January 10th, 2011
Kootenai Weekly Conservative
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This Week's Meeting:
Kootenai County Reagan Republicans Noon Meeting
Speaker: Jeff Ward, KCRR President
Topics: KCRR Board Election and "The State of the Association and a Special Announcement"  

When: Thursday, January 12th,  2011 - noon

Location: Fedora's Pub & Grille

1726 W. Kathleen Ave Cd'A


Inaugural Jelly Bean Ball Scheduled
Jellybean Ball

Saturday, February 4th, 2012 the Kootenai County Reagan Republicans will be holding the first ever Jellybean Ball to celebrate President Ronald Reagan's 101st Birthday, raise money for the Reagan Republicans to continue to fund the fight for freedom and Republican candidates and to celebrate our recent electoral victories this past November.


The Ball will be at the Cd'A Resort and will include dinner,music,  dancing, a silent auction and a raffle.

Tickets are $60 for one ticket, $110 for a pair of tickets ($55 each) or $400 for a table of eight ($50 each).

You can get tickets at any of our KCRR meeting and someone will have them available at any pachyderm meeting or Republican Women meeting starting this week. Or you can call Ron Lahr at 509-435-6349.


We need donations of auction items and volunteers for the event.


Please help if you can!




The Buck Stops
By KCRR President Jeff Ward
Jeff Ward 

Dear Reagan Republicans and friends,

One of the rarest things in politics is someone admitting they were wrong.  The Latin and legal term is "mea culpa" and the common euphemism is "eating crow." Admitting a mistake and asking forgiveness is one of the hardest things to do. It is not only hard for politicians, but it is so hard for everyone, that it is a major tenant of many of our faiths.  The sins of arrogance and pride stand in the way of repentance.  Some very good and respected friends have reminded me of my own recent transgressions and it is time for me to do the hard thing.

In my last newsletter column I made a couple of major mistakes and I want to admit them and ask my gentle readers for forgiveness.  I made an honest stand about reducing county precincts and had certain people publically question my motives and my character.  I, in turn, reacted badly.  Although I still believe in the policy I wrote about and in the facts I presented, in anger, in hurt, and with wounded pride, I did two things that were contrary to the values that I, and I think the Reagan Republicans, stand for.  For betraying my own, and I believe our collective principals, I am truly sorry.

In my column a few weeks ago I wrote about the value of optimism in politics and the dangers of defeatism. Yet in my column last week I succumbed to the very negativism I spoke against, by not attending the special Kootenai County Republican Central Committee meeting,  encouraging others to boycott it and insulting the body, and its elected members, by calling it a "kangaroo court."  It was a childish act.  I regret it and ask my friends who serve to forgive me.  When I think of the conservatives and Republicans who persevered after 1964 and 1974 when they were in dramatic minorities almost everywhere, I understand the power of standing against the majority when you believe you are right.  It was Ronald Reagan who in the 1970's stood almost alone, optimistically fighting for conservatism. That is what I should have done instead of "taking my ball and going home."  To paraphrase one of my favorite movies, "Sometimes the lost causes are the only causes worth fighting for."  I failed and asked others to fail in showing up and in fighting for what we believed was right and for that I am sorry.

The other and more significant mistake was that I questioned the motives of others.  I railed against those who would purge others from the Republican Party for their perceived ideology, by me hypocritically questioning the motives of others. I was wrong and it was contrary to what I, and the Reagan Republicans, have been promoting for over two years.  It is perfectly acceptable to hold people accountable for their actions and their words but neither I, nor anyone else, have the right to judge others on what is in their hearts.   Someone said I was fighting fire with fire when I should have fought fire with water.  They are completely correct.  There are those who, by their actions and their words, stand for purging the party but to paint others with the same broad brush merely because they share a policy stance or are members of the same organization is unfair and arbitrary.  I unfortunately engaged in the same tactic I have consistently written and fought against. To all whose motives were questioned, and to whom I did not give the benefit of the doubt, I am truly sorry.

I hope my own failings will be a cautionary tale to all of us.  Last week I sat and broke bread with the leaders of almost every group and faction in the Kootenai County Republican Party, and we unanimously agreed that we opposed Idaho implementing Obamacare's healthcare exchanges.  We did not surrender our principals and no one in that room questioned the good intentions of anyone else.  I hope we can continue with that spirit. Our resolve will no doubt be tested by the upcoming Republican Primary when many of us may run against each other or support opposing candidates.  We can compete against each other without abandoning our values, we can oppose with our hating our opposition, and we can disagree without disparaging the character and motives of others.  I, for one, humbly pledge to recommit myself to these values and I hope you will also.



Jeff Ward

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McEuen Field Update
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McEuen Field Update!
Friends of McEuen have planned a McEuen Field Public Vote Rally on Tuesday Jan 17th at McEuen Field at 5pm.
Then we'll attend the Cd'A City Council meeting  - which is when Steve Adams, Dan Gookin and Ron Edinger will have the public vote option on the agenda.
Please bring your  'Save the Boat Launch' & 'Public Vote' signs!  We will need to pack the house!



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