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St. Alban's teachers know 
EVERY child

Knowing students is the foundation to forming a trusting student-teacher relationship.  This is a key factor in keeping students engaged in school.  We are blessed to have well-qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers at St. Alban's - teachers who help each student have a great school experience by working to form trusting relationships!

Pre-School Teachers

Cindy Hardwich and Debbie Alcocer


Ms. Cindy and Ms. Debbie are two of our pre-school teachers here at St. Alban's. They believe that it is a top priority to know each student individually, to make sure every student is known and loved in their own unique way!



"It is important to know my students, so I can appreciate who they are and help them grow as little individuals. The benefit of knowing my students is that I can be a positive role model, someone that can guide them, and nurture them unconditionally. St. Alban's is not just a school, it's a community, a family, and most of all a second home to children. We all know each other, and welcome anyone new just like if they were family members that we hadn't seen in a while."                    - Cindy Hardwich 
"It's important to know each child because each one has their own beautiful personality, which teaches me how to interact with them in their own unique way, whether this means extra painting time for that little artist or special circle time when they choose what book we are reading to helping us dance to their favorite Nursery Rhyme. This is how our school stand out, we make it fun and educational at the same time."                - Debbie Alcocer 



Grade Teachers
Rosalyn Martinez, Bettye Sosa and Elvia Vara

"For me, it's important to get to know my students because they are 'my' children away from home.  They depend on me for so many things...things that sometimes involve more than just school. 
They all have their own unique emotional needs & learning styles.  Getting to know my students helps me to better care for them as well as teach them. I love that St. Alban's is a little community.  Everyone knows everyone....and we welcome all!  If you're new to St. Alban's, we make it a point to get to know you.  We quickly make you part of our family. Helping to make everyone welcome and loved is what makes St. Alban's stand out when it comes to getting to know their students and parents."
 -Rosalyn Martinez (First Grade)
"I think knowing a student is important because there is a better relationship. When they enter 'the big building' (Cocke Building) at first grade is when I begin interacting with them more. I feel that I watch them grow up as they climb up the ladder! I love watching them as 2nd graders and wondering which ones I'll have in my class (third grade). The personalities are developing and at this age, the look of wonderment is such a joy to watch. By the time they are in my class, it feels as if I already know them but now I have time to develop a stronger relationship.  This school is great about allowing this to happen with small classes. The students see how well the staff gets along and how united we are. I think this helps them also forge better friendships and strong bonds with each other. I truly love teaching in such an environment. Touching their lives and trying to teach them to become more independent and striving to do their best is my goal. St. Alban's is truly the place where this can happen."                  - Bettye Sosa ( Third Grade)


"I believe it is important to know my students because we are a family. In knowing my students, I become more aware of their strengths, needs, concerns, likes, and dislikes. Being aware of these things helps me relate to them in a more personal way in guiding them through their own personal growth here at St. Alban's. I believe St. Alban's stands out in knowing our students by the fact that as a whole, (staff and faculty) we know and address the students by their name, greeting them in the hall, encouraging them, complementing them, and recognizing their accomplishments in and out of school."                  - Elvia Vara  (Fifth Grade)

Physical Education
Andrew Buelow (Coach Drew) 
We are so lucky to have Coach Drew as our PE Coach! The students love him!  Coach Drew has the desire to develop healthy life skills for St. Alban's students. In achieving that goal, he must know each student individually. If you haven't had a chance, check out www.MindsSharpenedDaily.com to read a great article about him!   
"I believe it is important to know your students so you have the ability to connect with them outside of the four walls of the school. Having a trusting relationship with each one of my students enables me to make them feel loved and cared for, just by knowing little things about them beyond their first and last name. Isn't that why we teach, to care for and love children that are not ours unconditionally?  Telling a student 'Happy Birthday!' or asking them 'How did your soccer game go?' can totally make their day and make them feel loved. As a teacher we are able to leave such large impacts on students by doing the simplest things. With those things being said, St. Alban's caters to this without a doubt. From our administration to teachers, you can see the love and care for our students on a daily basis. I am so blessed, as the Physical Education teacher, to be the only teacher in the school who gets the opportunity to see, interact, and teach every single child, from the toddlers to the 6th graders, on a weekly basis. St. Alban's is certainly unique being a church and school, because we are able to see our children in a different light every day from singing in chapel, to doing class work, to playing outside on the slab or big field."                - Drew Buelow


The Munoz Family
"Words cannot express the love that my family and I  have for St. Alban's teachers.  There are so many examples I can give of ways that the teachers  go over and beyond what is considered to be their job description to make my children and my family feel loved and special.  When Ava was in Ms. Rod's class,  I had to go out of town for work for two weeks.  Ms. Rod  allowed me to send pictures of myself to Ava, and she also went out of her way to send me pictures of Ava as well.  She will never know what that meant to me and Ava, and how that made my long business trip go by so much faster. Also, both my children have had the privilege of having Mrs. Marjorie as their pre-k teacher.  She puts her heart and soul into teaching each and everyday.   Both of my children literally jumped out of their beds everyday to see what they would be doing in her class.  We still use many of her quotes at our home. 'You get what you get, and you don't throw a fit.'  I can truly say that St. Alban's teachers don't just teach, they inspire."           - Andrea Munoz
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St. Alban's Episcopal Day School is dedicated to the guidance and education of children in an environment which develops the WHOLE child; academically, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually.