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Dear PVI Alumni,


Over the last two days, the PVI administration has been criticized for a decision that was made during a confidential session of the School Council.


As many of you know, all School Council decisions are confidential and follow a strict adherence to a student's right to privacy.  I do not comment on current students or those who leave us for whatever reason and this includes graduates.  The fact that I will not speak about students tells you that all PVI students are protected and should feel safe.  Even the smallest indiscretion made by a student is protected under the privacy veil.


Unfortunately, not all parties involved feel the same way.  They can say whatever they feel and I must remain silent or risk disclosing confidential information.  This is especially difficult as the information being circulated is not accurate and has little resemblance to the actual event.  If I were to refute specific inaccuracies in an article and/or blog I would be violating a student's privacy.


It is my hope that our alumni have learned many lessons as they have left us, two being not to believe everything they read (especially on the internet); and that there are always two sides to every story.


Every day I pray for the PVI community and this includes each and every one of you.


God Bless,

Ginny Colwell


Mrs. Virginia D. Colwell


Paul VI Catholic High School

Phone: 703 352-0925, ext. 305