"I Love St. Alban's because..."
We have the best teachers!

High Quality and Committed Faculty and Staff

Let's face it - faculty and staff are the most important resource in any school. And we have the most talented educators in Harlingen! Our teachers are compassionate, well-trained and committed to presenting a dynamic educational program. Our teachers are here because they love to teach, which ensures that our teacher turnover is very low!



 Lucy Rod-Mireles


Lucy Rod-Mireles, three-year-old teacher and daycare teacher, is in her 32nd year at St. Alban's. She has a total of 38 years experience in preschool and has earned her C.D.A. (Child Development Associate). Lucy came to St. Alban's because....


"I LOVE St. Alban's, this is why I have been here for 32 years. I didn't have children at the time, but I knew that when I did this would be the school I would choose. I finally had my beautiful daughter, Claudia. She started when she was two years old and graduated from 6th grade in 2004. St. Alban's is such a wonderful school. It does what our school mission says... it develops the 
whole child
 academically, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually in a manner conducive to learning so they can discover and develop their unique gifts and talents in a way which serves others and gives glory and honor to Almighty God. Children need a good and solid foundation to start life and this is what St. Alban's is all about."  
Lucy Rod - Mireles


Tammy Cleckler

Tammy Cleckler, 2nd Grade Teacher, is in her 4th year at St. Alban's and her 21st year in Education. She holds a B.S. in Education with a specialization in English/Language Arts from Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos and a Texas Teacher's Certificate (1-8).  Tammy came to St. Alban's because she loves to teach in an environment conducive to developing the WHOLE child.


"There are so many reasons why I love teaching at St. Alban's. I love that St. Alban's believes in teaching to the WHOLE child...combining academics, technology, faith, service projects, and fine arts in our school curriculum to develop a well-rounded student who will one day be a contributing member to this community.  I love the "family-feel" of a small campus where administrators, staff, and parents work together to provide the best learning environment possible for our children. I appreciate involved and supportive parents who volunteer endlessly for school activities. I treasure my co-workers who are not only professional and competent in their field, but who provide a support system for each other when times are tough and celebrate with you when life is good! I am thankful for an administration and school board who recognize challenges we may encounter and are always there to ask, 'How can we help?'  St. Alban's has given me the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for education each and every day. Now...that's something to LOVE!"                - Tammy Cleckler

Mr. and Mrs. Vano
Nancy Vano, 4th Grade Teacher, is in her 10th year at St. Alban's and her 42nd year in Education. She holds a B.S. in Education with a specialization in Reading from Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches and a Texas Teacher's Certificate (1-8).   Steve Vano, 6th Grade Teacher, is in his 9th year at St. Alban's and his 40th year in education. He holds a B.A. in English and Political Science from Pan American University and a Secondary Texas Teacher's Certificate (6-12). The Vano's are both dedicated teachers who love watching the development of the WHOLE child. They came to St. Alban's because they knew they would have the opportunity to teach children in a creative and personal way.
"Our children went to this school, and we know what a wonderful school it has always been, so to be a part of it is very special to us. What we love about St. Alban's is the support and interest the parents take in their children's education. It is so great to see the love and kindness that is shared among the children and the love that we all share for our God."       - Nancy Vano
"We enjoy the flexibility in teaching methods
 this setting allows. We also have a strong sense of family among all the employees that share the workplace
with us. Parent support is also greatly appreciated."    -
Steve Vano


The Cano Family
"The teachers at St. Alban's have made a real difference for our children as they have progressed from pre-school to grades. The level of dedication and commitment that we have seen each and every year has made all of the difference for our children both academically and spiritually."  - Amy Cano
The Gianotti Family
"Most of us could, if asked, name our favorite childhood teacher.  There was an act of kindness, understanding, or encouragement so meaningful that we, even decades later, remember it with ease.  I recently posed this question to my children, who, surprisingly, were unable to answer.  How can children fortunate enough to attend such an outstanding school not jump at the chance to talk about their favorite teacher?  Instead, they described to me the reasons they have adored and admired each of their teachers, from their 2 year old preschool teachers to their current 2nd and 6th grade teachers. Then I understood - they couldn't identify a favorite because each and every one is a favorite. My kids, like all students at St. Alban's, are taught with excitement, creativity, patience and humor by an extraordinary group of educators dedicated to educating the whole child. We love St. Alban's teachers because our kids run into school smiling, excited for each new day. We love them because they make learning fun, and create a safe environment in which students confidently face new challenges. We love St. Alban's teachers because they love teaching, and they love our kids!  What a blessing for our children - and our family!!"      - Megan Gianotti
Mary Katherine Duffy, Head of School
1417 E. Austin
Harlingen, TX 78550
(956) 428-2326
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Mission Statement
St. Alban's Episcopal Day School is dedicated to the guidance and education of children in an environment which develops the WHOLE child; academically, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually.