"I Love St. Alban's because..."
The church and school are ONE body, ONE mission, ONE community
The mission of educating the "whole child-mind, body and spirit" is the guiding force behind everything we do at St. Alban's Episcopal Church and Day School. It is because of that mission that we have built a true community - a place where you feel part of a family. You might not have been looking for the oldest school in town, but knowing a little bit about the background of a school can help to give you a fuller understanding of its character. St. Alban's Episcopal Day School was founded in 1948 as an outreach of St. Alban's Episcopal Church.  It began as a half day preschool and has grown over the past 65 years into a full-fledged preschool/elementary school with over 260 students from 15 months through 6th grade. We have a strong sense of family and community and offer an unparalleled educational program 
within the Rio Grande Valley.
The Rev. Scott J. Brown

Rector of Church and School


As the head of our community, Scott takes seriously his role in leading the church and school together.  As a product of parochial school himself, Scott understands the benefits that St. Alban's school provides - nurturing environment, rigorous academics and a spiritual component that strives to teach children about Jesus. Scott, also a parent of two St. Alban's students, knows how valuable an education that educates the "whole child" is.

"St. Alban's Episcopal Church is the president of the St. Alban's Day School Fan Club.  Since the school began, over 60 years ago, St. Alban's has served as a model for healthy church / school relations.  The day school is our biggest outreach and we are honored to share facilities in a common mission to be the hands and feet of Christ to the children and families we serve. St. Alban's parishioners serve on the school board and volunteer in the school community, even though many of them don't have children in the School."        - Scott J. Brown  
Mike Woods
Lay Associate for Youth Foundation
Mike is a leader for the chapel program and the youth group. He takes to heart his role in helping lead the church and school together. As a parent himself, he understands the benefits our school provides.

"The church and school relationship is the primary pulse of this community.  It would be hard to say that one exists without the other.  It would be even harder to say that the school is not a mission field of the church.  Although we work on a campus that has so many different people, doing different things, and leading different lives there is an overwhelming since of team/family - we support, love and care for one another.   Because of the willingness and openness to work, support, and encourage each another, it is easy to see why St. Alban's is such a life-giving place."        -Mike Woods
Daniel Forman
Youth and Family Ministries

Daniel is the youth director, so not only does he lead the youth program on Sundays, but also helps in leading chapel, conducting D2A, and teaching religion to the pre school classes. Daniel is an alumni of St. Alban's, and to have him back in our community, helping to spread God's word to this generation, is wonderful and inspiring to all of us.

"I think the relationship we have here at St. Alban's between the church and school is something we inadvertently take advantage off.  I have never seen or heard of a school and church that work so flawlessly together.  The leadership of Mary Katherine Duffy and Scott Brown is a testament to their deep love and heart; their desire to spread the mission of Christ in this community.  What a true blessing they are...."         -Daniel Forman

The Thomas Family
Carly and Steve Thomas are dedicated members of our church, and parents of two St. Alban's students, Pike Thomas (1st) and Ty Thomas (3 yr). They are highly respected for their dedication to the church and school! 
"In my nearly three years as a St. Alban's parent, I have been so impressed by the wonderful working relationship the Church and Day School have with each other.  Father Scott is a daily presence in the lives of the school children, and I believe he truly connects with our kids.  It is a beautiful thing to watch Ms. Nancy and Ms. Missy from the church office lovingly greet the students each morning on their way to chapel. Nurturing my boys faith is extremely important to me and I love that there are chapel services 4 days a week at St. Alban's. The church views our school as an arm of its ministry, helping to develop the spirituality of our children and teaching them to use their gifts for the benefit of His kingdom.  I can hardly wait to see the kinds of exceptional leaders St. Alban's is about to produce."        -Carly Thomas    

The Snell Family

Rod and Rose Snell are members of St. Alban's Episcopal Church, and are parents of St. Alban's Episcopal Day School alumni. Rose serves on the St. Alban's School Board and Rod serves as a member of the church vestry. We are so grateful to have them as members of our St. Alban's community!



"The synergy between St Alban's Day School and St Alban's Church is one unlike any that we could imagine in today's society.  A place where kids are growing and learning with an amazing spiritual development factor that only parents of kids who have attended our day school have come to understand and love. Rose and I have been on the church vestry and Rose is on the school board. We have seen and heard firsthand how God is working wonders in the midst of our church and school.  We see the relationship of the church and day school as one that feeds off each other. Parents who attend our church bring their kids to the school and kids who attend the school bring their parents to church.  And right in the middle is our Lord Jesus Christ molding and sculpting.

Now that our kids have grown up a bit and are in high school and jr. high, we see the decisions they make on a regular basis. Decisions that are spiritual based and educated in God's word. Sometimes they are not the best decisions but at least the thought process is there and we know that if they keep it up they will grow into healthy, happy adults. We give credit to St Alban's Day School and Church for this spiritual knowledge and understanding, not to mention they got an amazing education.

We love to attend church on a regular basis. And when our kids are involved in the church and when they were involved in the day school, there is a comfortable presence that we know they are in good hands, they are in God's hands. The closeness to God is very powerful when we are in church and with our church family. There is always so much love and caring and kindness. Thank God for St Alban's!!

But truthfully, the church and the school are just buildings that are used by the people that make St Alban's Church and Day school what it is today. The teachers, the head of school, the priest and all the school and church staff, the kids in school and the church members make St. Alban's so wonderful."          - Rod Snell

Mary Katherine Duffy, Head of School
1417 E. Austin
Harlingen, TX 78550
(956) 428-2326
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Mission Statement
St. Alban's Episcopal Day School is dedicated to the guidance and education of children in an environment which develops the WHOLE child; academically, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually.