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Traditions are sacred at St. Alban's
Third Grade - Hatching Chicks
The 3rd grade embryology project is something that every St. Alban's student gets excited about and one that all of our alumni love to reminisce about.  The process involves all areas of learning: they measure the egg, weigh it and predict how the chick will look,  The students learn the difference between store bought eggs and naturally fertilized eggs and they observe the different stages of the egg while it develops in the incubators.  Finally, they they watch the miracle of the hatching process!   Ms. Sosa has been facilitating this project for years at St. Alban's.  "The students develop a strong bond with "their chick", care for it, and then understand that the chick must return to the farm to live as a free range chicken not as a pet.  It is a wonderful life experience to watch this process from the onset. "
The Burke Family
Aspen Burke got to take part in the egg project last year in 3rd grade.  She is the 4th Burke child to have the opportunity to participate in the embryology project.  Her siblings, Bailey, McKenzie and Kennedy all enjoyed hatching chicks as well.  
"They were so cute when they were born.  And even though they were still wet, everyone still wanted to pick them up!  I thought it was interesting that some chicks hatched and some didn't.  Mine hatched and he turned out to be yellow.  I got to take him home for the night and we played with him.  But he peeped a lot that night so I was glad to bring him back to school."  - Aspen Burke


Fourth Grade - Texas History Trip

St. Alban's students look forward to 4th grade because it is the first year that they get to take an out of town field trip! The location of the trip has varied over the years (Goliad, San Antonio, New Braunfels), but this tradition has become quite special to the students.  The 4th grade Birthday Club provides the money to cover the cost of the trip and 4th grade parent work very hard baking cakes for this fundraiser.  The purpose of this field trip is to enhance curriculum in Reading, Social Studies, and Science.  The last few years, students have gone to San Jose Mission to see a full scale, working mission. Prior to the trip, students study the Texas missions and create a model of one. A trip to the Witte Museum helps the children learn about the history of Texas and Texas wildlife while also taking part in hands on Science activities.  The trip concludes with a visit to the Natural Bridge Caverns which is related to the 4th grade mystery novel Trapped In Death Cave
 " My favorite part of the trip was going to the Natural Bridge Caverns because it was really cool and I got to touch one of the formations. The trip was important to me because I got to visit the church where my parents were married.  My mom went on the trip with me and that was nice because she can't always go on school trips."    Isabel Lechowit

Sixth Grade - Christmas Pageant


The 6th Grade Christmas Pageant has been one of the favorite traditions of both current and former students.  Over the years, it has remained very much the same in that the students use the same script from year to year - however, each music teacher has found ways to change things up to make it fresh and new.  St. Alban's has many families who have had multiple children play parts in this pageant - families such as the Slaydons!  All four Slaydon children graduated from St. Alban's and participated in this pageant - Travis was King Herod, Rich was one of the wise men, Katie was a shepard and our own Alicia Slaydon was the arch-angel!  Traditions are such a blessing!


The Slaydon Family

 "It was such a blessing to have all four of my kids attend St. Alban's, where not only did they receive the best possible education, but were able to celebrate the birth of Christ! Only at St. Alban's can your children receive an education that excels in academics, while also teaching strong morals in a Christian atmosphere."   - Mary Slaydon
The Ross Family

"Kelli enjoyed being Mary very much, and she felt like it was a honor.  She was so excited! There were so many benefits from this play, educationally, it was great to see the children memorize their lines and act and perform in front of a large crowd.  It was also wonderful to see the kids work together as a team to learn lines by helping each other, and adjusting their costumes. Overall the play came out amazingly, and in my opinion should be kept a tradition for generations to come and enjoy!"  Claudia Ross
Sixth Grade - Trip 
 To TBarM
As I reflect on my days at St. Alban's Day School, one of the traditions that remains engraved in my mind is the 6th grade trip to TBarM. As the youngest of three boys, there were numerous things that my brothers got to do that I could not wait to do once I was old enough. Whether it was hatching and raising chickens in the 3rd grade, the trip to Goliad in the 4th grade, or the 6th grade trip to TBarM, I can clearly recall all the enthusiasm with which my brothers talked about these traditions. The trip to TBarM that the 6th grade class gets to do every year particularly sticks out to me because of the close bonds that were formed between me and my peers. The activities and discussion that took place that weekend helped shape the relationships that still remain strong to this day. I believe that this tradition is one of the most crucial for the children at St. Alban's because it provides an optimum atmosphere for the students to create lasting relationships with their peers. As the students separate into the different middle schools, they will maintain the friends that were formed at St. Alban's because of the impact that experiences such as TBarM had on their relationships."                   - John Murphy

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