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Reading is a priority for our students

St. Alban's Library 
Nancy Yates - Librarian
Reading is vital to learning and the students at St. Alban's Episcopal Day School are blessed to have an extensive library to support their needs. With over 11,000 books and access to the internet, our library supports students with their Accelerated Reader goals, research needs and recreational reading.
Our library serves all 262 students in some capacity. Our preschoolers enjoy story time monthly while the kindergartners come weekly for story time and to check out books. Students in grades 1-6 visit the library weekly to check out books, do research or take web-based Accelerated Reader quizzes. In addition, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders work on library skills.
Parents and students have access to additional tools through the library tab on our website (www.MindsSharpenedDaily.com). AR Home Connect allows parents to monitor their child's progress on Accelerated Reader. The AR BookFinder helps parents search for appropriate books for their children and allows them to view AR titles available in the St. Alban's library. In addition, students have access to Britannica PreK-8 On-line to help with their research needs.
Our library holds state of the art technology including student computers (used for research and AR testing), a document camera, a mounted projector and large screen. The technology has greatly enhanced our library lessons and story time!
The library hosts two Scholastic Book Fairs each year to help promote literacy and raise money to fund the library programs. The fundraisers would not be successful without the help of our dedicated parent volunteers.
"Literacy is a top priority at St. Alban's and we believe that reading is the key to success for our children.  We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful library facility.  If you have not had the opportunity to tour our library, please feel free to come by for a visit.   I would love to show you around!"      - Nancy Yates

The Texas Bluebonnet Award


The Texas Bluebonnet Award is sponsored by the Texas Library Association to encourage students in grades 3-6 to read for pleasure.  Each year, 20 books are selected by the TBA selection committee.  If students read a minimum of five books from the list (or have the books read aloud to them) they are eligible to vote for their favorite book.   
"In January, our annual Bluebonnet award election and celebration took place for all 3rd-6th graders who met the reading requirements. Twenty seven St. Alban's students had the opportunity to vote for this year's Texas Bluebonnet Award recipient.   Postcards from Camp by Simms Taback was the recipient of the most votes statewide and is the Texas Bluebonnet Award winner for this year. This is a wonderful event sponsored by the Texas Library Association."        - Nancy Yates






The purpose behind the "BoxTops for Education Program" is to raise funds for the school without the traditional means of actually asking for money. Your daily trash is worth something!!!   This program gives our school $.10 for every boxtop collected.  


Trash to Cash is our Motto!!!  The students participate as a class to collect boxtops and help raise money for the library. The class that has collected the most box tops at the end of the year gets a pizza party. All funds from the Box Tops for Education Program help fund the library programs.  


The collection of boxtops would not be successful without the help of our dedicated parent volunteers. A special thank you to Garianne Fuentes for the many volunteer hours she puts into the library!  


"I am a parent of two St. Alban's students, Danny (graduating 6th grader) and Nicholas (3rd grade).  I have been the Coordinator (a volunteer who runs the Box Tops for Education program at a school) for St. Alban's for the last 6 years. Volunteering allows me to be close to my sons and do something for the school and kids all at the same time. The students are really the driving force, they collect and compete to win the monthly contest for their classrooms, usually a class party of ice cream or movie and fresh popped popcorn."         - Garianne Fuentes

Reading Buddies

Reading Buddies has been a tradition at St. Alban's for almost 20 year's!  It began with two goals in mind - to help our first graders become better readers and to establish opportunities for our older students to get to know our younger students better!  At the beginning of each year, each 1st grader is paired up with a 6th grader. The students meet each Friday and spend about 30 minutes reading together.  This activity promotes reading comprehension and fluency as well as friendship within the grades.   All of the students love this because they get a chance to relax with a fellow student. They establish bonds with their buddy and build a friendship throughout the year! 


 "First grade can be tough. It's work, work, work & tons to study. Fridays aren't so rough - we have pizza and ice cream and we get to read with our buddy!"   -Rosalyn Martinez, 1st Grade Teacher    


"Sixth grade students get the experience of mentoring and the first grade students get the encouragement they might get from a big brother or sister."           -Steve Vano, 6th Grade Teacher    

"I like helping them read! It is fun to watch them learn, and have the responsibility of helping them reach their goal of reading by themselves when they get to 2nd grade."   - Ezra Menchaca

"My reading buddy is Ezra. I like having a reading buddy because Ezra is fun!"                - Daniel Silva
"Reading buddy time is fun because I get to read with a 6th grader!"     - Dane Resendiz

"Ezra made us horse ornaments with candy canes for Christmas, and we made hand ornaments with dough, and painted them to look like Santa Claus."           - Dane Resendiz and Daniel Silva      

Marisa Davila
"It was fun having a reading buddy! When I was in first grade, I was one of the few that had a fifth grader for a reading buddy because there weren't enough 6th graders that year. My reading buddy was Kylie Leach. We used to give each other gifts on holidays. I even still have the lion stuffed animal she gave me for Christmas!"       - Marisa Davila

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