. ...
How Can I Prepare Financially for
Stormy Weather?
by Darlene Van Beek

Floods, tornadoes, torrential rain, lightning, and hail are common events in many parts of the country during the spring and may result in widespread damage. Severe weather often strikes with little warning, so take measures now to protect yourself and your property.

Review your insurance coverage. Make sure your homeowner's and auto insurance coverage is sufficient. While standard homeowners insurance covers losses from fire, lightning, and hail, you may need to buy separate coverage for hurricanes, floods,  . ...
by Julie Hoffman

Spring is in full bloom and new looks are everywhere! In nature as well as in my beauty bag! So, what are my 3 must haves for this season?

Red Lipstick:

Anyone can wear red lipstick if they have the perfect shade! If you tend to wear warmer colors or gold jewelry, go for an orange-based red. If you tend to go for cool colors and silver    ...
by Ashton Jones

Picture this: It's been a long, dreary, cold-ish winter (Hey, it's Georgia, after all). The weekend has arrived and it is beautiful, warm and sunny.  You throw on last year's comfortable flip flops  and head out for a long, relaxing walk. Everything is great until you wake up the next morning... 


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Memorial Day: 
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Memorial Day this year is especially important as we are reminded almost daily of the great sacrifices that the men and women of the Armed Services make to defend our way of life.  
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