October 5th, 2011
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Tomorrow's Evening Meeting: Candidate Mixer
Campaign Signs  
Come meet the candidates for November's City Council & Mayoral Election!

When: Tomorrow evening, October 6th,  2011 - 6:30 PM  


Location: Fedora's Pub & Grille

1726 W. Kathleen Ave Cd'A

ACTION ALERT: Doorbelling for Candidates
This Saturday, October 8th the Reagan Republicans are starting to doorbell for our endorsed candidates.

We're starting in Cd'A and we'll be meeting at Steve Adams' office at 1324 E. Sherman Ave. at 10 am.

Please invite everyone you know! The more the merrier!

Walking lists and candidate literature will be provided.

For information call Jeff Ward at 457-2717. 
The Guys that Wars Can't be Won Without
 by Jeff Ward, KCRR President
Jeff Ward

If you have read my columns in the past you know that I make a lot of allusions to warfare when talking about electoral politics.  Before any liberals lose their heads about me equating politics with violence, understand that I see campaigns and elections as war without violence. We have replaced the violent struggle for power that has dominated most of man's history with a way to decide who will rule without bloodshed and turmoil. Representative democracy is the greatest triumph over the barbarity of rule by sheer force. That being said, political campaigns still retain the structure and terminology of warfare.  The candidate with the biggest and smartest "army" wins.    

We can look at aspects of campaigns as arms of the military, each with specific weapons and tactics.  Broadcast media, like radio and television are like air power; expensive, powerful and devastating.  It is hard to win if your opponent rules the air. Like military technology, modern technology like the internet allows campaigns to send drones and pin-point targeted weapons never imagined decades before.  Direct mail is the artillery of campaigns that can constantly pound the opposition with unrelenting shells in the form of mail pieces, weakening your adversaries' strongholds.  The speed and surprise of phone banks can catch your opponent of guard like the cavalry or armor; tough to counter and hard to pin down.

All the various tactics are important but in campaigns like actual battle, the burden of success lies in those warriors on the ground: the infantry.  The famous World War II war correspondent Ernie Pyle said to best, "in the end they are the guys that wars can't be won without." Like the infantry in war, it is the door to door, voter to voter, contact by the campaign volunteers that elections "can't be won without."   The single most effective tactic it precinct canvassing. This is how we win elections.

This November election will be decided by how we do in the field. Will the Reagan Republicans field a better trained, more motivated and larger canvassing force then our opponents? The answer to that question is up to you. The door knocking starts this Saturday and how many voters we can reach depends on each of us.  We have one chance to change local government in Kootenai County. It will require a lot of miles walked and driven with our candidates' literature in hand. How many Saturdays and evenings can you dedicate to the ideals we share and the futures of our communities. We are the "guys that wars can't be won without."



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Our club's namesake Ronald Reagan said it best,  "Now I put the same question to all of you: If not us, who? And if not now, when?"


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Next Week's Meeting:

KCRR Noon Meeting


Speaker: Skip Hissong, Post Falls City Council Candidate

Location: Fedora's Pub & Grille

1726 W. Kathleen Ave Cd'A

Time: Noon 

 Fedoras Pub & Grille



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