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March 2018
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Reasonable Suspicion: What tools do your supervisors have?

1:38 minutes


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"I'm filling out my annual report for the BWC's Drug-Free Safety Program and ran into a snag. Because we're so small, my drug testing vendor put us in a random pool with other small companies. The report is asking how many of my employees were random tested this year, but none of my guys were pulled. What should I put on the report?"




This is an excellent question and one we hear each year. In short, if you are sure your employees are in a random pool, where the correct percentage of employees are pulled per year, you can put ...

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Guess what we heard? Midwest construction hit hard by opioids


According to a recent report from the Midwest Economic Policy Institute, the construction industry lost more than $5 billion in health care expenses and lost time/production in the Midwest alone. The report connects the high injury rates and overdose deaths to legal prescription painkiller use that eventually turned into misuse and addiction.


The data shows that construction workers in Ohio were 7.2 times more likely than workers from other industries to die from an opioid overdose and injury rates for the industry is up to 77%.

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5.15 - Program Administrator


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In 2017, the nation focused heavily on the widespread opioid epidemic. However, while the focus was on the abuse of opioids, the number of stimulant prescriptions being written has begun to climb as well. 

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"In coming months, Ohio employers of all sizes and sorts have more reason than ever to revisit their drug policies and set clear expectations for employees. The pain of losing an employee or a job to addiction is best treated up front."
Thinking about your drug-free workplace program is probably just a small part of what you do.  

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